Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 381 - Devils in the Abyss(13)

Beike City, Overlord’s residence.

Lately, Asino was in a raging mood. It might be because of the soul death wizards from a few days ago.

Lika found out afterwards. A sage-level wizard had led an Infernal Demon King to the Overlord’s residence, causing trouble. Thankfully, someone notified Asino in time and he had prepared everything. But that sage-level wizard was incredibly unlikely. Even after being heavily surrounded, they were still able to escape.

Naturally, Asino couldn’t sleep or eat well with such a strong enemy.

The leaders’ gathering that happened once every three year within the medium floor abyss was about to start. As the new Overlord, Asino naturally needed to go to Via City to attend this.

Via City was part of Feite Clan’s territory. Thinking of this, Asino’s gaze turned a bit dim.

This day, Asino just got out of his room when the housekeeper of the residence hurried over. “Overlord, Mr. Bellia, who claims to be from the Feite Clan wants to meet you.”


Hearing this familiar name, Asino’s gaze sharpened. “Have him wait in the lounge.”

After changing into a noble robe, Asino slowly walked into the lounge. He saw Bellia sitting there casually, still wearing his silver-white robe. He appeared to be really eye-catching in this dark abyss.

Bellia, Feite Clan’s third heir as well as the third son of Feite Clan’s Feite Smiths.

Seeing Asino, Bellia lifted his brows carelessly, exclaiming, “Ah, isn’t this Overlord Asino? Long time no see!”


Asino hmphed coldly. He looked up, his gaze behind Bellia.

There were two women standing behind him. One of them was the enchantress that had caused trouble with the sage-level wizard and the other one was a demon whose appearance shouldn’t be underestimated.

Could that damn soul death wizard be one of Bellia’s? Thinking of this, Asino’s gaze turned even gloomier.

Bellia also noticed Asino’s change in emotions. He waved his hands and called Ding Jiajia over. “Overlord Asino, this is Xue Li. She has some things to give you.”


Ding Jiajia walked over and looked seductively at Asino. She took out a huge box from her space ring. “This is Xue Li’s gift for the Overlord.”


Asino fixed his gaze on the box and waved his sleeves, the cover of the box immediately falling off and revealing what was inside.

Frank’s head!


Asino didn’t think that he’d see the sage-level wizard under this circumstance again.

“You killed him?”

Asino looked at Ding Jiajia while the latter smiled. “How am I capable of doing that?”

Asino turned to look at Bellia. “You then?”

Bellia smiled. “Asino, do you want to work with me?”

Work together?

Asino’s expression changed and looked shockingly at Bellia. “Is there a reason for us to work together?”

“Why not?”

Bellia stood up and smiled at Asino. “You’re Feite Clan’s traitor while I was abandoned by them. We can work together to destroy the Feite Clan and make our own rules within the medium floor abyss.”

That’s right. Asino was actually from Feite Clan as well but because he had reincarnated as a demon king and didn’t have the bloodline as a magic hell demon, he was kicked out by the Feite Clan when he reached of age and couldn’t activate his bloodline…

Asino hesitated hearing Bellia’s suggestion. In the end, he agreed.

More or less, Asino knew about Bellia’s situation within the Feite Clan. Therefore, he didn’t need to worry about his sincerity.

At least for now, they had the same enemy.

Before leaving, Bellia left Ding Jiajia and Su Wan in Beike City. This was his good faith?

No, from Asino’s perspective, Bellia was just leaving his people here to monitor him.

Of course, it didn’t matter to Su Wan and Ding Jiajia. They just wanted to be able to live within the Overlord’s residence with a valid excuse.

As for Bellia, Su Wan made a deal with him.

Bellia wanted Feite Clan’s power. Meanwhile, Su Wan and Ding Jiajia knew a lot about Feite Clan’s secrets because of the plot, so they used this to make a deal with Bellia. Both parties were just taking what they needed…

The people in the residence gave Ding Jiajia a huge place to live in. Because Su Wan was her personal maid, she naturally followed by her side every day.

Su Wan had used the magic drug to change her voice and appearance so no one recognized her.

Ever since Lika found out a beautiful woman moved into the Overlord’s residence, she had been feeling ill at ease. She was afraid that Asino would be stolen by the woman.

Of course, men in the abyss could have many women but Lika felt really uncomfortable and afraid that she’ll have nothing if Asino was stolen away. He was everything to her.

Although Lika was using Her Highness Su’s identity, she still treated herself as the lowly servant deep down in her bones. Therefore, she had to rely on Asino.

Not long after Ding Jiajia moved into the residence, she successfully got together with Asino. The two were stuck together like glue.

Su Wan really admired Ding Jiajia’s ability.

Seeing Asino treating her more and more indifferently, Lika tried her best to do good deeds in Beike City. She adopted many servants who had been sold. Of course, they had some disabilities.

Lika didn’t dare bring the beautiful ones into the residence. She only adopted the ugly ones, even those who had deformities.

In other people’s eyes, this Overlord’s wife was incredibly stupid and kind to the point it made people speechless.

But even so, Lika’s title as “the great benefactor of the abyss” had spread. The people who couldn’t endure living in the abyss anymore all came and asked her to take them in. Not long later, Lika took in a few hundred refugees.

Beike City’s income was really stable every year. It was no issue taking in several hundred more people but Ding Jiajia wouldn’t make things easy for Lika.

Asino decided to take in the servants Lika adopted into the residence and use them for free labor under Ding Jiajia’s inciting.

Lika naturally agreed with Asino’s decision.

Plus, she thought that since she brought them hope, it was only fair that they repay her through free labor, right?

Needless to say, Lika thought the demons were too kind and gentle.

They were demons because they were evil by nature.

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