Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 38 - 2: Is This a Date?

Chen Yu took several more pictures in a row and a few selfies. Turning around, she saw Tian Fei and the other bodyguards standing not too far away. She suddenly shouted, “Assistant Tian, please take a photo of me with Third Brother.”

Assistant Tian came over, but instead of picking up Chen Yu’s phone, he took out a selfie stick from his pocket and handed it to Chen Yu and said, “Miss Chen Yu, my photography skills aren’t particularly good, please take this selfie stick and take a photo yourself.”

Joking, ah, looking for someone to take your picture, how can it compare with taking it yourself.

Sure enough, Tian Fei watched Chen Yu and Lou Ming pose non-stop with their heads close together for a good-looking group photo. He once again commended himself for his quick-wittedness.

While Tian Fei was praising his own wit, a tall soldier on the side couldn’t help but remind him, “Brother Tian, photos of Third Young Master can’t be circulated outside, ah.”

“Circulated outside? Is Miss Chen Yu an outsider?” Tian Fei asked in retort.

“She doesn’t count as one?” the tall soldier asked in doubt.

“Look at the way Third Young Master is laughing; how can you treat Miss Chen Yu as an outsider? Stupid!” Tian Fei rolled his eyes in disgust.

The tall soldier touched his head in confusion, he definitely should listen to Tian Fei, ah.

Nighttime fell early in this season and soon the sun went down. Chen Yu accompanied Lou Ming watching the sunset silently, waiting for the starry sky to appear.

The two sat on the steps, quietly looking at the starry sky. The Great Wall would be lit up at night, making it look like a fire dragon, showing the majesty that would be missing during the day. Fondly looking at the starry night from the Great Wall’s, Lou Ming quietly looked up at the glistening sky for an hour, Chen Yu wondered whether he was counting the stars.

Ah…choo!” Chen Yu couldn’t help sneezing when a cold wind flew by.

Lou Ming suddenly returned to his senses, realizing he had been sitting quietly on the Great Wall at night for too long, forgetting that Chen Yu was beside him. He took off his coat and put it on Chen Yu as he apologized, “Sorry, I’ve been watching the stars for too long, let’s go back.”

Chen Yu stood up wearing his coat, walked down the stairs with Lou Ming as she asked, “Third Brother, were you counting the stars or thinking about other things?”

“I was in a daze.” Lou Ming replied with a shy smile.

“In a daze?” Chen Yu couldn’t help but be surprised.

“I haven’t been to many places, but I have read a lot of books.” Lou Ming explained, “There are many places I yearn to see in books. I read travel notes written by others along with photos of those places. There are photos at dawn, sunset, evening, and even with star-studded night skies. Back then, I always thought how good it would be if one day I could experience it even once. Now, I found out the night sky I could see with my own eyes is truly much more beautiful than the photos. I couldn’t help but be immersed in it and stared in a daze.”

“Then, isn’t it still lacking a ‘dawn’?” Chen Yu stopped walking down.

“Huh?” Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu in surprise.

“Dawn, sunset, starry sky, there’s still dawn ah.” Chen Yu counted with her fingers.

“It’s okay, we don’t need to watch it.” Lou Ming felt the sudden drop in temperature at the top of the mountain. Although this opportunity was rare, he couldn’t let the little girl catch a cold with him, ah.

“Let’s watch, let’s watch, I haven’t seen sunrise on the Great Wall either.” Chen Yu said excitedly, “So many classmates in my school have been to the Great Wall already, but I’m sure not many people have seen dawn, sunset and starry sky all at the same trip like this.”

“Forget it, the weather is too cold, you’ll catch a cold at this rate.” Lou Ming found Chen Yu was really easy to persuade, with only a brief mention, she became even more excited than himself.

“Third Young Master, there are spare blankets in the car.” Tian Fei who had been silent all this time, suddenly said this.

When Chen Yu heard him, she became even more excited, “Third Brother, let’s watch the sunrise. It’s decided, I’ll call my Mom.”

Lou Ming watched as she ran to the side and called her mother. He suddenly turned his head and looked at Tian Fei.

Tian Fei quietly swallowed a mouthful of spit and said, “Third Young Master, I’ll go get the blankets.” Saying this, Tian Fei used his excellent special forces’ running speed to quickly move, after a few seconds, his figure was already nowhere to be seen.

When Tian Fei came back, he not only brought a blanket, but also some food. Chen Yu clearly said that she would accompany Lou Ming to wait for sunrise, but before nine o’clock, she already leaned on Lou Ming’s shoulder, sleeping while wrapped in a warm blanket.

When the pale eastern horizon was vaguely bathed in a red color and the rosy clouds of dawn filled the entire sky, Lou Ming gently awakened Chen Yu who was sleeping on his shoulder.

Chen Yu rubbed her eyes and watched the sunrise sleepily. When she was fully awake, the sunrise was already no more. She obviously didn’t care much about that because she was still very excited, “The sunrise from Great Wall is indeed different from other places.”

“Where is it different?” Lou Ming couldn’t help but ask.

“This is the sunrise that appears above one of the eight wonders, ah.” Chen Yu said seriously.

The golden sunlight shone on Lou Ming’s face, making his already fair complexion look even more transparent while his dark pupils turned into a faint gold, but the smile on his face was brighter than the sun.

“Third Brother, I’ll come with you again next time.” Chen Yu said all of a sudden.

So, you indeed stayed here specially for me last night? Lou Ming was moved; his palm couldn’t help messing up Chen Yu’s already messy short hair, “It’s okay, I’ll just find you to get some Suppressing Talismans if I want to see it again.”

“Suppressing Talisman can only be drawn by me on the spot, furthermore, it can only last for two hours, not enough time for you to go home.” Chen Yu said.

“It doesn’t matter if the effect lacks a bit, you can just draw it directly on talisman papers, just draw it a bit more and it would be the same.” Lou Ming said.

Lou Ming had used Suppressing Talisman twice and there’s nothing unusual on his body, so he really wanted to ask Chen Yu to draw some talismans for him, not necessarily to watch sunrise, but to use it when he needed it.

“No.” Chen Yu shook his head with a serious face, “You can’t use a Suppressing Charm that’s drawn on talisman paper.”

Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu with surprise.

“A Suppressing Charm that’s drawn on talisman paper has too much murderous aura, this charm can suppress the spirit at the same time so it’s not suitable for Third Brother to use.” Chen Yu explained, “I meticulously weakened the murderous aura when drawing the charm directly using spiritual energy so it won’t harm the human body.”

Lou Ming was stunned for a moment before he said, “So it’s like this.”

“En!” Chen Yu nodded.

Chen Yu was a head shorter than Lou Ming, as soon as Lou Ming lowered his head, he saw the girl’s thick and long eyelashes and soft hair glowing golden under the bright sunshine. When her little face was raised slightly, he saw his reflection in her big inky black eyes.

“Third Brother, let’s go back.” Chen Yu said all of a sudden.

Lou Ming returned to his senses. As he gazed at the girl’s jumping back, he vaguely recalled a familiar scene in a memory that he didn’t know.

“Third Brother, hurry up, I’m hungry.” Chen Yu had descended more than a dozen steps, and when she saw that Lou Ming was still in a daze, she couldn’t help but urge him.

“Alright!” Lou Ming laughed. As if wind was blowing on the soles of his feet, his steps became lighter and lighter.

Author’s NOTE:

When Chen Yu sneezed, a soldier on the side saw Third Young Master take off his coat and put it on Chen Yu. He immediately took off his own coat to change it with Third Young Master’s.

Tian Fei kicked him, “So meddlesome! Don’t you have any eyes?”

Soldier: …


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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