The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 37 - I'm Living Very Well

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Yang Zijian said, “I understand your situation. I sympathize with you.”

Cheng Jinyu turned his head to look at him. Yang Zijian sipped some alcohol. “My mother ran off with her lover and did not marry the person arranged by my grandfather.”

“However my mother did not attain the love that she wanted. During those moments of impoverished living, the love had already been erased.”

“Afterwards my mother got sick and my father didn’t have money to treat her. My mother and father divorced and she took me to go back to the Jiang Family.”

Yang Zijian spoke up to this point and smiled. “The Jiang Family is very good. They took care of my ill mother and the young me. They gave us food to eat and gave us a place to stay. We should feel thankful towards them. We should treat them as our benefactors.”

“But we are also Jiang Family’s reminder. My mother didn’t listen and ran off. I became the mistake that my mother made during those years.”

“The Jiang Family provided us with the basic necessities, but I was never happy for even a day over there. I lived in this way. Your days, I don’t even need to think about to understand.”

“Rich and powerful people are just like this. On the surface they are doing a good deed, but secretly they are stabbing you in the heart with a knife. Once a day, every day, day after day, until your heart won’t bleed anymore and is completely numb afterwards.”

Cheng Jinyu did not think that Yang Zijian would say everything on his mind. “But Brother Zihan still treats me pretty good. He really does consider me as his younger brother.”

Cheng Jinyu said, “You are fortunate. Did you know? Chen Yuze actually is my blood related cousin. His mother is my paternal aunt.”

“You, what did you just say?”

Cheng Jinyu realy did drink a little too much, he unexpectedly smiled.

“When my father was facing death, he told my mother that if one day I could not continue on, then to go there and find his younger sister, my paternal aunt.”

“Afterwards,  my mother was seriously ill. Without another option I went over there. Yuze’s mother really did give us a lot of money to treat my mother's illness, but she put forth two conditions. First, I’m not allowed to tell anyone about our relationship, not even anyone in the Chen House. Second, I had to give up studying to come to their house and work as a servant.”

Cheng Jinyu drank another big mouthful. “My mother isn’t my real mother, she is my foster mother. My father entrusted me to her as he was approaching his end. Originally, I thought that in this world, besides my father, I still had my other relatives where blood was thicker than water.”

“But they were not. They weren’t at all.”

“So the entire f*cking house are hypocrites. They’re all garbage.” Yang Zijian summed it all up.

“Yes, all f*cking hypocrites, all fakes.” Cheng Jinyu shouted.

Tan Liyun saw Chen Yuze lying on the sofa not talking, eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. His expression was a bit disorganized.

“Darling, what’s wrong? Uncomfortable? Are you sick?” Tan Liyun hurried over and carefully felt his forehead.

Chen Yuze pushed his mother’s hand away. “Mom, am I very hypocritical?”

“Darling, what exactly is wrong? Who bullied you? Who said something like that to you? My family’s baby is the best. You’re honest and sincere to anyone. What person with no conscience said this to you?”

Chen Yuze’s face revealed a bit of pain. “I used to think that I treated Biao Ge pretty well, I believed that I did not treat him unfairly. But, but. Forget it, don’t mention it anymore.” Chen Yuze said disappointed.

“Son, I told you before that he is a heartless person. His father was also that type of person. I told you before, don’t treat him that well. He doesn’t know how to be grateful. You just don’t listen. Now look, he is being ungrateful isn’t he?”

Chen Yuze said, “He unexpectedly hates me? Said I’m fake? That I’m a hypocrite? Said I never considered him a real brother? Is it because I didn’t do enough for him? For him, how many times have I argued with you? Every time his wages increased, wasn’t it all at my suggestion?”

“I bought him clothes, bought him food, everytime, I would think of him. But what about him? Don’t be grateful, fine, but actually said in front of everyone that I’m faking benevolence? I really am bitterly disappointed. Let’s just follow what he says. In the future he probably won’t come to me for help.”

“That’s good. I knew from early on that he was an ungrateful hypocrite. But you saw that he was pitiful, felt that he was wronged. Now it's good. You finally saw his true colors!”

Chen Yuze shook his head. “I really am disillusioned.”

Tan Liyun nodded. “Good son, you’ve finally truly understood.”

“Mom, did you know? Biao Ge got married. In fact, he even married a rich person. A vile person gets into a position of power, and now has a high and mighty appearance.” Chen Yuzen finished complaining and stood up from the sofa. “Don’t mention him anymore, let's just treat it as if I was blind these past few years.”

Tan Liyun asked, “That rich person treats him well?”

“Good or not I don’t know. In any case, he gives him a lot of money.”

Chen Yuze finished talking and left. Tan Liyun's hands were tightly clenched into fists.

Cheng Jinyu fought with his back facing the river(1) and put all of his energy into the new company. After drinking together that one time, Cheng Jinyu and Yang Zijian’s relationship increased by a lot.

Yang Zijian naturally knew about Cheng Jinyu wanting to start a company. Yang Zijian currently did not have a job and his schoolwork was also very light so he directly threw himself into helping him.

Two people were both new to running a company. Everything had to start from the beginning. Fortunately both people were hardworking and able to endure hardships. Although they were busy for days, both were exceptionally happy.

Cheng Jinyu had just decided on the Chief Designer when a phone call came over. Cheng Jinyu glanced at it. To his surprise it was Tan Liyun.

The two made an appointment to meet at a cafe. When Cheng Jinyu walked in, Tan Liyun was slightly distracted. The man who entered at the entrance, with one glance, looked like her brother.

But Tan Yiqing had always carried a smiling expression. This person did not have any, his temperament was even more cold. He had a very distant kind of aura.

The outfit on him was very expensive, especially the watch on his wrist. It was at least a couple hundred thousand. Tan Liyun subconsciously put her own bag behind her. This 70-80,000 bag seems to be a bit not presentable now.

When Cheng Jinyu sat in front of Tan Liyun, he no longer had that lowly and passive demeanor. It was like the person was switched.

Tan Liyun chuckled and smiled. “Apparently your simple life isn’t going too bad? Gu Bokai treats you pretty well?”

Cheng Jinyu looked at the person in front of him. His paternal aunt, in this world, was the only person who was blood related to him. Originally she was supposed to be this world's most warm existence, but she had actually turned into a devil that would swallow him up.

Cheng Jinyu tried to maintain his serene manner as much as possible. It didn’t matter what this person was to him, it didn’t matter what this person had done to him, or how they treated him. These were all things in the past. Things in the past, Cheng Jinyu didn’t want to bring it up anymore.

“Are you looking for me for something?” Cheng Jinyu said, “Sorry, I don’t have a lot of time. I need to go to the factory in a bit.”

Tan Liyun’s face revealed a bit of mockery. “So then say it, how much time are you giving me?”

“There’s no need, if you have something to say, then say it.”

Tan Liyan disliked this Cheng Jinyu who was on equal footing with her. She spent ten years to turn this proud person into a slave, but in a couple short months, he turned back into an elite in front of her. Ten years of secret influence, it was all a complete waste.

“I also don’t have any problems. I was just concerned about you. Young Master Gu troubled you a bit before. Right now, how is he towards you?”

Cheng Jinyu did not say anything yet when his cellphone rang.

With a glance he saw who it was. “It’s Gu Bokai.”

“Ok, go pick it up.”

Cheng Jinyu connected the call. Not only that, he put it on speaker mode. Gu Bokai’s blunt voice immediately came out.

“Little White-eyed Wolf, where are you?”

“Outside.” Cheng Jinyu responded.

“Outside is big, outside where? It's already noon and you don’t eat but run around outside. Hurry and come back. I brought you some good food.”

“Again? Didn’t you say you weren't going to do it again?”

Of course I need to do it. By your side is a little white face (2), of course I need to stare at him everyday. Little White-eyed Wolf, hurry and come back. If you come late, all the good things will be eaten by the little white face.”

“Ok ok, I understand. I’ll come back in a moment.” Cheng Jinyu hung up the phone, then turned around to face Tan Liyun.

“You wanted to know if I’m living well, right? If Gu Bokai is treating me well? You should already know. I’m living very well, Gu Bokai also treats me very well.”

Tan Liyun’s hands slightly trembled. When she heard Gu Bokai’s voice just now, she knew that it wasn’t good.

Whenever Gu Bokai spoke it was reserved and meticulous. But the Gu Bokai from the phone just now, completely sounded like a youngster drunk on love.

“You... you... don’t get carried away! Don’t forget, the one Gu Bokai likes is Yuze.”

Cheng Jinyu said, “Whoever he likes is his business. He only needs to currently treat me well.”

“Then what is Yuze supposed to do? Yuze likes Gu Bokai.” Tan Liyun said.

Cheng Jinyu thought of Chen Yuze. He felt his heart turn slightly cold.

“I can’t even look after my own affairs at the moment, let alone others. Who Yuze likes, who he loves, it's his problem. I can’t take care of it and I also don’t want to.”

“You’re purposely fighting with Yuze over his love? Are you worthy of him?”

Cheng Jinyu replied, “When I married Gu Bokai, he was not even lovers with Chen Yuze. How does it count as stealing his lover? Also, don’t forget, it was you at the time who wanted me to marry him.”

Cheng Jinyu said this bit, stood up and said, “I really should thank you properly. Thank you for sending Gu Bokai to my side. Really, a heartfelt gratitude.”

Cheng Jinyu finished talking, turned around and left.

Tan Liyun’s hands shook. She reached out to grab the coffee cup on the table and ruthlessly threw it to the ground.


  1. Back facing the river: idiom for fighting to win or die
  2. little white face: attractive young man/pretty boy (derogatory)
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