Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 376 - Devils in the Abyss(8)

Ding Jiajia arranged Su Wan and Su Rui in two rooms next to each other at night. The moment it turned dark, Ding Jiajia smiled and scuttled to Su Wan’s room. She started chatting with her, asking her all sorts of random questions.

Reaching the second half of the night, Su Wan yawned and looked at Ding Jiajia, saying, “Ding Jiajia, are you doubting me?”


Ding Jiajia smiled splendidly. “Why would I? We’re good companions and team members. We’re going to have to work together in the future. No matter who I doubt, I won’t doubt you.”

“Sure, keep this up.”

Su Wan touched her horn and exclaimed, “Believe me or not. I’ll request to return to the headquarters right now. I’ll leave you to die.”

“Sniffle, Su Wan, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have doubted you. It’s my fault. I’ll repent!”

Ding Jiajia threw herself on Su Wan and held her hands, stirred. Then she lowered her head pitifully and rubbed her face against Su Wan’s chest.

Su Wan: You’re just trying to take advantage of me huh?

“Get lost, Ding Jiajia.”

Su Wan pushed Ding Jiajia away from her arms.

Ding Jiajia winked and then whilst wearing her charming face, she looked at Su Wan, saying, “Su Wan, you’re the smartest. Quick, help me come up with a solution. Help my honey. It’s difficult to find someone who matches my taste.”

Su Wan: …

“Isn’t it the opposite?”

Su Wan didn’t want to talk about Ding Jiajia’s fickleness. “You guys never encountered any danger before we came here?”


Ding Jiajia shook her head, her face unusually red. “Ah, Su Wan, you should communicate with me through your mind. Why is your voice so charming?”

Su Wan: Screw you! Why don’t you say that enchantresses like you are so lascivious?

Su Wan glared at Ding Jiajia before asking through her mind, “You and Frank had separated for a while. During that time, you contacted Ye Xin and asked the headquarters for help right? Then did you tell him that you asked for assistance once you met up with Frank?”


Ding Jiajia nodded. Then her gaze darkened. “Su Wan, you’re saying…”

Frank might be an imposter?

Su Wan smiled mysteriously. “Let’s go down and find out whether or not he is. Since the executioner hasn’t appeared, what are we waiting for? Let’s take the soul death wizard and the Infernal Demon King to bully the male and female lead.”

Damn you!

Ding Jiajia wanted to throttle herself. Why didn’t she think of this?

The executioner doesn’t want to appear?

Then they’d go to bully the male and female lead, see how much longer he could endure this for.

Whoever stops them from bullying the leading roles must be the hidden executioner!

“Great! Su Wan, I love you so much!”

Ding Jiajia was in high spirits, throwing herself on Su Wan once again and then kissing her real hard on the face before she could react.

She was then pushed away by Su Wan in the next moment. Seeing Su Wan who was wiping her face nonstop, Ding Jiajia was unhappy.

Su Wan, you don’t love me!

I feel like I won’t love anyone again….

Su Wan couldn’t help but sigh deeply after seeing Ding Jiajia leave happily. She looked down and no one saw the dim gaze in her eyes…


Not long later, Su Rui opened the door and walked inside. “What did Ding Jiajia say to you?”

Su Wan glanced at him and replied, “Don’t tell me that you didn’t hear anything.”

Su Wan was confident with General Su’s perceptivity and spiritual power.


Su Rui smiled embarrassedly. “Okay, wife. I heard everything. Are you also suspicious of Frank?”

He was in the Soul Death Purgatory so no one knew what he had experienced.

Maybe he had incredible luck and was able to escape time after time but what if this was fake?

Back then, the executioner was able to use Ding Jiajia’s identity to lead Frank away. Likewise, he could also kill Frank in the Soul Death Purgatory and then transform into him, and then chase or kill Ding Jiajia.

He hadn’t done anything yet because Ding Jiajia told him that there was reinforcement coming and second, he might’ve injured himself while he fought with Frank in the Soul Death Purgatory.

Executioners could be injured as well. They were in charge of many time-spaces. Whenever they entered the space, they would be entering with their souls. They wouldn’t truly die but once their soul was injured, their power would also drop.

They would find out quickly whether it was him or not.

Su Wan smiled at Su Rui. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep. You coming?”


Hearing his wife’s charming voice again, Su Rui’s gaze dimmed. “You can sleep first. I’m going to sleep in a bit and monitor what’s going on outside while I’m at it.”

What Su Rui meant was obviously monitoring Frank’s every movement. Although he was a sage-level soul death wizard, his perceptivity might be worse than General Su’s.

“Okay, I’m going to sleep first then. Goodnight.”

Su Wan nodded and then took off her shoes, getting in bed without even stripping. She got under the blankets and fell asleep not too long later.

Su Rui couldn’t help but stare at her face seeing how sound asleep Su Wan was. He was expanding his perceptivity, feeling everything within the yard.

“Oh! So great! Honey, you’re so great!”

“Mn, little minx, you’re great too!”

Su Rui: …

Ding Jiajia and Frank were having sex in the other room. Su Rui’s face darkened too.

The second morning, Su Wan noticed that Su Rui was sitting down and lost in thought when she woke up.

Su Wan got up quietly but still startled Su Rui.

“Morning!” Su Rui opened his eyes and smiled at Su Wan.

“Morning. You didn’t sleep at all?” Seeing the bags under his eyes, she couldn’t help but ask. General Su, do you need to be so hardworking? You spent the entire day and night eavesdropping?

Su Rui: …

General Su also thought his job was bittersome, forced to listen to the live action the entire night.

Who knew that Frank looked skinny but was a wolf in bed. He was a match against General Su.

As for Ding Jiajia…

Su Rui didn’t want to comment on anything. Enchantresses had many tricks up their sleeves.

The four ate breakfast together. They didn’t feel awkward seeing one another. After breakfast, Ding Jiajia placed some things in the space ring before the four got ready to go again.

It wasn’t far traveling from here to the transportation stop. The four were all quite strong. Plus, Frank had a really vicious Infernal Demon King so they were able to come to the transportation stop without much trouble.

After they arrived, Su Wan and Su Rui noticed a familiar figure within the long procession.

Wasn’t that Bellia?

Was it that coincidental?


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