End of World Businessman

Chapter 38.2: Cooperation [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 38.2: Cooperation [2]

What Qin Wuhua didn’t tell Wu Ye was that his father’s old comrade-in-arms who helped him out was General Li Wang Qi, the same one who was determined to kill him.

Wu Ye guiltily said, "I'm sorry, I said the wrong thing again and made you feel sad..."

Qin Wuhua shook his head. "It's okay, it’s a matter from over a decade ago. I’m already done being sad."

Despite his words, Wu Ye noticed that Qin Wuhua was obviously not as happy as he was a few moments ago. Don't ask him how he was able to discern that from his facial paralysis though, because he himself didn’t know. The point was, regardless of how he still knew it anyway. As such, Second Young Master Wu tactfully shut his mouth and stopped talking, choosing instead to enjoy the dumplings Qin Wuhua made for him.

When he retreated to his room in the evening, Wu Ye immediately summoned the control panel. He wanted to ask the system especially about the price of the low-level protective clothing. And he found that to exchange this from the system, he would need to fork over 1W points and 100 orange crystal nuclei.

"When I have a chance, I will go to the city to kill more of those level-3 zombies, so we will get enough orange crystals to exchange for a repair agent for Ah Li. After Ah Li’s gene repair solution, I will exchange a protective suit for Wuhua..." Wu Ye mumbled to himself before he slowly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, sleep seemed to be eluding Qin Wuhua’s mind right now. So, he laid awake on the bed with his hands behind his head while staring vacantly at the ceiling. It had been 13 years since… and yet, that incident that time rushed to the forefront of his mind.

That event was still as clear as day in his mind. Even today, he could still see, smell, feel everything like it was happening right now, before him. He remembered in that unpredictable explosion, his father had protected him under his body. Not only that, but he also recalled that, amidst the deafening roar, his father had said, "Be careful ..."

Be careful... of what?

However, at that time, he was too young to understand what his father meant. Not only that, but he was also too young to go looking for answers too. And by the time he was old enough, strong enough, and intelligent enough, it was too late to ask his father for his meaning… for he was already gone.

It was an arduous journey to slumber, but sleep Qin Wuhua did.

The opportunity to go to the city came faster than Wu Ye had imagined. However, the storm going on in the black market did not end easily.

After Wu Ye had spent all his savings in hand, he had been conscientiously working hard to kill the zombies in the siege area. So that he could return the crystal nucleus he borrowed from the younger brothers.

To be honest, it was not an easy feat at all. After all, he had to work from dawn break until the sunset, so he was dog-tired by the end of the day. Not only did it demand courage, but also huge stamina. And not all possessed the tenacity to endure this harrowing job.

Therefore, he had no energy nor mood to pay any attention to the situation in the black market nor go there in person. As such, he had no idea that the fire that Lan Cheng's high-level officials deliberately ignited in the black market had almost reached his doorsteps. Nor did he know that Zhou Sheng, Xu Yan, and Chen Baoguan had thoroughly angered the mass.

These three days, plus the previous three days… for a total of 6 days, the fixed stalls in the black market had only sold very little amount of food, gasoline, and weapons every day. Thus, under their deliberate publicity, almost all the abilities users in the black market were under the impression that it was Zhou, Xu, and Chen who’d bought out these three things.

Fortunately, the price of food sold in the black market was not very different from that in the city. However, that wasn’t the case for gasoline and weapons because those were cheaper by a 1/4 than that in the city. As such, if they bought it in the city, they would have to spend at least 50 or 60 extra crystals on this part of their daily expenditure. It might even cost more than two or three hundred crystals. And, in the first place, these two things were already expensive and came with high consumption.

After all, ordinary ability users couldn’t go against the sky like Wu Ye and others, whose average income per day reached nearly a thousand crystals. And this income was their income that came solely from hunting alone. Meanwhile, the ordinary ability users’ average net income per day was around 80 to 120 translucent crystals.

Thus, based on their income, they could only eat meat from time to time depending on the privilege coming from their capability of entering the black market.

These ordinary ability users and even the entire world’s normal humans in the apocalypse could generally be divided into two categories. The first category was those who had a family and a sense of responsibility. They were often even more miserly than Grandet and couldn’t wait to break a nucleus into three pieces to be used. They desperately saved money and food, fearing that one day they might be unable to support their family’s life.

The second category was those who didn’t have a family to feed. They didn’t starve, so they lacked a sense of responsibility. These kinds of people prefer to spend their time having fun. As such, they became extravagant and lustful. However, this type of person usually was poor. Even when they only had 100 transparent crystals in their pocket, they would still be eager to spend 200 crystals. Thus, they only looked glorious on the surface while in fact, their wallets were cleaner than their faces.

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