Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 373 - Devils in the Abyss(5)

The sky was still drizzy-gray and the forest was silent.

Bellia had transformed back into a human and quietened down. He stood behind Su Wan and Su Rui quietly, closing his eyes as if feeling for something.

A slight breeze blew by, carrying a faint rotten scent.

This was…

“Oh no!”

Bellia also opened his eyes, panicking. He felt it. That scent.

“We need to go! We barged into the deep floor abyss’ Soul Death Forest!”

Su Wan took out her last portable scroll but before she could chant and launch it, the scroll suddenly burned. The white flame eluded a mysterious and icy cold aura.


Su Rui rushed ahead. The moment the three started being teleported, the originally peaceful grassland suddenly started shaking violently. From the black soil came out a pale-white arm. There were sharp nails on the skinny hand.

Looking across, the entire forest was full of hands crawling out of the soil, swaying.

This was much more shocking than the last phase of zombies!

Each rotten and stinky zombie wore a beyond recognition face as they slowly crawled out of the soil. They swayed back and forth. Immediately, they surrounded the three.

“Damn. They’re so disgusting.”

Bellia’s expression changed. Then he took out his magic staff from the space ring.

“Infernal Lotus!”

Red fiery snakes flew out. The flame traveled as far as one could see. The corpses started howling nonstop, swaying around. Their ear-piercing cries made it far into the valleys.

These voices…

Su Wan sharply felt that the cries weren’t ordinary howls. They seemed to be communicating some message far away.

Were they crying for help? Su Wan immediately took out a few magic talismans and threw them in front of them. These magic talismans immediately sunk into the ground, transforming into light. The sky in the entire area immediately formed a transparent magic cover, separating them from everything else.

Magic Defense!

Bellia looked at Su Wan shockingly. “You’re an alchemist?”

Bellia had been suspicious the moment Su Wan started using the portable scrolls as if they were nothing. Now that she was able to use the magic talismans so skillfully, he couldn’t help but ask.

Su Wan didn’t answer. Instead, she lifted her chin and indicated Bellia to pay attention behind.

Behind? Hm?

Bellia turned around to see a disgusting rotten zombie.

So disgusting, disgusting!

While Bellia was talking inside his heart, a sword glow flickered by and Su Rui had split the rotten zombie in half. The faint grew liquid splashed out, splashing on Bellia.

Bellia: …


A certain ear-piercing scream rang from inside the Magic Defense.


Accompanying him was another shocking howl from another direction.

This was…

The Infernal Zombie King

From the transparent Magic Defense, Su Rui glanced at the huge figure walking over from afar. Every step led to the shaking of the valley. Countless trees were snapped and fell under his stomping.

“Why is that thing here?”

Bellia was shocked too. He glanced at the huge Infernal Zombie King, stunned. There seemed to be two figures sitting on his shoulders as well.

Death Soul...Wizard.

As they walked closer, Bellia could sense the strong death and rotten scent on the man.

So all the zombies in this Death Soul forest were his subordinates?

While Bellia was wearing a solemn expression, Su Rui placed his long sword away. He glanced at the two people expressionlessly.

“It’s Ding Jiajia.”

Su Rui was communicating to Su Wan through his mind.

Su Wan couldn’t help but look at Ding Jiajia as well. Mn. Right. She remembered Ye Xin saying that Ding Jiajia seemed to be a beautiful woman within this world.

Of course, she wasn’t an ordinary beautiful woman. She had mutated and possessed powerful firepower.

While Su Wan was looking at Ding Jiajia, the latter leaning in a man’s arms was also looking at Su Wan and Su Rui.

Hey! Isn’t that my adonis?

Although Ding Jiajia had never seen Su Rui, she had spent a lot of points on the market, purchasing a lot of Su Rui’s information. Of course, it included his appearance too.

Since her adonis was here, then that means the beautiful woman next to him was Su Wan?

Ding Jiajia immediately murmured in the man’s ears. Then the zombies around them quietened down and returned back underground, continuing to hibernate. Even the strongest Infernal Zombie King was now obedient like a baby.

Su Wan waved her hands, dismissing the Magic Defense. Then she looked at Ding Jiajia, communicating with her through her mind.

“Ding Jiajia, I’m Su Wan. I’m Su right now. What’s your situation over there?”


Ding Jiajia’s gaze flickered. Su? No wonder Su Wan looked like a demon right now. She was the bittersome Her Highness Su!

“Su, is it you?”

Ding Jiajia suddenly jumped down from the Infernal Zombie King’s shoulders and walked to Su Wan. She hugged Su Wan’s petite body and exclaimed, “I’m Xue Li! Long time no see!”

Xue Li, the future Demontress of the deep floor abyss.

Seeing Ding Jiajia acting like a film empress, Su Wan happily gave her a smile, wild with joy.

Ding Jiajia smiled and walked to Su Rui. “You must be...Lan Pa? Thank you for helping me take care of Su this whole time.”

Ding Jiajia was about to hug Su Rui but he ducked out of the way.

“You’re welcome. It’s my responsibility to take care of her.”

Su Rui also looked at Ding Jiajia expressionlessly, his tone neutral.

Hmph. Adonis has his own personality.

Ding Jiajia wasn’t mad either. She smiled splendidly at Su Rui. When she saw Bellia, her gaze turned suspicious. “How do I address you? Are you Su and Lan Pa’s friend?”

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