End of World Businessman

Chapter 37.5: The Black Market [5]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 37.5: The Black Market [5]

Wu Ye now knew that in this world, the AI tablets were not as valuable as he’d thought. Not only that, its popularity before the end of the world was also only comparable to that of mobile phones in his world. Thus, many people in the Lan Cheng base, whose living condition was just a little bit decent, would still be able to afford one in their hands even now.

"500 crystals in total." The young stall owner's voice was rough and hoarse as if he hadn't spoken in a long time.

Wu Ye had only bought the little prince for 65 crystal nuclei before, so he felt the one sold right now was a little expensive. Hence, he tried to haggle. "450."

The young stall owner said nothing but shook his head.

Forget it. It’s only 50 crystal cores a piece.

"500 is 500, Yang Qi, you help me inspect the goods."

"Okay, boss."

Wu Ye gave him some crystal nuclei before he turned to the next booth. Picking and picking, Wu Ye bought some rare lipsticks and powder cakes; instant noodles and biscuit snacks on the edge of expiration from zombie hunters; expensive stomach medicine, gunpowder, heart medicine; mechanical parts and tools that may come to use; there were also some blue and white porcelain bottles that were said to be antiques, diamond rings removed from zombies, diamond necklaces, jade, and white jade, etc.

Truly, when they came out of the black market, not only had Wu Ye emptied his pocket, but also his younger brothers’.

Wu Ye was most satisfied with the purchase of blue and white porcelain bottles for only 500 translucent crystals. His mother liked to collect antiques, and once she was fascinated with learning how to accurately verify the treasure. Therefore, as her son, he also learned how to identify and verify treasures he saw. And he was able to learn it smoothly that his eyes were now trained to look at which antiques were valuable and which weren’t.

As such, when he saw the four blue and white porcelain bottles, he vaguely felt its value was a hundred times more precious than the blue and white porcelain that his uncle treasured like his lifeblood.

It feels so good to buy things!

When the Second Young Master Wu returned home with high spirit and a handful of loot, he handed the materials to be sold in the store to Zeng Xin.

However, Zeng Xin frowned once he heard Wu Ye ’s purchase price and said, "Boss, these items are too expensive to purchase. I’m afraid we won’t make any money in the store from selling these."

Wu Ye said, "There is no other way. If we haggled too low in the black market, they wouldn’t sell it. Anyway, look on how you’ll sell these. And even if our earnings from this is low, at least a few of it will still be able to be sold."

"Yes, boss."

At this time, Zeng Xin, Chen Zhao Yang and their wives had already moved into the small building. And not wanting to be a burden to her husband, Chen Zhao Yang's wife took the initiative to take care of the housework. However, Zeng Xin's wife, Chen Yunyun, had some problems with her mind. And the problem started ever since she witnessed her son being turned into a zombie by a zombie dog, and then killed by her husband. Hence, she would have bouts of insanity and sanity.

When Chen Yunyun was aware, she would help her sister-in-law, Wang Suyun, with housework. However, when she was insane, she would hold onto an old doll, calling her son’s name as she taught it to talk. She would also play with it. If it was only that, then it wasn’t too troublesome.

However, when they moved into the small building, they met An An, this clever and well-behaved little boy. This made Wang Suyun’s head ache fiercely. She didn’t know whether it was good or bad since Chen Yunyun would often stare at the well-behaved An An in a daze. Fortunately, so far, nothing went wrong, and she didn’t cause any trouble. But, she was worried over how long this would last.

Before the end of the world, Wang Suyun was a pampered young lady of her home, and she was also a professional. After marriage, she often went to her sister’s house with Chen Zhao Yang to cook a meal, rarely cooking it by herself. Therefore, her cooking skills were ordinary and were a far cry from that of Professor Li’s cooking.

Hence why Wu Ye only ate half of his food before he went home with Qin Wuhua. Of course, he didn’t forget to bring along the things he’d picked up today.

"Hungry?" Qin Wuhua asked him with narrow eyes when they reached home.

Wu Ye wrinkled his face bitterly, very small and pitiful, "Yeah, Sister Wang's twice-cooked pork was too salty. Her sauerkraut soup was too sour, and the kimchi was too spicy. It was only her potato shred that was barely delicious. I was hungry while still climbing the stairs."

Qin Wuhua gazed at his messy and fluffy hair and couldn’t hold back his urge. He stretched his hands and rubbed it twice, then decisively withdrew his hand before Wu Ye could say anything. He smiled and said, "I knew you weren't full. That’s why I specifically bring back some flour and meats to cook at home. Do you want to eat dumplings or fried pancakes?”

The Second Young Master Wu's eyes widened: "You can make these?!"

It’s over. This cold and ruthless man could even cook dumplings and make stuffed cakes… it’s unscientific! This is basically destroying his image as the cold and ruthless Male God!

HeXie: Hope you guys enjoy this story~

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