End of World Businessman

Chapter 38.3: Cooperation [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 38.3: Cooperation [3]

Whether they belonged to the first category or the second category, it was undeniable that these people depended on the black market to buy cheaper goods to survive.

However, now, the coveted supply that the black market had was monopolized by some people!

How big of a blow was this for both types of people?

So, as of now, the collective thought of the mass was to scream to the heaven for Zhou Sheng (Xu Yan and Chen Baoguan too) to get the f*ck out of the black market!

Motherf*cker, we dare you to come to the black market again, see if we won’t smash your stores tomorrow!

In Wu Ye’s case, since he didn't go to the black market in the past three days, even if someone wanted to splash dirty water on him, they couldn’t. However, even then, it was at most a temporary escape. And sooner or later, he would be faced with a similar predicament as those three.

However, this wasn’t the case with Zhou Sheng and the others. Their popularity at this moment had taken a huge impact, and many people were cursing them. This deliberate attack had caused more harm to their team than they had ever imagined or expected.

Initially, the three of them each had over 100 zombie hunters under them. Yet, in order to hunt the third-level zombies, they had spent a lot of manpower and lost some of them. Originally, they had all calculated that once the tax-free shop opened, they would accumulate some savings and then recruit some new ability users to replenish their rank. But before they could even recover and build up their funds, the ability users had all stood against them.

Isn’t this too much?

The Zhou, Xu, and Chen team had an understanding that whenever they were out on missions, they would cooperate with each other. That said, with the exception of small skirmishes when killing zombies in the siege area, things were generally peaceful between the three groups

As such, since things had progressed to this point, the three had to gather and discuss their countermeasures. And all three people tacitly put forth the same idea - to go to the county to hunt.

After all, it was very difficult to find materials in the relatively safe rural areas now, what with it being almost wiped clean by survivors. Only the city where zombies were prevalent was left.

Before the apocalypse, cities were already richer than the rural areas. Now that the end of the world was here, much wealth was scattered there without owners, just like fertile land untouched by humans. It was just this piece of virgin land isn’t a place to be taken by just anyone. If one was just a little bit careless, then it was hard to say whether they could return or not.

However, as scarce materials were becoming scarcer and more valuable, some guys who were not afraid of death began to turn their attention to the county. Those lucky ones even returned with full hands.

Normally, three of them wouldn’t rashly decide to go to the county to scavenge for materials. And without this storm, they would wait and watch the situation for a while before making their move. However, due to the obstacle they were facing now, they couldn’t sit still and finally decided to take the risk.

Meanwhile, that night, when Wu Ye and his team had just returned from outside the base; they were stopped halfway the moment they reached the base.

“Young Wu, our boss would like to invite you and Mr. Qin to Yi Xiang Restaurant for dinner. There are some matters we would like to discuss with both of you.” A middle-aged man beckoned to Wu Ye and his team, politely inviting them with him.

Hearing his words, Wu Ye stopped to look at him and began to think for a moment. However, he couldn’t remember where he had met this man. So, he opened his mouth and asked, “Who is your boss?”

Before the middle-aged man came to invite Wu Ye, he had already done his homework. He knew that Wu Ye and others had not been in Lan Cheng base for a long time. Moreover, they rarely teamed up with others. It was normal to not know that he was Zhou Sheng’s cousin and housekeeper. Without much thought, he respectfully and politely reported his family name, and once again solemnly invited Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua to come with him.

Wu Ye knew who Zhou Sheng was, but there was no friendship between them.

So, what can we possibly discuss?

However, since the other party had solemnly invited them to dinner. Not to mention, they invited them to Yi Xiang, the only restaurant in Lan Cheng. And that reminded him of something. It just so happened that he had never eaten there, so it would be a good thing to go there to meet new people while tasting new flavor.
But before he decided, he still glanced at Qin Wuhua to ask his opinion first. Seeing him nodded his head, Wu Ye then smiled and said, “OK. Let us go back and change our clothes first. We’ll surely arrive on time.”

When Jiyun and the others returned to their place, it was only the two of them left and they returned to their home together. Once back at home, Wu Ye unrestrainedly voiced out his question to Qin Wuhua, “What do you think he wants to discuss with us?"

Qin Wuhua took off his camouflage tights that were covered with sweat and zombies’ pulp and exposed his sturdy upper body to view. He quietly wiped the sweat stains on his collarbone and said, "If my guess is right, it should be about the storm in the black market that day."

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