Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 38: Frontline Journalist (11) Part 2

After a short while, a blurry figure appeared on the video screen.

It was Ah Jin.

She stood at the door of the warehouse and stopped.

She was too far away to detect the sound, but they seemed to be talking about something.

Then the guard team came to surround Ah Jin.

Ah Jin just held the flag and did not resist, then another person appeared in the warehouse facing the camera.

Although the face was not clear, looking at his formal attire, he should be the boss of that warehouse.

The man spoke to Ah Jin.

Again, they did not know what he said.

Things changed in a flash.

The flag was thrown up in the air.

It flew, and a gunshot was heard in the video.

Ah Jin raised her gun and killed herself.

Ah Jin's body fell to the ground along with the flag.

Sanlang was stunned and seemed unable to accept the truth of this video.

He burst into tears.

He smashed his fist on the stone, and blood came out of his hand.

"We agreed to go home together! Why did you lie to me! Why!"

He punched the stone again and again, and it became stained with blood.

Sanlang knelt in front of it, head pressed against it, and broke down in tears.

The staff came over to soothe him.

"Don't cry. Let's go back. It is more important to be alive now. Let's take the video back. Country A is forcing our countrymen to die. Our country will help him to get justice. Let's go."

Sanlang shook him off.

"No, we agreed to go back together. I want to take Brother Zhou back. I would bring back even if he were a corpse!"

That said, he was about to rush down, but the staff came forward together to hold him.

"Calm down! We can not take him back! Listen, return with us. Someone will definitely come to solve this matter. You are going to die if you go there now."

Sanlang could not break away from the two, so he gave up and sat on the ground, bawling, "We agreed to go back together!"

The two men then carried Sanlang back to the car.

Mani looked in the warehouse's direction for a long time in silence.

Eventually, he performed a religious salute in Ah Jin's direction and led them back to the embassy.

After returning to the country, Sanlang turned in the information with the video.

He brought back a whole load of dry goods, but he wasn't happy at all.

His self-righteous physical strength and proud stature were no better than a fart in front of the life and death of a gunfight.

He couldn't even help Zhou collect his body.

The powerlessness in the face of life and death, Sanlang did experience.

The dead had passed away. People advised Sanlang to look ahead and just come back safely.

In his heart, Sanlang knew very well that he might not have been able to return without Zhou Jin’s care.

The surrounding colleagues sighed that Zhou Jin's life was unfortunate.

This kind of thing, yet they were glad in their hearts that they did not go.

Otherwise, they might have been the ones who died.

Zhou Jin was not a bad person.

He was too good.

Sanlang looked at the colleagues he usually bantered with, but now he couldn't be bothered about them.

The instructions had been given above that it was confidential.

He signed a confidentiality agreement and could not explain Zhou Jin's affairs to others.

Less than a month later, Sanlang's world had been turned upside down.

The company organized a memorial service that he did not attend.

In his heart, Zhou had been alive.

They promised to return together.

He wanted to wait for Ah Jin to return.

No matter how the country dealt with that matter, whether by using that incident to intervene in the war, or profit from it, or really just for Zhou Jin to find justice, Sanlang did not know.

All he knew was that Zhou Jin's body had never been found.

Perhaps Zhou Jin was sleeping underground together with that national flag.

Or perhaps that person was not dead, but just somewhere in the world indulging.

The truth of the matter was also exposed worldwide with the reports from all sides in Country A.

The situation slowly stabilized as countries stepped in.

The war didn't end, but it merely ceased to be chaotic.

The war could start with a small fuse, while its end was not something that a small person could control.

Ah Jin only opened a gap in the war.

The intervention of the outside world was like adding another fire to Country A.

That fire could have destroyed the entire country, or it could have saved it.

No one knew for sure.

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