End of World Businessman

Chapter 37.6: The Black Market [6]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 37.6: The Black Market [6]

Qin Wuhua raised his eyebrows. "If I said I could make ramen and long whisk noodles, would you be more surprised?"

Hearing that, the Second Young Master Wu's mouth opened and turned into an 'O' shape.

Qin Wuhua finally moved his eyes away from his moist and full lips, rubbing his head again. "Say it; I can make whatever you want."

"I want to eat dumplings! If you can make it to have thin skin and big stuffing, I will give you a shot!" The second young master thought of the dumplings dipped in vinegar and sesame oil and gulped hard. He became hungrier.

"Can you make dumplings?"

Wu Ye shook his head.

"Can you chop stuffing?"

"I haven't chopped it before, but I can learn it now." Wu Ye rarely worked so hard. The peach blossom eyes were gleamed with soft watercolor by the orange light, and his white, porcelain skin seemed to glow.

Beauties were beauties after all. Even when you look at them under the light, they wouldn’t look uglier, but would look even more beautiful.

Qin Wuhua almost looked away in awkwardness, his ears already bleeding red, but he still looked calm as he spoke.

"Since you can’t do anything, don’t go to the kitchen to mess with me. You play games for a while. When I’m done, I will call you."

"Wuhua, you are so good to me. Come, let me give you a kiss! Mua!"

A kiss…



When Wu Ye saw Qin Wuhua was stupefied, he realized what he had said again. Thus, he scrambled to salvage his image.

"Well, uh, I’m sorry, don't get me wrong. It’s just, I often talk to my mother like this at home. And my mouth runs faster than my thoughts when I’m comfortable and don’t put my guard up."

Like my mom.


Suddenly, Qin Wuhua leaned in front of Wu Ye and stared at him sharply. He curled his lips to an amused smirk and whispered, voice low and husky, close to Wu Ye’s ear. "But what will you do if I really misunderstood just now? Hmm?"

The cool voice by his ears made Wu Ye’s heart tremble. And the Second Young Master Wu unknowingly stuttered as he hastily tried to calm his heart.

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding what?"

My little brother suddenly became a demonic bully who was teasing me! But, was it so bad? Oh, wait, there’s something wrong with this position, dear!

“What are you thinking right now?” Qin Wuhua said when he saw the young man before him was shrinking on himself like a ball, laughing. "I’m just teasing you. It's a bit funny to see you scared like this."

"Asshole, who said I was scared. It’s just a kiss! What’s a big deal about that?! Anyway, I won’t lose anything, see who’s afraid of who!” Wu Ye’s pride was roused and he jumped on the sofa. He then pressed Qin Wuhua’s shoulders and moved his face forward. However, the other didn’t react at all, so he decisively pressed his lips and kissed Qin Wuhua’s face.

Qin Wuhua’s eyes widened at the feel of something soft and slippery on his face, face turning tomato red at the speed visible to the naked eyes. Seeing this, Second Young Master Wu was stunned momentarily before he laughed capriciously as he lied on the couch. “Hahaha, you are shy, hahaha! How can you look so self-assured but then blushed when I just kiss your cheeks… Hahahahahaha… aren’t you too old for blushing? Hahaha…”

The special force soldier was exasperated by Wu Ye’s laughter, so he shut the young master up within a second. "Do you still want to eat dumplings?"

At the threat of losing his foods, Second Young Master Wu immediately straightened his attitude. He then looked at Qin Wuhua with a flattering smile, gesturing that he would zip his mouth, making Wuhua roll his eyes.

Qin Wuhua then turned and walked to the kitchen. However, Wu Ye once again began to laugh as he called him. “Wuhua…”

"What is it?” The special force soldier’s cold and magnetic voice held a hint of irritation at this moment, but Wu Ye wasn’t afraid at all.

"No, I just want to say… did you forget to bring something with you? For example… that?” Wu Ye said, pointing at the plastic bag with flour and meat and other things that was placed beside the sofa.

Qin Wuhua: "..."

One day he would definitely take care of this little bastard!

Qin Wuhua made his way to the kitchen while still being able to hear Wu Ye's heartless laughter. However, he only shook his head helplessly, eyes filled with gentle smiles as his movements became swifter to not let his sweetheart get more hungry.

After he was done laughing, Wu Ye summoned the control panel while rubbing his aching stomach—

Mandatory mission: Complete a total of 30 combined skills with your comrades-in-arms today. The task has been completed, is the host ready to receive the rewards?

Wu Ye anxiously pressed ‘yes’.

Task rating: E.

Mission reward: 250 points, low-level protective clothing X1.

The name of low-level protective clothing seemed extremely familiar to him. Wu Ye thought before he suddenly remembered that this was the thing in the novice pack that the system showed him.

[The author has something to say: Like this hardworking stupid author ~~~

Who said that progress is slow! Our second younger master is properly lured to the trap!!! Keep cheering them up.]

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