Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 371 - Devils in the Abyss (3)

The housekeeper of Beike City Overlord’s residence was an old magic servant. Everyone was used to calling him Uncle Ge.

Su Rui nodded at him immediately when he greeted him. “Her Highness Su wanted me to do something.”

“Oh, okay. Go, go. Come back soon.”

Uncle Ge didn’t question his words at all. Su Rui immediately brought Su Wan into his courtyard after he left, packing all his money. Then he brought Su Wan out through the back door. Because Su Rui had Her Highness Su’s general pass, the two were able to leave Beike City successfully.

After they left, Su Rui then had the chance to ask Su Wan about Ding Jiajia.

“Ye Xin had sent me Ding Jiajia’s information. The world here is the same as my previous mission world. There is an overlay of time-space. But for our mission, two parallel spaces had been overlaid. But in this mission world, two intertwining spaces had been overlaid.”

Su Wan sighed. “Just like how we know the Demon King, Casino, is the male lead and that the fake Her Highness, Lika, is the female lead, everything in this world revolves around the two. But when another plane intersects with this plane, the leading figure of another space would descend to endless abyss. Now that there’s another leading figure in this world, and they were an extremely vicious and ruthless murderer, this strangeness attracted an executioner’s attention. That leading figure is now being chased by the executioner. As for Ding Jiajia…”

“I understand.”

 Su Rui understood immediately. “That leading figure must be a handsome man.”

Therefore, out of nature, Ding Jiajia ran after him. But the handsome guy was the executioner’s target. One could tell that she must be in a bad situation then.

Damn. lasciviousness leads to trouble!

Su Wan shrugged her shoulders. “I think so. According to the GPS position Ding Jiajia sent to the headquarters, her lost spot was the Soul Death Purgatory within the deep floor of the abyss.”

Soul Death Purgatory…

Su Rui was absent-minded for a moment. Then he looked at Su Wan gloomily. “Wife, can you try to communicate with me through your spirit?”

Su Wan’s voice was too compelling.


Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh. Then she communicated with Su Rui through her soul.

Although Su Wan and Lika had exchanged bodies, Her Highness Su’s major focus was on refining gold and soul magic. Therefore, her soul and spirit were not influenced in the least bit. Instead, because demons naturally had a different body from others, Su Wan’s spiritual power was much stronger than usual.

When Lika found out that the true Her Highness Su and Lan Pa were both missing, it was the second day.

That’s right. She had been having sex with the male lead the entire day.

After she found out, Like was really terrified. Did Lan Pa figure out her identity? Although Lika hadn’t been living in the palace hall for that long, she knew Lan Pa too well. He was definitely loyal to Her Highness. Even if the world crumbles, he wouldn’t step away from her.

Now, Lan Pa had disappeared, along with Her Highness Su who was “Lika.”

“Your Highness, should we send people to capture Lika?”

A servant maid couldn’t help but suggest.

“No!” Lika quickly rejected the servant maid’s suggestion. If Lan Pa found Her Highness, then her identity would be exposed. She’d die! She’d die for sure!

She didn’t want to die. Plus...when she thought of the gentle and loving Asino, Lika felt her heart melting.

Her Highness only cared about researching magic and refining gold. She didn’t know what love was nor did she know to treasure Asino.

Since she left, then stay away.

Right. The endless abyss was vast and boundless. Maybe Her Highness Su had been wanting to visit the place but didn’t get a chance. Now that she left with Lan Pa, she probably wouldn’t be back until another three to five years.

Even if she did come back in the future, maybe she would’ve been married to Asino and they would've had a child, and left Beike City already?

Thinking of this, Lika slowly calmed down. “Don’t tell anyone that Lika disappeared. Also, I sent Lan Pa out to do something. He’d be out for a really long time. Tell Uncle Ge to find another magic warrior protector for me. Have someone else replace Lan Pa for the time being.”

The servant maid nodded respectfully. “Yes, Your Highness.”

Just like this, a servant maid’s disappearance along with a magic warrior’s didn’t lead to much attention within the Beike City. At this time, Su Rui and Su Wan had changed their outfits, arriving at the conveyor belt for the medium floor deep abyss.

Many people had gathered here, wanting to dig for gold.

That’s right. The deep floor abyss represented murder and danger but at the same time, endless opportunities and wealth.

IF the medium floor represented the world for noble servants, then the deep floor abyss contained cannibals, and murderous demons. They didn’t care about anyone. It was a vicious and heartless world.

There were many people waiting on line just to go there. Most of them were unable to stay on the medium floor. Hundreds left in pursuit of opportunities and in the end, only barely few made it back alive.

Of course, besides the lowest of the low demons, some nobles would bring a bunch of attendants and protective armors just to find excitement in the deep floor abyss. They were all just fooling around and having fun.

Right now, besides Su Rui who was wearing expensive armor within the procession, there was also a young man wearing a silver robe. That man had a charming face. There was a bunch of attendants behind him. He was looking around, bored. Not long later, he noticed General Su who eluded an eminent temperament, standing superior to the others.

The man’s gaze brightened and then he walked to Su Rui in small quick steps. “Brother, how should I address you?”

General Su felt goosebumps from listening to his voice.

Seeing Su Rui looking at him aloofly and ignoring his words, the man wearing a robe smiled. He continued to say, “I’m Bellia, from Weiya City. It seems like you’re also going to the deep floor abyss to check it out? How come you’ve brought just a demon servant?”

Just a demon servant?

Su Rui’s gaze coldened and Su Wan also looked at him with an unfriendly gaze.

Feeling the familiar aura coming from Bellia, Su Wan smiled inside. No wonder he dared to be so pretentious. He was a hell wizard.

In the deep abyss, different species had different natural abilities. Many of them, besides being warriors, were wizards. Of the wizards, there were many different types as well including soul wizard, hell wizard, and magic wizards.

Her Highness Su was a magic wizard as well as an alchemist. Meanwhile, Bellia was a true advanced hell wizard.

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