Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 378 - Devils in the Abyss(10)

Beike City.

The city contained a strong bloody metallic scent from the killings done a few days ago.

The high-level magic carpenters revamped the Overlord’s residence. Lika also rearranged her own palace hall. The magic alchemy laboratory that belonged to Her Highness Su had been sealed shut by the people Lika sent over too. Everything that was in there was destroyed.

Everyone had to undergo strict inspection entering and leaving the city. Su Wan and Su Rui’s portraits were hung all over the city. The two had become the top criminals wanted within the city.

Thankfully, when Su Rui passed by neighboring towns, he saw those orders for arrest. Ding Jiajia ended up buying two wizards’ hobbies and cloaks. Right now, their faces were covered by the huge cloaks. When they stood next to Frank, it seemed like they were a group of soul death wizards who had gotten together for fun.

“It’s easy for the wizards guarding the city to see through our disguises.”

The four resided in a town outside of Beike City.

Su Wan took off her hat and muttered at the three.

Everyone looked shockingly at her.

“Xiao Wan, what do you have in mind?” Ding Jiajia looked at her excitedly. She quite loved Su Wan’s voice right now.

“I remember that soul death wizards know a type of alchemy skill that can refine a drug that could change a person’s appearance and voice. Frank, do you know about this?”

A confused glint flickered over Frank’s face. Then he looked down as if trying his hardest to think about something. In the end, Frank shook his head hard. “Su Wan, from the magic textbook that I’ve read through, there is no record of such a spell. Did you get it wrong?”


Su Wan smiled. “Maybe. But it’s alright. Su Rui and I can wait here for you guys. Frank alone can handle Asino. Ding Jiajia, go and cheer him on and help him. We’ll be waiting for your good news tomorrow.”

“No problem!”

Ding Jiajia smiled. “Leave this to us.”

The red moon was alluring at night.

The magic light was lit in Su Wan’s room. There were some materials and equipment for refining gold. She was focused on concocting the magic drug. Not long later, she got a few vials of it.

Seeing the different colored magic drugs, Su Wan furrowed her brows. She refined this according to the original owner’s memory. She also read through some textbooks which recorded this drug but she had never tried it before.

Therefore, Su Wan didn’t know whether the drugs were useful or not. She needed to capture some low-level magic beasts tomorrow morning to experiment…

The next day, Ding Jiajia and Frank left early in the morning with the Infernal Demon King.

“Wife, do you think Frank can kill Asino?”

Su Rui stood in the yard and couldn’t help but ask, seeing the two figures.


Su Wan slowly replied, her tone sure.

Frank couldn’t. She was certain. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have concocted the magic drugs overnight.

“Su Rui, where was the Azure Crystal I gave you last time? Give me.”


Su Rui listened to Su Wan and froze for a moment. “Wife, what do you need that for?”

“To use it against Frank of course. If he’s really an executioner, the three of us combined might not be able to beat him. Don’t forget that he has a really strong Infernal Demon King. one knows what his trump card is. Even...his identity, name, and everything about him could be fake.”

Su Rui’s gaze sharpened, brightening. “Wife, were you purposely testing him yesterday?”

“That’s right. There was no such spell within the soul death magic textbook. Yet, Frank hesitated for a really long time. Clearly, he wasn’t at ease with his memory.”

When he was hesitating, he was searching through his memory.

“Wife, I know you’re the best!”

Su Rui smiled while delivering the Azure Crystal to Su Wan’s hands. “Are you planning on using that to concoct magic drugs?”

“No, I’m going to set up a magic seal within this courtyard. When I activate the seal, I can control the base. You and Ding Jiajia will attack Frank together. You have to make sure to hit him with one try!”


General Su nodded firmly, listening to his wife’s words.

Beike City.

When Ding Jiajia and Frank arrived outside Beike City, they were strictly inspected. However, because the two weren’t suspicious, they were let into the city.

The Infernal Demon King had been shrunk into a tiny little demon king pet. Although it still looked ugly, it was able to stand on Frank’s shoulders since it had been shrunk by many times.

After they entered the city, Ding Jiajia rushed to the alchemy store and bought a lot of materials for refining. Seeing that she kept on using all these crystal coins without a care, Frank looked at Ding Jiajia confusedly. “Dear, you want to learn how to refine gold?”

“No, I’m buying this for Su Wan. She might need it in the future.”

Ding Jiajia half believed Frank.

Su Wan said that Frank couldn’t kill Asino but Ding Jiajia decided to buy some materials for refining gold just in case. If Frank really couldn’t kill the male lead, then she would need Su Rui and Su Wan’s help.

She placed these items in her space ring before taking Frank to the Overlord’s residence.

After it was revamped, the residence looked to be really lofty and luxurious.

Seeing the magic guards wearing armors guarding the door, Ding Jiajia’s gaze flickered and then a black glow whished from her sleeves.


The magic attack hit the guard’s armor and they fell on the ground right then. The other guard clutched his chest, his face pale. In the last moment, he used his magic to burn the communication talisman of the Overlord’s residence.

Not long later, a group of wizards and magic guards surrounded Ding Jiajia and Frank in the middle.

“Dear, it’s your turn. Mwah!”

Ding Jiajia smiled and took a step back, giving the spotlight to Frank.


Frank nodded coldly. He took a step forward and chanted a spell before the Infernal Demon King sitting on his shoulder jumped down, slowly recovering to his huge body.


The ear-piercing roar pierced through the sky and the Overlord’s residence trembled nonstop.

It’s here!

Asino who had been resting in the residence suddenly opened his eyes, the golden glow in his eyes faintly appearing.

Sage-level soul death wizard?

Come at me!    

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