End of World Businessman

Chapter 38.6: Cooperation [6]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 38.6: Cooperation [6]

Discerning this, Xu Yan smiled as he took the initiative to speak. “Although others may have difficulty to do this, I believe with yours and Brother Qin’s skills; the trip would certainly pose no big problem.”

Wu Ye’s amazing marksmanship was not a secret. Everyone in Lan Cheng base knew this. Just based on the fact that he could use his marksmanship and worked with the special guards was enough for them to take a few more looks at him.

Not to mention by his side, there was Qin Wuhua, a third-order thunder ability user, who was equally skilled in marksmanship. If even he couldn’t retreat from the zombies’ encirclement, then there was no need to mention them. Frankly speaking, if he couldn’t survive in Qingmin County, then they were all going to die.

Chen Baoguan, who originally wanted to make Wu Ye intoxicated to appreciate a drunken beauty’s gesture, felt a little angry. He had wasted a pound or two of alcohol, yet it still didn’t get him drunk. Moreover, his face didn’t even redden. Thus, it was only natural he would feel that. So, he started to speak with a peculiar tone, trying to provoke Wu Ye to a rage.

“That’s not necessarily the case. After all, while people will inevitably feel tender feelings for beauties, zombies don't care about that. Zombies only like to eat the fine skin and tender meat of humans.”

What Wu Ye dislikes the most was for others to talk about his appearance. Thus, Chen Baoguan’s covetous eyes greatly displeased him. His eyes made him want to gouge his eyeballs and stepped on it. At the moment, Wu Ye felt a little unhappy and was uncomfortable from the depth of his heart. But he still knew of Chen Baoguan’s reputation as bloody madmen and his lunatic followers. So, he didn’t want to make an enemy out of this cruel villain.

Therefore, he suppressed his feelings and followed up his words, ignoring Chen Baoguan’s provocation. “Brother Chen is right. The materials in Qingmin County are indeed attractive and highly tempting. However, according to what I know, there are more zombies inside than outside. That’s why, if there’s no comprehensive plan, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline because I really don’t want to die in vain.”

It was not only Wu Ye who did that, Zhou Sheng also repressed his disgust towards Chen Baoguan and chose to just focus on Wu Ye. So, he smiled and said. “If there’s no plan at all, I definitely won’t dare invite you here today. And to tell you the truth, out of all of us here, I’m the one who is most afraid of death. After all, other than my old man, I’m the only member of the Zhou family still alive. So, my old man has been looking forward to me opening many branches and leaves for the family.

Anyway, let’s stop this topic and focus. I’ll give you some basic information for you to judge whether this endeavor is feasible or not. I have a detailed map of Qingmin County with me and have chosen the best route and course of action for this operation.”

At this time, Chen Baoguan sneered as he said. “It’s just a map. Which one of us doesn’t have it?”

Xu Yan also didn’t speak as he looked at Zhou Sheng. He obviously had the same thoughts as him. Meanwhile, the Second Young Master Wu kept his thoughts to himself and didn’t say anything as well, patiently waiting for more information.

“Two of my men are locals from Qingmin County. And I had sent them to explore the road two days ago.” At this point, Zhou Sheng stopped talking as he let everyone fill in the blank themselves.

Chen Baoguan spoke with a gloomy face. “Old Zhou, that isn’t good enough. Why don’t you tell us the important information now?”

However, Zhou Sheng only lightly said. “Important things should be said at a critical time.”

Xu Yan had a short temper. Furthermore, he didn’t have the patience to listen to their bickering. So, he straightforwardly interjected into the back and forth. “Okay, Old Zhou, don’t be a p*ssy. If you have anything to say, just say it in one breath and let us examine it ourselves.”

Wu Ye echoed Xu Yan’s words in agreement. “Yes, Brother Zhou, let us hear your plan.”

Wu Ye’s face is tender and youthful, making Zhou Sheng unable to see him as equal. Zhou Sheng could only look at him as a younger generation. Moreover, he also liked Wu Ye’s sweet tongue. Besides, Xu Yan and Zhou Sheng were afraid of losing out on possible shares. So, he readily acceded to Wu Ye’s words. Plus, Wu Ye’s words gave Zhou Sheng enough face, which was more than what the other two gave him. As such, the thought of ‘might as well’ appeared in Zhou Sheng’s mind.

“Fine. Since Young Master Wu has spoken, I’m too lazy to show off. I won’t waste your time and will explain now.”

Zhou Sheng did have a plan. Not only that, he had also instructed people to map out the most unobstructed route, which would only take 15 minutes for them to reach the busiest commercial street in the small county town at full speed. According to the information he received, there were many good things in the shops on that street that could be plundered. Of course, though these things were Zhou Sheng’s aim for this trip, what he truly wanted was the armored car rumored to be on the next street of this one.

Since Zhou Sheng's plan was highly implementable, everyone had little opinion over it. Their main concern was with the distribution of materials, and in this regard, there were many different opinions.

Both Wu Ye and Zhou Sheng wanted to distribute the loot according to their work. Whoever grabbed the goods was the owner, which was also the fairest way of distribution and saved everyone from wrangling with each other.

However, Xu Yan and Chen Baoguan disagreed because they suspected Zhou Sheng would occupy the best store with the highest number of goods. After all, he had already explored the route in advance, so it would be easy for him to do this. That was why both of them asked for equal distribution of goods and materials for 100 people.

Since the opinion was divided in two and neither could agree with the other, the atmosphere in the private room cooled down for a while.

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