Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 377 - Devils in the Abyss(9)

The four’s arrival led to a disturbance in the procession, especially Frank’s Infernal Demon King. Many people were intimidated at first glance.

Frank was wearing a pure black hoodie. Coupled with his aloof and handsome face, he did look like an adonis,

However, Su Wan and Su Rui had seen through him already.

Frank was a typical and standard male lead.

He had unbelievable luck and handsome face, girls fawning over him, and all sorts of powerful attendants or pets,

Su Wan wanted to smack him even without the executioner on him.


Su Wan quickly walked over and looked coldly at him. “Why did you leave without saying anything the other day?”

Although Bellia wasn’t that suspicious, his actions were a bit strange.

Bellia looked coldly at Su Rui and asked, “Who are you? Does this young master know you?”

He said “this young master.”

Damn. You change your personality quickly.

Su Rui returned to the procession.

“What’s up with him?” Ding Jiajia asked curiously. Su Rui said nothing. Instead, Su Wan told Ding Jiajia about Bellia’s identity through her mind.

Two-headed hell dog? It sounds pretty nice.

Ding Jiajia couldn’t help but lick her lips. She stared at Bellia and thought: you don’t say but he looks quite handsome when he doesn’t act like a sissy.

Seeing Ding Jiajia’s interested gaze, Su Wan couldn’t help but pour cold water on her. “I’m advising you to not provoke him. What if his personality suddenly changes or he transforms while you guys are having sex? I’m scared that you might be traumatized for life!”

Ding Jiajia: …

Su Wan, I knew you didn’t love me.

My adonis is the best!

Ding Jiajia couldn’t help but look at Su Rui again. Adonis is so handsome! Adonis is so aloof! I love adonis’ temperament. already taken?

Thinking that this amazing adonis belonged to someone else, Ding Jiajia felt her heart dripping blood.

Su Wan: …

Did you forget that you said you and Frank were in love with each other yesterday?

“Su Wan, everyone in the department knows that you and Su Rui are together. You guys are really together?”

Ding Jiajia communicated with Su Wan through her mind. After completing a rescue mission, everyone knew who she rescued.

It was someone from over there. Was this Romeo and Juliet?

Pah. Apparently, that was a tragedy.

Su Wan looked down and smiled an undetectable smile. “Ding Jiajia, you’re interested in Su Rui?”

“N, no! I don’t steal my colleague’s man. I love my colleagues. Why would I do that?”

Ding Jiajia’s anxious voice rang and echoed in Su Wan’s mind. Su Wan wore an indifferent expression. “If you truly like him, you should go pursue him. I’ll applaud you if you get him!”

Ding Jiajia was speechless.

Did she hear wrong? Su Wan wanted her to pursue Su Rui?

While Ding Jiajia was still confused, Su Wan’s voice rang again. “Aren’t you also suspicious of him too?...Why don’t you go test his reaction?”

Ding Jiajia: …

I knew Su Wan wouldn’t be so easy to convince. How could she possibly wanted her to pursue her man?

Cough. But what if she really got him?

Ding Jiajia, don’t you think you’re thinking too much?

“Hey, over there. You guys!”

Bellia suddenly exclaimed out loud as he stood by the conveyor belt. “Do you guys want to travel with this young master? I just happened to have space here. I’m not doing this to return the favor!”


Enough with this arrogant young master.

In the end, the group returned with Bellia. They spent nothing again likewise.

It didn’t feel bad going with wealthy people.

They returned from the deep floor abyss to the medium floor abyss. The gray sky and the red moon appeared to be really amiable.

No matter how dark the place was, it was better than the deep floor abyss.

“Where are you guys going?”

Bellia led the group of servants out of the conveyor belt. Obviously, they were a different group of people.

Young masters from influential families just had to be ostentatious.

“We’re returning to Beike City.”

“Beike City?”

Bellia lifted his brows. “You guys are from Beike City? You guys don’t know yet do you? There’s a rebellion within the city right now. The original Overlord, Sidanke, had died on the battlefield and his daughter had married the new Overlord, Casino!”

When he mentioned Asino, a conflicted glint flickered through Bellia’s eyes.

Although Bellia had been completing the mission his clan handed to him in the deep floor abyss, he received news quickly. He knew everything that happened within the medium floor abyss.

Asino became the Overlord that quickly!

Su Wan’s gaze dimmed.

As expected, Lika felt threatened when she left. Therefore, she and Asino got married in advance and helped him take over Beike City?

“It seems like we need to hurry back to Beike City.”

Ding Jiajia’s gaze also turned solemn. Asino and Lika were different from the female and male leads.

The male and female leads’ relationships were built upon foundation. As for Lika and Asino, they were servant-masters.

Lika relied on Asino. Of course, it was possible that she also liked him. But in this world, like and loving were too much to ask for.

With Lika’s low self-esteem, there was no way she’d dare to hope that Asino would love her.

Besides letting Asino abandon Lika, there was another way to divide them.

That was to kill. Kill off a person’s existence. When a world loses a leading role, the laws in the world would change and the executioner wouldn’t be able to stay anymore.

Ding Jiajia and Su Wan would be able to complete the mission and leave successfully.

After this plan formed in her mind, they all headed towards Beike City quickly. Bellia smiled faintly.

“Young master.”

The servants looked at Bellia confused. “Young master, why did you tell them about Beike City?”


Bellia smiled faintly. “Lan Pa is Sidanke’s daughter’s magic warrior protector. Why would he leave the city on his own and with a demon by his side? Not only that, she is also a very strong alchemist.”

Feite Clan’s information web was really powerful. From the first glance at Su Rui, Bellia knew his identity. It was because he knew his identity that he purposely got close to him.


That wasn’t the demon’s name but rather the daughter of the Overlord.

Beike City was now going to be lively for sure now.

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