Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 38 - Auction [OW]

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Su Ling tapped on the holographic screen, and said to Nalu, "I read about it when you were driving. The topic has now shifted to talk about the fragrance bar having 3 Grade A spiritual plants."

This morning, the discussion about Xian Mo Yu exploded in the forum and was originally sitting firmly on today's headlines. However, its position changed because news suddenly broke out about Lopseed and Baby's breath and the fact that they belonged to Tian Ling Fragrance Bar together with Redthorn Ball. There was no news from the 3 Grade A plants for a long time, so the amount of discussion suddenly skyrocketed, and Xian Mo Yu fell to second place. The picture of Xiao Lu's injury was posted on the Internet, and the netizens were very excited. Some felt scared, while others thought it’s cool. The pictures of Lopseed were shared on the Internet and admired by the netizens.

After reading the comments, Su Ling realized that all the known Lopseed are being kept with the army. Lopseed's nectar is a holy medicine for trauma injury, and the effect is already good before refined. After refining, the result is even more impressive so it is an important medical material for the army. There are only 3 Lopseeds in the army's hands, and the one in Su Ling's hand is the 5th plant known to Belle Planet.

"The 4th plant has disappeared for almost 19 years, right? There was a lot of discussion on the Internet at the time when it was registered, but no information about the owner was revealed."

"Yes ah, other than Lopseed, there was also 2 Grade A spiritual plants being registered at the same time!"

"I checked the data of the registration year and had a sudden guess. The 3 plants in Tian Ling Fragrance Bar are the 3 registered back then. And they were of exactly the same type."

"My God, really?! It will be one hell of a coincidence if it isn’t."

"That means, there is only 4 known Lopseed in the planet. So few, I probably have no chance to own one."

"Wake up, even if there are 5 plants, you still have no chance."

In the office of Su Company, Father Su flung the glass of water in his hand to the ground after reading the news.

Su Hao was so surprised that his words became incoherent, "Why?! So that nectar and stem in the black market..."

Father Su: "Still need to ask? He must have sold those. Counting the time backwards, he must have sold the liquid from Redthorn Ball to the Gu family. That’s why the black market only has the nectar and stem."

"Then, what shall we do?" Su Hao asked.

"What else can we do? Our Su family personally announced the news to severe the relationship with Su Ling. It’s not like we can fight for it." Father Su became angrier as he continued, "Hiding the plants for so many years from me, I have really underestimated him."

"We can’t just forget it? These things should belong to the Su family!" Su Hao unwillingly said.

Father Su had a calm expression. After thinking for a long while, he said solemnly, "Stop checking on him in the future. Don't trouble him and don't offend him."


Father Su glared at him, "The Redthorn Ball in his hand has helped the Gu family. The Xiao family is bound to win the Redthorn Ball liquid in the auction tonight. If the head of the Xiao family is cured, then Su Ling will be their benefactor."

"With the Gu and Xiao family behind him, what can we do to him?"

Su Hao gritted his teeth, "I thought he was a waste but didn't expect him to be a treasure."

Father Su rubbed his eyebrows, "Stop worrying. Start looking for talented people for our company's fragrance department. Since we can’t obtain high-level raw materials, then we will start with the formula."

Su Hao was still not reconciled, but he couldn’t think of anything better, so he left with a yes.


After reading the news, Su Ling sent a message to Gu Liheng: “The matter is over, don't worry (smiley face)."

Gu Liheng quickly replied: "En."

Su Ling smiled and glanced at the Fragrance Bar shop. Those people don’t seem to be leaving soon.

Nalu suggested, "How about hanging in my house for a while?"

Su Ling shook his head and said, "I want to see if there is a suitable apartment for rent."

Nalu voiced his agreement, "Told you to do so last time. Staying in the store is not convenient, and the environment is not good for you. Where do you want to rent?"

Su Ling looked at Nalu and gave him a meaningful smile.

Nalu shrugged and started the car, "Okay, I know. But the rent is not cheap for these half-hill villa surrounded by mountains and rivers."

Su Ling smiled and said, "I don't need to be too close, just between the shop, and the villa area is fine," he took a look at Nalu's face, "I can go by myself, so you should go back to catch up some sleep?"

Nalu: "No need, I get up at 11.00 am today. It’s my normal wake up time."

The two visited more than a dozen neighbourhood in the afternoon and looked at many units. Nalu carefully asked about the identities of the residents next to the unit. If it is a single Alpha, he would not consider the unit. Su Ling didn't really mind and assured Nalu that with his spiritual plants with him, he will be safe.

Nalu's reply was to pat his head like to a child, "Don't count on it. If you get affected by pheromone, you will take the initiative to let people bully you, and Xian Mo Yu will be useless."

Su Ling recalled the scene in the restaurant where he was affected by Gu Liheng’s pheromone and stayed silent.

They finally found a suitable house at around 5.00 pm.

The landlord is a middle-aged Beta male couple. The two planned to do an interstellar trip for a year, so they wanted to rent out the house. The house has 3 bedrooms and a living room. The master bedroom has a balcony. The community environment has lovely greenery, and the residents beside the unit are Beta. Su Ling and Nalu are very satisfied with the setting. Since there are still 2 days away from the landlord’s departure, they agreed to move after they left. After signing the lease contract and paid the rent, Su Ling and Nalu returned to the fragrance bar.

There were still a lot of people guarding outside the fragrance bar, but Nalu has called the security in advance. Just like last time, he locked the main door after all the employees have arrived.

Su Ling took out Lopseed and Baby's breath and put them in the lobby. Then Nalu took the photos and posted them on the official website so the reporters could use it in their report. The staffs of the fragrance bar looked at the 2 plants with excitement and curiosity, but they all stayed far away. The image of Xiao Lu's poisoned hands is terrifying. That makes Su Ling smile. He stayed in the fragrance bar for a while and put the plants back in his space storage when he left. After that, he went for dinner first before going to the auction house.

The auction house was brightly lit at night, and it was very eye-catching. After Su Ling contacted Noel, he went directly to the backstage. He went to check on Redthorn Ball and listened to Noel talk about the arrangements. After confirming the processes, Su Ling sat on the sofa nearby and waited for the auction to start while Noel continued to busy around to confirm the details. Su Ling was browsing the auction catalogue when he heard voices greeted out neatly, "President Gu."

Su Ling looked up and saw Gu Liheng walking in in a black suit, without the slightest expression on his face, sporting a meticulous hairdo. Gu Liheng nodded and strode towards Su Ling. Su Ling smiled at him and glanced around. He found that as soon as Gu Liheng appeared, all the employees became nervous, and their work attitude was extremely serious. It seems that an expressionless boss is very deterrent. Eyes curving with smiles, he patted the empty seat beside him. After Gu Liheng sat down, he asked, "Will you go to the stage front guest seat later?"

Gu Liheng uttered an En and said, "Are you going to personally collect the liquid from Redthorn Ball?"

Su Ling nodded, "Noel said that the auction model of the liquid is special. Many people have never seen Redthorn Ball and the raw material it provides. Hence, on-site collection is more realistic, and it can intuitively explain the daily amount that can be harvested to the people in the auction."

Gu Liheng: "I'll go to the front seat in a while."

At 8.00 pm, the auction started on time. The first auction item is the Redthorn Ball liquid. Though Redthorn Ball is very precious, the estimated price of the liquid for one month is not high, but because it is rare and effective, it has attracted a lot of attention. The scene on the auction stage is broadcasted at the backstage as well. The spiritual plant was placed in the middle of the stage, and the auctioneer said with a laugh, "Everyone can try to smell its fragrance, and we shall take a look of its data."

The holographic screen behind the auctioneer kept changing, showing various biological data of the liquid.

"As we all know, the liquid from Redthorn Ball has a miraculous effect on treating pheromone rejection illness. Of course, some of you must have doubts so take a look at this group of latest medical records."

The record was presented in the form of a dynamic table. The patient's condition before the use of the liquid has a sharp contrast with after they used it. After the data was released, the auctioneer listed several high-end fragrances made from the liquid that has gone from the market. After the introduction, he said, "Now, I have Mr Su, the owner of Redthorn Ball, to collect the raw material for us on the spot."

Su Ling and Gu Liheng left the backstage at the same time, one to the stage while the other sat at the guest seat under the stage. Su Ling smiled at the audience, "The raw material can be collected once a day, and there is not much difference with the amount each time."

A transparent glass cover opened up in front of the auction table, covering the area. Next, Su Ling removed his isolator. He released his pheromone and poked the red ball with his hand. Redthorn Ball quickly understood what he meant and released its liquid. After taking the liquid, Su Ling attached his isolator and placed the transparent bottle on the stage before turning to the backstage.

The auctioneer turned on the ventilation system, and then announced, "The auction starts now, and the starting price is 300,000 star coin."

This figure was determined by Su Ling based on his monthly income from selling the ball liquid to the black market. So, the moment someone offers a price, it’s already a profit to him.

"One million." As soon as the auctioneer's words fell, someone placed a bid.

Stunned by the offer, Su Ling turned to look at the seating area. It was Xiào Rui who called out the amount, and Lin Meng was beside him. Seeing him, Lin Meng waved his hand. Many people at the hall looked at Xiào Rui, and Su Ling noticed that those who were prepared to bid had put down their hands.

After the countdown, the auctioneer announced the success of Xiào Rui's bid.

Su Ling: "..."

All of a sudden, he felt that the fancy science before this is a waste of time. But then after thinking about it, he will auction Redthorn Ball’s liquid once a month. These introductions are still necessary. Even people who don’t have any intentions may be excited after reading the introduction.

After a while, Redthorn Ball is put in a transparent safe and sent to the backstage. Gu Liheng, Xiào Rui and Lin Meng also arrived backstage.

Xiào Rui was stunned when he saw Gu Liheng, but he quickly smiled and said hello, "President Gu."

Gu Liheng nodded and looked at Su Ling.

Xiào Rui also looked over and saw Lin Meng smiling at Su Ling, "Ling Ling is amazing!"

Su Ling smiled, and then Xiào Rui asked, "Can I put the Redthorn Ball in my villa?"

Su Ling suspected that Xiào Rui did not believe in the fragrance bar’s security, and could only be relieved if the spiritual plant is in the villa. But he believed in the Xiao family’s security, so he nodded, "Sure, where is your villa?"

Xiào Rui thanked him and replied, “In the Linshui villa area. Our Xiao’s family has a high-level spiritual plant specialist, so you don’t need to trouble yourself to come and harvest the raw material every day.”

Su Ling: "It has recognized its owner, so you can't collect it when I'm not there. I have to go there every day."

Surprised, Xiào Rui pondered for a moment and suggested, "Why don't you move to my villa? Otherwise, it will be troublesome for you to go back and forth."

Gu Liheng frowned, and his expression became more rigid.

"No," Su Ling refused, "It’s fine, I’ll go once a day." He made a net profit of 950,000 star coin, and he only had to go to the Xiao villa every morning, which was really worthwhile.

After thinking about it, Xiào Rui still feels that it’s more secure to have Su Ling in the villa. He warmly persuaded, "My mother is an Omega, and she lives in the villa as well. Please don't feel inconvenient." He paused, "As far as I know, you lived in President Gu’s house when you provided the raw material to the Gu's family. So you can point out any shortcomings of the Xiao family if there’s any."

He turned to look at Lin Meng, "Or I’ll ask Meng Meng to stay with you?"

Flushing, Lin Meng glared at Xiào Rui, "Who wants to stay in your house?" But he said to Su Ling, "Ling Ling, I will stay with you."

Hearing that, Xiào Rui chuckled, and Lin Meng jabbed him with his elbow.

Su Ling shook his head, "No, I won't stay in someone else's house."

After that, he smiled and looked at Gu Liheng, "I stayed in his house because I want to chase him. Staying near to catch an opportunity, ya know?"


The backstage was silent for a moment, and Gu Liheng froze in place.

Xiào Rui and Lin Meng, and all the employees present were shocked.

My God! This beautiful young Omega just declared on the spot that he is chasing their cold-faced boss!

How courageous!

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