The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 38 - To Openly Fight


When Cheng Jinyu came out of the cafe, he felt that the sky was bright and beautiful. The sun was comfortably warm on his body and in an instant, it forced away the cold air on his body.

He admitted it, he was extremely delighted. For ten years he was like a dog in front of Tan Liyun. On this day at this time he could finally hold his head up high.

Cheng Jinyu returned to his office, Yang Zijian was really there eating.

Gu Bokai avoided him as he sat in a corner. Coldy he said, “Eat a bit less, leave some for Jinyu.”

Yang Zijian, “You brought over this much, I can’t even finish it all. Of course I’ll leave some for Jinyu.”

“You can’t eat that one, Jinyu likes to eat that the most.”


Cheng Jinyu revealed a hint of a smile. It seemed that in a short period of time, he walked from hell to earth.

Cheng Jinyu pushed the door and entered. “Yang Zijian, stop eating. You should lose some weight.”

Yang Zijian grinning replied, “Blame yourself for having good food here. I’ve already put on 7-8 pounds.”

Gu Bokai, “How could the meals be bad, it's all food brought from 5 star restaurants。 But its fine, just eat like a pig.”

“Look at your stingy appearance, if you feel regret then don’t send it over.”

“It originally wasn’t meant for you anyways, its for my family’s Jinyu.” Gu Bokai said, grinning he handed over a bowl and chopsticks to Cheng Jinyu. “Hurry and eat, or else it’ll all be eaten by this pig.”

“Don’t be like this. Chief Gu, your value is a couple hundred million. This bit of money, do you still need to care about it?”

Gu Bokai, “Of course, I won’t be distressed about spending any amount of money on Jinyu. But for you, if I spend even a single cent my heart will ache.”

“You…” Yang Zijian really was convinced by him. Never once had he managed to win against him.

Cheng Jinyu, “Ok that's enough, stop being noisy. What should we name the company? The connection with the factory is already almost done. Brother Qiang’s clothes can immediately start processing, but the company’s logo needs to be decided!”

Gu Bokai, “Just call it Jinyu.”

“Jinyu?” Yang Zijian looked at Cheng Jinyu, “It looks like Chief Gu really likes you too much. He wishes for everyone under the heavens to know.”

Cheng Jinyu’s face turned slightly red. “That's no good, my name also doesn’t really have any meaning. It’s better not to use it.”

Gu Bokai, “Don’t you want everyone to know that your name is Cheng Jinyu and not Biao Ge? Since it's like this, then your company should be called Jinyu. Wait until your company appears world wide and we’ll see who doesn’t know your name by then.”

Cheng Jinyu was a bit stupefied. He didn’t know Gu Bokai still remembered that. Those years when he was at Chen House, Cheng Jinyu very much cared about this name, to the point that hearing someone say Biao Ge made him tremble a bit.

But now it wasn’t like this. Coming out of Chen House, he could accept many things.

Cheng Jinyu thought about it, “It would be better to call it Yiqing.”

“Yiqing? This name sounds familiar.” Gu Bokai said, but for the moment he couldn’t think of where he heard it before.

Cheng Jinyu said, “”It's my father’s name. I cannot disgrace my father’s name, I want to use him to motivate me.”

Wang Ke opened the door to Jaing Zihan’s office, “Chief Jiang, bad news.”

Jiang Zihan recently had a bit of a headache. It was already bad luck that his younger brother Yang Zijian unexpectedly was kidnapped by Cheng Jinyu. Although this younger brother wasn’t blood related, they had still grown up together.

Just what kind of drug did Cheng Jinyu give to him that Yang Zijian didn’t even want the bonus from the already signed bill.

Also that Cheng Jinyu, Jiang Zihan thought of the person who stood in front of him and spoke frankly with assurance. He was not the same at all to the original. His heart was still slightly shocked.

Measuring Cheng Jinyu on his original appearance, how come he didn’t notice him before?

Wang Ke interrupted Jiang Zihan’s train of thought, “What is it?” He shook his head and cleared his mind.

“Chief Jiang, Cheng Jinyu established a Menswear brand, it's in the big building across from us. The project that was going to be signed with him was also taken by him.”

Jiang Zihan's mouth revealed a bit of a smiling expression, “Is he trying to fight with me?”

Wang Ke, “This unclear about, but….”

“But what?”

Wang Ke, “They are across from us making a menswear brand, it will most likely affect our business. But also I heard that they already signed a ten million dollar bill. Right now they are starting it.”

Jiang Zihan laughed out loud, “Good, very good. Cheng Jinyu finally wants to soar.”

“Chief Jiang, then what should we do?”

“Don’t bother with him. I want to take a look and see what he can do.”

Jiang Zihan finished then called Chen Yuze. “Yuze, what are you doing?”

Jiang Zihan smiled and said, “How long are you going to be depressed? The other person has already started their own business. He has already put you, this younger cousin, behind him.”

“Don’t remind me of him. Annoy me to death.”

Jiang Zihan, “He is also making a men’s clothing brand, and it's across the street from me. Yuze, he really is making a public challenge towards us.”

Angrily Chen Yuze responded, “I really want to know what kind of person he married. Just how much money does that person have to let him just squander like that?”

“Hahaha, the other person might not agree. I searched around and also couldn’t find out. Just...recently he's been pretty close with Gu Bokai.”

“What did you say? Brother Bokai and him are close? How is that possible? Brother Bokai hates him the most.”

Jiang Zihan, “Haven’t you heard of the phrase ‘to love someone is to kill them’?”

On Chen Yuze’s side he simply hung up the phone. Jiang Zihan forced a smile and called him again. “Don’t be angry with me ok? I didn't offend you. I’m looking for you because I really need something, can you help me out with a little something?”

“What can I help you with?”

Jiang Zihan, “Your father’s company makes custom made outfits every three years. Isn’t it time again? It’s a project worth over 100 million, you want that rich income going to someone else?”

Chen Yuze said, “I can’t do anything about that matter. Every year my father’s company makes a public bid, it's not something he can decide by himself.”

“Hahaha, your dad is the chairman. If his words don’t count then whose does? Yuze, in any case find me an opportunity to meet with him. Of course, you’ll need to say some nice things about me. Don’t worry, there will be many benefits for you.”

“You are my good friend, I will naturally help you with this. But you also know, my father has always decided and acted alone. In addition all he does is make money. In one year I can only see him a few times. This father and son relationship is the same as being strangers. I’m just afraid my words won’t be useful.”

“He is still your father. In any case it's still more effective than my words.”

Chen Yuze, “I know, I’ll try as much as possible to say good things about you, but if it works or not does not depend on me.”

“Ok, doesn’t matter if the business goes through or not, your benefits won’t be small.”

Chen Yuze, “I don’t want your benefits.”

Jiang Zihan hung up the call. “Currently this project is the most important, prepare to properly assist.”

“Yes.” Wang Ke answered.

“You don’t need to bother with Cheng Jinyu.  Let him do what he wants. He wants to fight with me, I want to take a good look when it happens.”

Jiang Zihan left his office, the sky was no longer early. Alone he entered the car and prepared to leave for home.

Jiang Zihan saw an eye provoking Lamborghini come out from the big building. But the person sitting in it was more interesting because it was actually Cheng Jinyu.

It had been 1-2 months since seeing him. Cheng Jinyu’s back was very straight, face was smooth and round and he was bursting with life. He had the demeanor of a prestigious noble.

Jiang Zihan pressed the horn, Cheng Jinyu turned his head around to see Jiang Zihan’s car. His sports car was a convertible so naturally he saw him clearly.

Jiang Zihan stopped the car, rolled down his car window and smiled. “Not bad! You can drive a Lamborghini? Looks like you’re really living well.”

Cheng Jinyu also stopped the car. Currently he had many things to do and was frequently running around everywhere. Taking public transportation wasn’t very realistic, it was more convenient to drive.

But this sports car was too eye-catching and Cheng Jinyu didn’t want to drive it. But Gu Bokai said, ‘It's your new company. Let people see that you have prospects, it’s necessary to let people see you have a strong and solid strength.’

Car, a watch, these kinds of luxury goods are what reflect family property the most. In the future you can choose not to use it, but at this stage its better if you do.

Gu Bokai really had the ability. Cheng Jinyu originally didn’t know how to drive but in a few days got a driver’s license. Cheng Jinyu also didn’t know how he accomplished it. He was simply a good student and learned for half a month.

Nowadays Cheng Jinyu could drive himself. He just didn't think he would bump into Jiang Zihan here.

“Hello Chief Jiang.”

Jiang Zihan smiled. “Hello, I don’t think I’ve offended you? How come it's like I’m your personal enemy. Heard that your relationship with Gu Bokai isn’t bad at the moment. But now you’re favoring one and discriminating against the other. Relatively speaking, compared to Gu Bokai I treat you a lot better.”

Cheng Jinyu, “I know, thank you Chief Jiang for treating me well these past few years.”

Jiang Zihan shook his head. He walked over from his car to the side of Cheng Jinyu’s car.

“Looks like you’re still very angry with me. I did some wrongs in the past, but I couldn't have offended you to this stage! Heard you also started your own company? Want to compete with my company?”

Cheng Jinyu, “Chief Jiang really misunderstood, I definitely don’t have that intention. You also know that in the previous ten years I didn't learn anything. The only thing I experienced was working in sales for a few days at your company. I really can’t do other things.”

“The clothing business doesn’t belong to just Chief Jiang. Chief Jiang is a tolerant person, won’t actually contain my small company right!

Jiang Zihan laughed out loud. “I don’t find what you said sincere. I actually was willing to share a bit of experience. Just don’t know if you’ll let me have this opportunity?”


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