Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 375 - Devils in the Abyss(7)

Time-space executioner.

Ding Jiajia’s expression turned a bit strange. “Frank and I did fight him head on. He’s really strong. Most importantly, he has no specific identity. He can transform into anyone in this world and even obtain their memory.”

“Last time, he had transformed into me and led Frank to the Soul Death Purgatory. He was planning to kill Frank there but he was a soul death wizard. Not long didn’t he die, he also stabilized his cultivation. Then, that executioner kept on chasing after him. Frank had been hiding here and there, unintentionally falling to an underground cave and then he encountered that Infernal Demon King.”

What was a leading role halo? Please look at Frank!

He must be the real son of this world.

He had been chased after this entire time but he didn’t die. He kept on escaping and leveling up!

Su Rui and Su Wan looked at each other before Su Rui couldn’t help but aks, “Frank, when was the last time you saw the executioner?”


Frank and Ding Jiajia both furrowed their brows, thinking.

“Probably...before we got here?”

Ding Jiajia responded first. “When I went to Soul Death Forest to search for Frank, he had successfully escaped and brought the Infernal Demon King with him.”

Ding Jiajia had already sent the headquarters new back then so it showed that she was at Soul Death Forest when Ye Xin received the information.

“That’s right. We made our way here after leaving Soul Death Forest. Maybe it was because there were lots of magic demons gathering here but the executioner remained unseen this entire time.”

Frank nodded firmly. “Although the executioner was really strong, he seemed to be restrained by the code of conduct in this world. He was unable to use any powers surpassing this world. Plus, they claimed to be the protector of this time-space which meant they couldn’t break the balance. Likewise, they couldn’t kill anyone in this world too.”

That’s right. The executioners had strict rules. They could become anyone but they couldn’t kill the original people in this world. Otherwise, they would be punished.

That meant that they could only touch transmigrators, people who were reborn, system-host, and mission enforcers. They were the only non original people. He could kill or chase them away.

He couldn’t kill anyone else.

This might be the executioner’s shortcoming?

No, how could he just have a shortcoming? They couldn’t just keep escaping. They need to retaliate and protect themselves.

“Su Wan.”

Ding Jiajia looked at Su Wan and asked, “How did you and Su Rui get to know Bellia? How come I can’t find anything on him in the plot?”


Su Wan communicated with Ding Jiajia in her mind, telling her everything that she and Su Rui encountered.

Ding Jiajia’s gaze flickered. “Say, could the executioner?”

Su Wan and Su Rui weren’t really surprised. After all, they didn’t trust Bellia that much.

“Why don’t I test him?”

Ding Jiajia smiled but Su Rui gave her a cold look. “Don’t test, just kill him.”

He was just a cannon fodder that was supposed to die anyway.

But if they weren’t able to, then that meant his identity as an executioner had been exposed.

“There’s no need.”

Frank waved his hands and the Magic Defense in the room vanished.

“Bellia ran off already.”

Ran off?

Su Rui immediately concentrated and sensed for Bellia’s aura. He was really gone!

Su Wan was speechless.

He didn’t escape because he was afraid he’d be exposed, right?

No, maybe Bellia wasn’t an executioner?

Su Wan tried to calm down and think about this.

If Bellia was an executioner, he had the chance to sneak attack herself and Su Rui during the transportation process. But he didn’t!

Of course, he might’ve done this on purpose too.

Frank’s unusual luck and power was hard to deal with. Maybe the executioner thought that facing him head on wouldn’t be beneficial to him so he planned on using a more subtle method?

“Su Rui.”

Su Wan communicated with Su Rui in her mind. “Do you think Bellia is an executioner?”

“No, don’t think so.”

Su Rui responded, “There’s no way an executioner would expose himself that easily.”

That’s right.

Su Wan thought this wasn’t the case either.

“Ding Jiajia.”

Su Wan suddenly talked, Her charming and pleasant voice caused the three to be in a trance.

“Su Wan, so you can talk!”

Ding Jiejie froze before patting Su Wan’s shoulders. “I thought you couldn’t talk. But your voice...hehe. It’s good that you weren’t talking earlier either. It tickles at people’s hearts. I’m sleeping with you tonight. Tell me a story and I’m sure I’ll be able to sleep through the night!”

Su Wan: …


Su Rui started coughing again, his expression gloomy. “Wife, what did you want to say?”

“Ding Jiajia, since we found you, let’s go back now.”

Su Wan looked at Ding Jiajia’s face, trying to soften her tone. Mission enforcers can request to leave their mission in advance. But that’d automatically mean that they failed their mission.

It was fine if they failed a mission. After all, mission enforcers weren’t omnipotent.


Ding Jiajia immediately refused. “If I leave, Frank will be in danger. Su Wan, I called you guys over to help me help him through this. Of course, if we encounter any danger, I’ll be there to clean up the mess. You guys can forcibly quit whenever.”

Ding Jiajia looked a bit suspiciously at Su Wan.

In her memory, Su Wan would never back out of anything. Why was she so strange today?

Time-space executioners could transform into anyone and even obtain their memory.

Then could this executioner be someone in between them?

Who could she believe?

Who was fake?

Ding Jiajia suddenly felt unsure in her heart. Executioners were really strong so there was no need for them to fake around. But accidents were always happening in this world. Maybe an executioner was really amongst them?

While Ding Jiajia was suspicious, Su Wan and Su Rui exchanged gazes.

They also thought the executioner was next to them.

But who?

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