His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 37 - Fainted

In the evening, there were scattering noises coming from Qi Zheng’s room. Shen Ziqiao was a light sleeper and the noise startled her, instantly waking her up.

Hong Ying, who was guarding outside for the night, heard some movements and hurriedly moved the curtains to the side, rubbing her heavy eyes. She lit the oil lamp and the light chased away the darkness. She stared at Shen Ziqiao sitting on the bed and asked, “Third Miss, do you want to drink some water?”

“What happened? How come I heard fighting?” Shen Ziqiao wore white silk pajamas to bed, the soft and smooth fabric clinging to her body tightly. The young girl’s body was slowly beginning to mature and she appeared delicate and fine. Her jet-black and bright hair was scattered over her shoulders and contrasted against her skin, making it seem smoother and whiter.

Hong Ying was a deep sleeper so she heard nothing. She grabbed a jacket and draped it over Shen Ziqiao’s shoulders. “This maid will go out and take a look.”

Shen Ziqiao stopped her and brushed the hair on her face aside. Shaking her head, she said, “There’s no need. There are no noises anymore, so nothing must have happened to Qi Zheng.”

Qi Zheng was a wolf in sheep’s disguise. Since he was adamant on sleeping here, he obviously came prepared. Right now, the people who had suffered were probably those who wanted to harm him. She didn’t want to get involved in this so it was better to pretend to not know anything.

Hong Ying answered in a low voice and helped Shen Ziqiao settle back beneath the blankets.

In Qi Zheng’s room, Qi Zheng was wearing cyan-colored silk clothes and stared intensely at the two men in black clothing who attempted to assassinate him. His expression was as indifferent as it was cold.

Behind him, there were four young guards.

“Who ordered you to come?” Uncle Qun pressed his sword against a man’s neck.

“So Young Master Qi is just pretending to be stupid, after all!” The man in black wasn’t afraid at all, just shocked that Qi Zheng, who had been pretending to be stupid for more than a decade, had hid this for such a long time. They could only blame themselves for being careless.

Qi Zheng trained his cold gaze on them. His handsome face was now icy and seemed to emit a murderous aura. “They're North Camp’s people.”

The two men's gazes flickered before they said in loud voices, “Qi Zheng, you’re going against our general by killing us!”

“Send them back to the Gu Family.” Qi Zheng stood up and the captured men felt incredibly pressured by his imposing manner. Qi Zheng turned around and walked into the inner room.

The assassins looked at him, only to see his broad figure disappearing by the door. Then, they felt a twinge of pain on their necks and lost consciousness.

The four guards carried them and hurriedly left the village. After a bit, they were nowhere to be seen.

Uncle Qun entered the room and saw Qi Zheng standing by the window silently. He furrowed his sharp eyebrows and pursed his lips, clenching his hands behind his back. There was an unknown expression in his dark and deep eyes.

Seeing Qi Zheng standing in the shadow, it was unclear what Uncle Qun had thought of. Tears brimmed in his eyes and he hurriedly lowered his head, hoarsely calling out, "Young Master?”

“Since Xiao Gu has already made a move, she naturally has a backup plan. Be more careful from now on.” Qi Zheng placed away his emotions and calmly looked at Uncle Qun as he spoke.

Uncle Qun said, “Young Master, we must tell the Lord about this. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be allowing Xiao Gu to become more unrestrained?”

Qi Zheng gradually smiled and said coldly, “This will serve as a warning. If this happens again next time, I will naturally give them an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”

He was never a kind and merciful person. Only he knew how cruel and ruthless he was as a person.

Uncle Qun walked to the round table and poured a cup of water for Qi Zheng. “Young Master, please rest soon.”

“Go ahead and rest as well.” Qi Zheng said in a low voice.

“Ok.” Uncle Qun had watched Qi Zheng grow up and he knew that he didn’t like to be served upon, so he left after bowing.

Qi Zheng lowered his head to look at the porcelain in his hand, which had a painting of flowers and plants on its body. The candle flame softly lit up the room. He seemed to have seen a young girl with a pretty and delicate face smiling naughtily. He believed that he had never misjudged anyone’s intentions before, but he was unable to read this girl.

He thought that Shen Ziqiao’s opinion of him would change after finding out that he pretended to be stupid, perhaps even wanting to marry him after. Didn’t the rumors say that this girl was a conceited and arrogant person? He didn’t believe that someone like that would say such quick-witted words.

She was in no way an ignorant lady who was in love with the Ninth Prince. Instead, she had a pure heart and she knew that she shouldn’t get involved in the Qi Family.

The next day, Shen Ziqiao brought Hong Yu over to see whether Qi Zheng was still there or not. Before she walked closer, she saw Uncle Qun ordering someone to prepare the carriage. He was preparing to leave with Qi Zheng.

Qi Zheng wore a long cyan-colored silk clothing with a deep-colored cloud design on the collar and cuffs of his sleeves. He wore white jade on his belt, appearing to be even more noble and elegant than usual. His back was to Shen Ziqiao and the others. By his side stood an average height man.

From the distance, she couldn't hear what they were talking about with such low voices. Shen Ziqiao looked at the room and couldn't find any indication that something bloody had happened in the room last night.

“Third Miss Shen.” Qi Zheng seemed to have heard footsteps and he turned around to look at Shen Ziqiao with a bright gaze.

“Young Master Qi seems to be in high spirits. Did you sleep well yesterday?” Shen Ziqiao smiled and walked over. Under Uncle Qun’s alarmed gaze, she purposely moved to Qi Zheng’s side.

Qi Zheng knew what she was referring to. Seeing her bright and clear eyes, he faintly smiled. He said in a low voice, “Although it was barely satisfactory, I managed to get some sleep. If there is an improvement next time, I will be even more grateful to Third Miss Shen.”

Barely satisfactory? Shen Ziqiao’s lips twitched. “You have a noble body, so please don’t come to the countryside to trouble others. Go and stay in your wealthy home.”

“I quite like this place. I heard that the fruits in your garden are going to ripen soon.” Qi Zheng said slowly.

Why do I want to beat him up so bad?! Shen Ziqiao took deep breaths and told herself to calm down. After all, she couldn’t beat him! “Young Master Qi, hurry and be on your way. Don’t delay the trip.”

Qi Zheng stared at her with bright eyes that were sparkling like stars in the sky. He asked her gently, “Do you need my help to return to the capital?”

Return? Shen Ziqiao was moved. She obviously wanted to go back. At least she would be able to know what Sheng Peiyin had done while she was gone.

“Do you have a way?” She questioned.

Qi Zheng faintly smiled. “Propose marriage to the Shen Family. Maybe then the Old Madam Shen will let you return to wait to get married.”

The hope in Shen Ziqiao’s heart vanished and she couldn’t help but punch him. “Who the heck wants to marry you?”

With their heights and data from different aspects of their skills, Shen Ziqiao knew that he could easily block the punch. Qi Zheng was a hidden expert. She knew this well. Therefore, when she punched him, she was the surprised one.

“Young Master!” Uncle Qun hollered and watched as Qi Zheng, who was nearly seven feet tall, got punched by Shen Ziqiao.

When did I become so powerful? Shen Ziqiao looked at her hands and then at Qi Zheng, who was still lying on the ground. What is this joke? She had barely any strength, ok!

Everyone gaped in shock as the delicate and tiny Shen Ziqiao punched Qi Zheng unconscious. No one was able to react.

“Quickly get a physician!” Uncle Qun yelled.

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