Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 37 - 2: You Want to Protect Her

"By the way, the little Celestial Master named Chen Yu…” Master Mao suddenly asked, “When did you meet her?”

Speaking of Chen Yu, Lou Ming’s mind returned to last night, picturing the little girl confessing about taking advantage of him with a guilty expression, he couldn’t help but smile, “She’s a freshman at Imperial University this year.”

“Imperial University, didn’t she happen to be there when you absorb auspicious aura to block the evil spirit this year?” Master Mao asked in surprise.

“That’s right.” He thought back about the little girl’s expression when she threatened him that day, Lou Ming’s mouth turned upwards again.

“I remember, you asked me about a Suppressing Spirit Talisman that night.” Master Mao recalled, “Did she use a Suppressing Spirit Talisman on you?”

Lou Ming was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t hide it as he nodded his head and explained, “The talisman didn’t cause any bad influence on me.”

“So… her Suppressing Spirit Talisman can completely suppress your evil spirit?” Seeing Lou Ming specially emphasize this point, Master Mao quickly reacted to what Lou Ming said. What’s more, when he saw Chen Yu using her magic skill yesterday, Master Mao had already suspected that Chen Yu was a descendant of the Luoshan Sect.

The Luoshan Sect’s Suppressing Talisman [T/N: this word has two meanings, suppress and calm, so this talisman should be named Suppressing Talisman, but I chose Calming in the past chapters, it shall be named Suppressing Talisman from now on. The normal talisman can only suppress the spirit] was very good as it also calms the spirit at the same time. Lou Ming pointed out he felt no discomfort to protect Chen Yu, fearing Master Mao would do something to her. Lou Ming instructed his assistants to hide Chen Yu’s existence and defended her in front of him (Mao). It seems that Lou Ming really cares about this little girl, Master Mao thought to himself.

“Did you keep her Suppressing Spirit Talisman?” Master Mao wanted to borrow and study it, everyone said the Luoshan Sect’s talismans were unique and it was a rare opportunity to see them.

“No.” Lou Ming shook his head.

“You lost it?” Although the talisman will become a piece of waste paper after it was used, it was still a pity to lose such a profound talisman.

“No, Chen Yu drew it directly on my hand, so… I don’t have any used-up talisman paper here.” Lou Ming explained.

“She drew it directly on your hand with spiritual power?” Master Mao remembered yesterday when Chen Yu used spiritual power to draw a symbol in the empty air before sealing it within Lou Ming’s body.

Although drawing an incantation using spiritual power directly is more effective, it would consume a huge amount of spiritual power. Nowadays, as spiritual power was getting weaker and thinner, it was rare for one to use it so extravagantly.

“Master Mao? Chen Yu didn’t seem to know the Suppressing Talisman will have an effect on my body and she didn’t use the charm on me after the one time, so I have to trouble you to keep it from my father.” Lou Ming requested.

The assistant group has to protect his personal safety and prevent threats from ordinary humans and Master Mao has to protect him from all other threats. Since he first designed a weapon for the Ministry of National Defense, wherever he went, not only the flow of people needed to be controlled, but even ghosts and spirits needed to be eliminated in advance. Everything that could disturb him simply can’t exist.

If it wasn’t for the aura inside the small yard needed vitality stimulation, this compound would probably be thoroughly destroyed because of him. Other people wouldn’t know the armed forces placed in this small courtyard were actually guarding a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time.

Therefore, that day when Lou Ming was so protective of a trespassing Chen Yu, he felt he was preserving not only their childhood relationship, but also because of the small courtyard residence’s guilty conscience. [T/N: he was protective because of their childhood relationship and his guilty conscience of living in this place that could bring harm to her and her family]

They unconsciously braved their life for him to maintain this supernatural operation.

“He Qi also mentioned it to me yesterday, he said you don’t want others to know about the girl’s existence.” Master Mao said, “But after so many years, she’s the only one who’s not afraid of your evil spirit, besides, she’s also a Celestial Master who can seal your evil spirit without the least bit of harm.”

The light in Lou Ming’s eyes flashed as he frowned at Master Mao.

“She also has a grandfather who taught her, if she’s already this good, then her Grandpa must be even better. We…”

“Master Mao, I know what you want to say.” Lou Ming interrupted Master Mao. “I sent someone to find Chen Yu’s grandfather without any results. Although I told He Qi and the rest of the guards to stop searching, I know they definitely won’t give up, they will secretly continue searching without telling me, but they still haven’t found Chen Yu’s grandpa’s whereabouts until now.”

“I know if we use Chen Yu, we will be able to find her grandfather more quickly. There are many ways to get her to help. Chen Yu’s father is the Imperial City’s mayor, I don’t need to do anything since my father can do everything with just a phone call, but I don’t want to do it.” Lou Ming explained, “She’s the only person who can make me feel at ease, I don’t have to worry about walking close to her, staying with her for a long time, or accidentally leaking evil spirits that can hurt her.”

“I don’t want to put pressure on her or force her to do anything.” Lou Ming said.

“It’s just asking her to help find her grandfather, how can it be counted as forcing?” Master Mao asked defensively.

“If we find him and Chen Yu’s grandfather still can’t solve the evil spirit problem, what then?” Lou Ming asked, “If my father forces them to stay in Imperial Capital and stay with me because of their abiliity, what then?”


“I know what you’re trying to say.” Lou Ming continued, “Chen Yu already took the initiative to mention contacting her grandfather even when I didn’t ask her to. She wanted to call her grandfather to ask about my situation and whether there’s any solution. So, you see, we don’t need to do anything more, things are already developing in the best direction.”

“You’re saying all this just trying to protect that little girl.” Master Mao couldn’t help sighing.

Lou Ming knew Master Mao finally agreed with him so he couldn’t help but reveal a smile and offered Master Mao a cup of tea.

Master Mao glared at Lou Ming and said, “I asked that girl, it seems her charm that’s sealing your evil spirit will last for two to three days, do you want to go for a walk with these few days?”

“I have always wanted to climb the Great Wall.” Lou Min said expectantly.


In the small Chen house, Chen Yu, who rarely went out during weekends, was sitting in her room, impatiently writing messages to the old man.

I Want to Fix Road: Why won’t you answer my call? Don’t tell me it’s out of battery, I won’t believe it.

When Chen Yu called just now, it kept showing that the other party’s phone was off.

I Want to Fix Road: There’s only one advanced defensive talisman left, what if I run into a dangerous situation again? How can I find you, aaah!!

I Want to Fix Road: Am I not someone who you personally brought up? If I’m in danger, then you wouldn’t know if I’m really alright or not.

I Want to Fix Road: I still have one important thing to ask you, I can’t explain it online, call me back, you hear me?

I Want to Fix Road: Remember to call back, or I will cut your beard clean the next time I see you.

Ding dong!

Chen Yu was still sending messages angrily when her Wechat suddenly received a message.

Third Brother: Want to climb the Great Wall together?

Author’s NOTE:

Old Wu: Letting you find me after you kissed a zombie, isn’t this asking myself to be scolded?

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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