End of World Businessman

Chapter 38.4: Cooperation [4]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 38.4: Cooperation [4]

The Second Young Master Wu silently wiped the drool he felt from the bottom of his heart and removed his jealous little eyes. “I also guess it's regarding that matter. However, what will they discuss with us?”

Despite asking that question, Wu Ye had a vague guess in his heart that it should be related to the source of the goods.

Seeing the other’s tense brows, Qin Wuhua patted his shoulder. “Why are you so curious about it? Won’t you know what they wanted when you go?"

The Second Young Master Wu thought to himself briefly before he nodded. His eyes then fell on his slightly raised biceps, feeling the sourness in his heart was almost overflowing!

D*mn it, it's too unfair! How much exercise does Lao Tzu need to do every day to get those muscles? Why is my abdominal muscle still non-existent with only one pack? Did it turn into f*cking biceps muscles even after I had trained myself like a dog?

Qin Wuhua saw Wu Ye staring at him with a very hot (jealous) eyes, and thought to himself. Does the little guy like my body?

For a moment, he didn’t know what he should think of. So, his handsome face’s complexion quickly turned two shades darker. He was blushing. Fortunately for him, his dark skin covered his blush and didn’t reveal anything. Moreover, his perpetually expressionless face also helped cover that fact up to the point Wu Ye, this fool, didn’t realize anything wrong.

Therefore, after this day, Wu Ye would find himself wondering what had gotten into Qin Wuhua. Because when Qin Wuhua returned home at night, he would often go shirtless and parade his good figure in front of Wu Ye. And this made Wu Ye secretly gripped his body that was without any trace of fat but also without a trace of muscle, and sighed silently. But that was in the future.


Yi Xiang restaurant was built on Food Street, next to Lan Cheng's franchised grain store. It also belonged to the franchise store shared by the five major forces. The restaurant had two floors, about three hundred square meters. And the first floor’s dining hall catered to common people while the private rooms were all located on the second floor.

Although the restaurant’s decoration was very ordinary and similar to those decorating the ordinary roadside shops out there, the similarity ended there. For the dishes that were served in this place was nothing like its roadside counterparts. In fact, the dishes were very rich in taste and very exquisites. So, this restaurant really attracted many patrons to come and spend their money.

Therefore, when Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua arrived, the first floor of the restaurant was already filled with guests. It was so full that it caused unbridled clamour that was truly deafening, and the scene was incomparably lively; as if people had returned to the peaceful time before the apocalypse happened.

When she saw the extraordinary appearance of Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua came in, the beautiful receptionist immediately came forward. She enthusiastically greeted both of them with a bright and charming smile. Wu Ye, not wanting to dawdle anymore, immediately told her that they were there for Zhou Sheng.

The beautiful woman’s smile turned even more dazzling when she heard Wu Ye mentioned they were meeting Zhou Sheng. So, as she led them to the private room reserved by Zhou Sheng, she often flirted with Qin Wuhua. However, Wuhua didn’t react at all, coldly and silently rebuffing her advances making her look sad as she realized Qin Wuhua was too cold.

Meanwhile, in the private room, Zhou Sheng and the other two had been waiting for a while now.

Zhou Sheng looked like a man who was in his early thirties. And when he was sitting upright in his seat, one couldn’t see how tall exactly was. He had a chubby face and white complexion. From one glance, he looked like a very kind man, friendly and honest.

When he met new people, he would always have a smile on his face. And when he smiled, his chubby face would cause his eyes to squint up, making him look exceptionally harmless to others. Thus, nine times out of ten, people who didn’t already know of his fierce tactics would easily get tricked by him.

Meanwhile, Xu Yan looked younger than Zhou Sheng. In fact, his age looked similar to Qin Wuhua, at around 27 or 28 years old. His square face looked similar to any other ordinary person, looking very average. However, one could feel his determination when they looked into his resolute eyes. And though he wasn’t a very handsome man, his look fully embodied the words ‘righteousness and majesty’.

It was said that he had served as a soldier for five years before the end of the world. Not only that, but it was also said he was a very strict and fair man. Thus, it was well-known that none of the hunters under him was unfaithful and unjust. Of course, this could only happen because he would cut the hands and feet of those he found to be unfaithful and unjust. Then he would throw them out for the zombies to feast on.

Chen Baoguan was the youngest person there with the exception for Wu Ye. He looked to be only 25 years old. He was undoubtedly a handsome man, but his long and narrow eyes were so gloomy that it somewhat marred his handsomeness. However, despite looking the most outstanding, he was the most dangerous one out of the three people.

After all, while Zhou Sheng and Xu Yan were ruthless people, they would still try their best to restrain themselves when they were outside. They wouldn’t harm others for no reason. However, Chen Baoguan was different. He wouldn’t do that and so was famous for his brutality and cruelty.

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