Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 37

After a long night in the field, Ah Jin and Sanlang were a little tired.

They hid in the back of the car and fell asleep.

Before going to sleep, Ah Jin instructed Mani that if there was a guard team on the road and stopped the car, he should find a way to pass.

He suggested taking another road, a small road, but it was a long way around.

Ah Jin agreed that the distance did not matter as long as it was safe.

So Mani took them around the long way, and although the road was bumpy and unstable, they arrived at the embassy safely.

Ah Jin paid Mani handsomely and ended his last cooperation with him.

"Thank you, Mani. We'll see you again sometime."

"Take care, sir."

Back at the embassy, the staff was happy to see them around.

It was getting more and more chaotic in Country A now, and they had decided to evacuate.

"You two should evacuate with us. The country now requires all our people to be evacuated with no one to remain."

Ah Jin agreed, the evacuation was still a few days away, and the staff found them temporary rooms to stay in for the time being.

The two were in the room to sort out the information they had collected.

In the past few days, Sanlang gathered a lot of information from their travels.

He wanted to edit out all these videos and photos, so they could be used when reporting.

The company's intelligence bureau in Country A was worthless, and there was no way that Country B's intelligence bureau was also a decoration.

A small country in the middle of the globe was easy to hack in.

Ah Jin got the information she wanted with little effort.

Things were just as she expected.

The reason for this war was extremely simple and highly ridiculous.

Country B was a major producer of contraband, the financial resources of the country depended on this.

But now, there were strict arrests and crackdowns worldwide, resulting in a downturn in business.

When its neighbor, Country A, the number one importer, closed the trade customs with Country B, this was like almost choking off country B's economic sources.

To open the door to customs again, Country B used the spy lurking in country A for many years.

The spy used the contraband in his hand to control a group of high-ranking personnel.

After the former representative stepped down, he climbed to the position.

A few days ago, as mentioned in the news, that person was Arda, and what Ah Jin got from Country B was his real identity.

Arda's original name was Albert, an army captain who later joined the Intelligence Bureau and became a spy.

The original intention was only to enter Country A to steal secrets, but he did not expect to be arranged that way.

The information was written in great detail.

Albert was currently in the warehouse stronghold, which had the complete weapons and the most men to protect him.

Once his mission was over, he could go back.

His task was simple.

He only needed to sow discord between the political parties of Country A.

The internal relations of Country A were also extremely chaotic.

The power was scattered, and everyone had their ambitions and wanted to turn over themselves as masters of their own house.

But there was only one country, so they fought, and whoever won was the one who owned.

So the civil war began, Country B's business became better.

Besides the contraband, they could also sell weapons now.

That was killing two birds with one stone.

The truth was so brutal and straightforward.

There were no conspiracies and no religious conflicts.

There was only the infinite ambition of people and endless interests that drove them.

Ah Jin organized the information and wrote a comprehensive report.

She passed a copy of the material to her Editor in Chief and gave a spare one to Sanlang.

The departure date was set.

It was a few days later that afternoon.

On the day of the evacuation, Ah Jin and Sanlang had all their things packed up.

At that moment, Ah Jin told Sanlang that she actually had something to do and would be back in a very short time.

She said she also accidentally left her things on the small hill where they were hiding.

Sanlang asked, "We're evacuating this afternoon. When can you come back?"

"I can be back by noon. If I'm not back after 11:00, then the car must have run out of gas. In which case, you should call Mani to pick me up."

Ah Jin also gave Mani's number to Sanlang.

"I'm going to steal a car from the roadside. If not, the staff will definitely not let me go out now. Don't worry. No one can hurt me. Don't you believe me yet?"

Sanlang naturally believed Ah Jin.

She was so powerful, for sure everything would be fine.

He finally could only nod in agreement.

"Then go and return quickly, Brother Zhou. I'll wait for you and go home together!"

Ah Jin smiled and stroked his head, "Good."

Ah Jin sneaked out and stole a car from the roadside.

The guard still didn't know that they had returned to the embassy and searched all over the city.

The guard captain called a person on the phone, "Sir, we still can't find them. It has been several days. I think they are already dead."

The person on the other side of the phone said firmly, "No way, they must not be dead."

Ah Jin drove past the guard team.

She did not reduce the speed halfway and directly crashed through the barrier blocking the road.

The guard team found out it was Ah Jin and immediately drove to follow.

Ah Jin accelerated to throw them off and drove all the way to the hill.

The car drove all the way, raising the wind and sand in the sky.

She stopped the car on the hill.

The guard team was still behind and did not catch up.

Ah Jin put an object between two rocks and walked towards the warehouse.

The man at the sentry post noticed someone approaching and raised his gun to scold, "Who? Don't come any closer!"

Ah Jin took out a national flag from her pocket.

The guard did not shoot when he saw that it was a third-party country.

Ah Jin made use of the opportunity to shout, "I want to see Albert. I am the one he is looking for."

The chief heard the voice and immediately ran out.

He made a standby gesture with the man at the post and went to look for Albert.

"Sir, there is an Asian man outside looking for you. He said he is the man you are looking for. Do you want to see him? Or... "

The chief said and put his hand on his neck and wiped it.

Albert became interested, a bold Asian.

"Bring him in!"

The chief went out and shouted, "Let him in!"

However, Ah Jin shook her head.

"I'm not going in. I just have a few words to say to Mr. Albert. You let him out."

By this time, the guards had arrived and surrounded Ah Jin with their guns raised.

Ah Jin didn't panic and said, "His guard team is here, but he still doesn't dare to come out. Are all the people in Country B cowards?"

The chief was furious and raised his gun to Ah Jin's head.

"Repeat it, and I'll kill you."

Ah Jin laughed.

"You wouldn't dare."

Whether because of that flag in her hand, or Albert's order, he didn't dare.

At this point, Albert came out but only stood at a distance that was out of range from Ah Jin.

Ah Jin was disappointed.

"I didn't think the person who started the war was just a cowardly rat. How disappointing."

Albert was not angry.

He just asked Ah Jin, "What on earth do you want to do here today?"

Ah Jin replied, "I just came to see you today, and the result is disappointing."

She had always thought that people who could do such things must be the kings of the earth.

After seeing him, She felt that that the people of Country A had shit for brains.

She felt extremely bored, so she smiled and said to him, "Goodbye!"

After saying that, she threw up the flag she was holding.

The flag flew in the air, it was bright, and the color resembled human blood.

Albert saw Ah Jin pull out the pistol at her waist.

Before he could dodge, he saw the man shot himself in the head.

"Bang," the sound of a gun.

The person fell to the ground, and the flag flying in the air slowly fell on the man's body.

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