End of World Businessman

Chapter 38.5: Cooperation [5]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 38.5: Cooperation [5]

Once, refugees from the refugee camp had knelt in front of his car and begged him to spare some crystal nuclei for them. Yet, instead of giving it or ignoring them, he ordered his people to beat them to death. That was not the only example as there were many such incidents happening.

Moreover, most people under him were also lunatics. When they passed by the refugee camp, sometimes they would take out a machine gun and shoot at them; taking pleasure in watching the refugees flee for their lives in panic. His group completely didn’t take human life seriously and did as they pleased.

As soon as Wu Ye walked into the private room, Zhou Sheng’s and Xu Yan’s eyes flashed briefly with a trace of surprise before they concealed it. They had never expected that Wu Ye would look this beautiful. But that was all they felt. They only appreciated Wu Ye’s beauty with no other intention.

However, that was not the case with Chen Baoguan. Chen Baoguan’s eyes as he looked over Wu Ye was disgusting. No, it was in fact revolting. At this time, Qin Wuhua came in and took in everyone in the room. When he saw Chen Baoguan’s twisted and greedy eyes on Wu Ye, his eyes froze over as a cold murderous intent rose from deep inside his heart.

Feeling Qin Wuhua’s cold gaze on him, Chen Baoguan glanced over and raised the corner of his mouth provocatively at him. His eyes were mocking Qin Wuhua, as if asking Wuhua what he could do to him.

Of the three, Zhou Sheng was the oldest and the most powerful. He had successfully advanced to the third-stage ever since the first siege. Moreover, since Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua were invited under his name, he naturally regarded himself as the host of the gathering. So, he took the lead as he enthusiastically introduced himself and the other two with him to Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua.

Due to Wu Ye’s former identity as an affluent young master, who was often invited to a social gathering, Wu Ye was no stranger to this sort of social occasion. And after a bunch of pleasantries coupled with a few glasses of weak wine, the atmosphere in the private room soon warmed up.

Before long, half a table that was originally filled with delicious food was demolished into their stomach. When one looked at it from the outside, everyone seemed to be old friends who had known each other for a long time.

Taking advantage of the atmosphere, Zhou Sheng slowly stated his purpose in inviting him for tonight's gathering.

“Young Master Wu, this meeting makes me feel we’re kindred spirits. Such feelings are hard to come by, so I won’t beat around the bush with you. Those bastards old men from Lan Cheng’s upper-ups are way too unreasonable in their way. They directly destroy our source of goods. So, seeing the goods in your store, I know you aren’t an ordinary person. As such, I have thickened my face to ask you this. Can you also give your brother some instructions?”

Wu Ye knew that Zhou Shen was trying to feel him out, testing him. So, Wu Ye smiled looking extremely sincere as he spoke.

“If I really have a way, I also won’t go to the black market to buy goods from there. Right now, with the black market gone, I’m also worried about the supply of goods for my store. Brother Zhou, you didn’t invite me today just to say this, right? Anyway, since you’ve said we’re kindred spirits, why do you say those irrelevant things? If you have anything to say, just tell me clearly. As long as I, your brother, can do it… I promise I’ll lend a hand.”

Zhou Sheng looked at Wu Ye’s face that was as tender as pre-apocalypse’s youth, and had to marvel at his eloquence.

Just looked at how tactfully Wu Ye spoke. No wonder he was able to make Qin Wuhua bend his knees and obey him. His method was so charming and suave that not even Ji Xiang managed to pry Qin Wuhua away from him. If Wu Ye really had some sort of background, then...

When he thought that, the smile on Zhou Sheng’s face deepened. Then, he patted the table with his big fat hand cheerfully. “Alright, we should have a good time then! Young Master Wu, I offer you this toast first before we go on.”

Wu Ye was born with a constitution that prevented himself from ever getting drunk regardless of how many cups he drank. Even when he drank high alcohol content wine, the most he would get was a red face. Nothing more. So, drinking this kind of self-made low-alcohol liquor was as simple as drinking water for him. Thus, without saying anything, he toasted Zhou Sheng and drank it in one shot.

“A good drinker!” Zhou Sheng brightened and smiled before he spoke.

“Since Young Master Wu prefers things to be straight-forward, I will speak directly and won’t beat around the bush. The three of us want to go to Qingmin County for a big job and gather some supplies. I don’t know if Young Master Wu would be interested in this endeavor?”

He finally broached the main topic.

Wu Ye’s memory has always been good since young. That was why he remembered that Peng Zijun, who sold clothes to him before, had said that his goods were obtained from Qingmin County.

So, Wu Ye put down his glass and spoke seriously. “From what I heard, Qingmin County is a very dangerous place. Not only that, two days ago, I also heard that some people who went in there only got a few clothes in exchange for half of their manpower. Could all of us make it back here if we go there?”

Everyone here all had a brain. So, when they heard Wu Ye’s words, they knew that he had actually made up his mind.

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