Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 374 - Devils in the Abyss(6)

Bellia seemed to have forgotten how battered he looked when he heard Ding Jiajia’s question. He looked up, putting up a charming expression and responding arrogantly, “I’m Bellia, the tenth generation and third place heir of the Feite Clan.”

Feite Clan heir?

Wasn’t he the villain that was also a cannon fodder?

Ding Jiajia looked at Bellia, her gaze flickering. She didn’t remember this person from Feite Clan.

Could he be…

Ding Jiajia’s gaze flickered before she smiled and nodded at Bellia. “Hello, I’m Xue Li.”

Saying this, she waved behind her and said, “Honey, come down.”

The man sitting on the Infernal Zombie King’s shoulders leaped down.

The breeze blew the man’s black hat away, revealing his jet-black hair and black eyes. He was handsome and looked at Ding Jiajia with a gentle look.

Woah, Ding Jiajia has pretty good taste.

Seeing the handsome and exquisite face, Su Wan couldn’t help but touch her chin too.


Su Rui started coughing hard and then Su Wan heard his voice in her mind, “Wife, is he handsome? Is he handsome or am I handsome?”

Su Wan: …

“Of’re handsome.”

Su Wan responded immediately.

She wanted to say that there was no comparison, okay? No matter how handsome other men were, they couldn’t compare to General Su.

Of course, she wouldn’t tell him that otherwise he’d be too arrogant.


Ding Jiajia smiled and held onto Su Wan’s hands, pulling her to the man wearing a black robe. “This is Frank. He’s a sage-level soul death wizard.”


Su Wan nodded at Frank.

People with leading figure halos all abuse their powers. He was actually a sage-level soul death wizard. Damn. He could’ve killed so many people instantly.

Even the male lead in this world, Asino, would be beaten in seconds!


Such a strong male lead was being chased by an executioner. One wouldn’t dare to think about how strong the executioner must be then.

“Okay, we shouldn’t stay here for long.”

After Ding Jiajia introduced everyone, Frank muttered lowly and then whistled. The Infernal Demon King immediately lowered his lofty and ugly body.

“Come on. I’ll take you to our stronghold.”

Saying this, Frank carried Ding Jiajia and leaped on. Su Rui did the same as well, holding Su Wan by the waist.

Bellia was the lonely one left and he stood there, disliking the current situation.

This thing was too ugly!

Too ugly!

I refuse! I will never get on it!

“You’re not getting on?”

At this time, Ding Jiajia smiled sitting on the Infernal Demon King’s back. Glancing at Bellia, she said, “You’re really not getting on?”

Ding Jiajia muttered in Frank’s ears.

“I’m not…”

Bellia opened his mouth but before he could finish, the Infernal Demon King suddenly lifted his feet and started stomping towards Bellia.


Bellia dashed over before looking coldly at Ding Jiajia. “Ugly woman, what are you doing?”

Ugly woman?

Ding Jiajia clenched her teeth but wore a faint smile. “Sorry, this little thing slipped.”

Slipped my ass!

Bellia glared at her and looked around the mess and then at his dirty robe. In the end, he took out a storm talisman from his space ring and said, “You guys lead, I’ll follow.”

Ding Jiajia was speechless.

The heck are you pretending for? Damned sissy! Hmph!

“Honey, let’s go.”

Ding Jiajia whispered softly in Frank’s ears. Then the Infernal Demon King walked out of the forest in quick steps.

They saw piles and piles of skulls and skeletons on their way.

Soul Death Forest, the paradise for the dead. If not for the Internal Demon King’s prestige, they would’ve been surrounded by a group of dead souls and rotten zombies.

The group traveled for about an hour or so before they finally arrived at a demon gathering place. It was a worn-down city. There wasn’t even a city gate. They could see many types of demon species walking around the place.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere on the streets.

Some magic demons fought for their prey, some for women. There were even some noble magic demons engaging in some explicit activities with beautiful women on the streets.


This was the deep floor abyss.

There were no rules. Respect was gained through strength.

There were no morals or reasons here. Only endless murdering.

Infernal Demon King belonged to Frank. He was the strongest person in this stronghold. When the people saw the Infernal Demon King, they would all make a path subconsciously for him. People that just murdered another person had no choice but to place their weapons away, dragging the corpses and leaving.

Seeing the chaotic street, Su Rui’s expression remained the same but he communicated with Su Wan inside his heart, “Wife, can you not accept these missions in the future? It looks pretty disgusting.”

“I didn’t want to either.”

Su Wan felt gloomy inside too. When Ye Xin asked her, she didn’t know that Ding Jiajia had entered this kind of a world.

Plus, enchantress and what not were the ones that loved having sex.

The two arrived at Ding Jiajia and Frank’s place smoothly. Their house was quite nice.

Bellia entered and found a place ot shower first. Meanwhile, Ding Jiajia brought Su Rui and Su Wan into her bedroom. Frank waved his hands and set up a Magic Defense.

“Su Wan, Su Rui, Frank knows about my identity.”

Ding Jiajia called their names. They weren’t so surprised.

Su Wan kept quiet while Su Rui looked coldly at Frank. “Can you tell us about yourself?


Frank looked at Su Rui before faintly saying, “I’m from Mengte Mainland. Because I’m a soul death wizard, I had been chased after the Light Court this entire time. Afterwards, the Darkness Church found me and said that I was one of them. They gave me resources to cultivate. Once I reached the peak, they sent me to a mysterious place to take an evaluation. But when I was about to reach the sage stage, I accidentally caused the time-space within the mysterious place to be in disorder. Then, I followed the whirlpool and arrived at the deep floor abyss and that is when I encountered Ding Jiajia.”


Ding Jiajia also nodded. “Not long after I entered the mission world, I encountered Frank. Then...cough, we naturally fell in love with each other and became a couple. I was planning to take him to find Asino and Lika to vanquish that bitch. Who knew that on our way there, we encountered that annoying executioner.”

“Time-space executioner? You guys fought him head on? How’s his strength? How did you guys escape?”

Su Rui was most concerned with the time-space executioner. He mustn’t let this unknown danger threaten him and Su Wan.

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