Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 368 - Childhood Sweethearts (Epilogue)

The day was gloomy when Xie Changan left C City. Even more, it started drizzling a bit. It was truly a day for separation. Parents were all saying goodbye to their children at the train station.

Ye Kanhuan didn’t understand Xie Changan’s decision. He thought that Xie Changan would stay in C City but he lost track of him for a second and he ended up choosing to go to the politics and law university in the utmost south. Was he planning to be a lawyer?

Besides Xie Changan’s parents and Ye Kanhuan, Su Wan and Su Qingmei had come to the train station to see Xie Changan off.

Su Qingmei knew that Xie Changan had learned business in his past life but in this life, he had gotten into a law university with an outstanding score.

It seems like the world she experienced was different from this world.

She thought that she was a female lead who had reborn with a gold finger. She could bully scumbags and find a good man to live the rest of her life with. But she felt confused during this moment.

If this world wasn’t the world she was originally in, then what was the point of holding on?

Xie Changan was about to get on the train heading south now. Should she confess to him?

In her past life, she had confessed to Xie Changan first and immediately obtained his heart. But what about now?

When she was reborn, she told herself that she had to hold onto him tightly but she suddenly found out that everything was different, so she hesitated.

Did she love Xie Changan?


Su Qingmei didn’t know.

After she had been reborn, she had told herself to stay away from Gao Yu and hold onto Xie Changan. But in reality, did she love him?


Love can’t be accepted reluctantly. Love is love. If you don’t love someone, you don’t love them.

She just regretted it and felt guilty.

Regret that she didn’t meet a good man and for being in vain.

When the train rumbled and left, Su Qingmei hesitated, seeing the young man saying goodbye to everyone.

In the end, she said nothing.

They had missed each other in her past life.

This life? Let everything go as it is.

On the way back, Su Qingmei walked in the front with a load on her mind. She purposely dragged her footsteps. Ye Kanhuan couldn’t help but look at Su Wan and say, “I thought that the female lead would confess as a parting gift. You guys don’t even play your cards the normal way. Can we play along happily?”

“This is life as it truly is.”

Su Wan looked at Ye Kanhuan and said, “If you don’t love a woman, no matter how nice she is to you, you won’t love her. Love isn’t pity or settling for the second best. If a woman you don’t love died for you and if you were reborn, would you be willing to love her forever?”


Ye Kanhuan hesitated.

Damn, this was a hard question!

To love or not to love? Love? Then they’d feel sorry for themselves. But if they don’t love? It’d be too mean to the other party.


Ye Kanhuan slapped his legs. “No one even loves me. What’s the point of considering this question? The precondition is that someone has to love me!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Ye Kanhuan, enough!

Seeing Su Wan’s expression, Ye Kanhuan reached over and held onto Su Wan’s shoulders. Before he could talk, he felt an intense cold aura.

Ye Kanhuan let go of Su Wan’s shoulders as if he had touched electricity. Then he pretended to look around. As expected, he spotted Su Rui’s figure in a black Audi.

Master Gao had become a boss and he was now driving an Audi. Meanwhile, he was still a bittersome elementary school teacher. He had to deal with a bunch of brats everyday.

Ye Kanhuan’s heart was raining.

“Bring Qingmei back!”

Su Wan also saw Su Rui’s car so she ordered Ye Kanhuan this before walking towards Su Rui’s car quickly.

Ye Kanhuan had no words.

We’re supposed to be enemies! Do you think it’s good ordering me around like a babysitter?

Although he was muttering this in his heart, Ye Kanhuan sighed seeing the female lead looking around absentmindedly.

Su Rui followed his wife, abandoning his mission even. Nothing was more important than his wife.

As for himself? His mission was the most important.

After Su Wan got in the car, Su Rui immediately started the engine.

“How did it go? Did Su Qingmei confess?”

Su Rui asked. Today was a very important day. Although it couldn’t determine the failure or success of the mission immediately, Su Qingmei’s performance was linked closely to their plan in the future.


Su Wan leaned against the chair and smiled. “If she confessed, she would at least get a 50% more chance in terms of pursuing Xie Changan. But after trying for all these years, she hesitated at the last moment.”

“Maybe she hesitated a long time ago already?”

Su Rui laughed softly while driving. “When you had people purposely spread rumors about her and then had me use connections to transfer her to a private school, you’ve already thought of this right? Su Qingmei was Liu Li’s daughter. They’re both restless people. Liu Li had an ordinary appearance so even if she wanted to cause trouble, she couldn’t use her appearance to her advantage. Su Qingmei, however, was beautiful. Even though she had been reborn, she didn’t have a huge goal. Her mind was set on her relationship. Women like her would become restless when they encounter a man that met their requirements. With a bunch of wealthy classmates and then looking back at Xie Changan now, she naturally wasn’t that enthusiastic anymore.”

Su Wan closed her eyes and nodded. It was hard to change a person’s nature.

Since Su Qingmei could abandon Xie Changan for Gao Yu in the future, then she could abandon him once again for someone else.

Everyone had the same problem: forgetting their scars after it healed.

A year later.

When the system showed that he failed the mission, Ye Kanhuan was eating with Xie Changan.

He froze right then.

Ye Kanhuan had always thought that Xie Changan, who had been reborn, was the most unstable factor. In order to stop Xie Changan from dating in college, Ye Kanhuan even went as far to quit his job and came to the city Xie Changan went to school at. He opened a company here. While enjoying life, he also monitored Xie Changan, saying that his studies were more important and refused to let him date.

Ye Kanhuan had planned everything. When Su Qingmei turned sixteen, he would find a way to get her and Xie Changan to live together, and then throw them on the same bed. He’d complete his mission right then!

But before he could execute his plan, he failed! This didn’t make sense!

What happened to the reborn female lead pestering her childhood sweetheart male lead?

What happened to the reborn female lead searching for her true love?

“Uncle, what’s the matter?”

Seeing Ye Kanhuan frozen with his chopsticks in his hands, Xie Changan couldn’t help but call him.

Ye Kanhuan looked at Xie Changan, feeling gloomy as he snapped out of his trance. “Changan, tell me the truth. What do you think of Su Qingmei?”

His childhood sister?

Xie Changan answered while nodding. In the past life, Su Qingmei was immature and unruly. But in this life, it seemed like she changed a lot. At least, she was much more mature than how he remembered her as.

“Then do you think you’ll like her?”


Xie Changan suddenly thought back to the young lady who bravely confessed to himself. He did like her at that moment no?

But that was in the past, right?

Ye Kanhuan sighed to himself. His mission already failed so why was he here being conflicted? So what if Xie Changan liked Su Qingmei? She actually liked someone else in this life again!

When people are reborn, they are the most unreliable.

C City.

Su Qingmei linked hands with a handsome man as they walked down the streets. Like the countless romance novels, the young man and girl held hands as they went on a stroll on the quiet streets. A low-profile luxurious car kept following behind the two.

Su Qingmei felt sweet inside. The young man was the son of an important official in C City. He had pursued her for a year and no matter how coldly she treated him, he didn’t give up.

Gradually, Su Qingmei was touched by his advances.

Su Wan and Su Rui had made their relationship public in front of the Su Family. Although Su Guoliang was a bit against it in the beginning, after Su Rui’s promises, and Su Wan’s usual outstanding grades, he agreed in the end.

Liu Li had different thoughts. Seeing that Su Rui had opened a company and was now driving a luxurious car around, she was delighted and extremely happy. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that she had a son-in-law who was a boss.

In comparison, Liu Li kept feeling like Su Wan was much better than her real daughter, Su Qingmei.

Master Yan had visited the family several times, giving Su Qingmei makeup products and then high-grade tonics. Yet, her own daughter refused to even be friends with him?

Although she was young and it was a bit too early for her to start dating, she didn’t want her daughter to miss a good man just like that.

As long as she made sure the bottom line wasn’t crossed, Liu Li approved of her daughter dating those young masters.

Therefore, under the man’s advances and Liu Li’s persuasion, Su Qingmei finally decided to be in a relationship with Yan Ming.

When the two were first together, they stuck together like glue. Because Yan Ming’s father’s position was higher than Gao Jian’s, Su Qingmei also thought that she could show off in front of Su Wan.

But it didn’t last long. After half a year, Yan Ming who was a young and vigorous man wasn’t content with the current state. He wanted to have intimate interactions with Su Qingmei. But because she had been hurt in her past life, Su Qingmei was extremely against this kind of thing. In the end, the two fought and left. Not long later, Yan Ming found a new girlfriend and he started rumors that he and Su Qingmei have had sex before and that he was the one that didn’t want her.

When she found out that he broke up with her, Su Qingmei was really angry. After hearing Yan Ming accusing her of such things afterwards, she had gone mad. She barged into his classroom to reason but because he had a lot of power in the school, Su Qingmei wasn’t a match against him.

When she thought that she was going to have to drop out of school like she did in her past life, Yan Ming suddenly dropped out of school due to an injury. Not only this, he came to the Su Family to apologize to Su Qingmei while being injured. Even more, the public opinion regarding Su Qingmei and Yan Ming’s matter had changed directions.

Up until Yan Ming and his family left the C City did she find out who resolved the issue for her. It was actually Gao Yu who she had been avoiding!

“Why did you help me?”

Su Qingmei seeked Su Rui out after figuring out the truth.

“I’m not helping you. I just dislike scumbags.”

Su Rui looked at Su Qingmei indifferently. “Of course, you’re Su Wan’s sister so you’re also my sister in the future. You can treat it as me helping you too.”

Su Wan.

Because of her sister again?

Su Qingmei suddenly recalled the scene before her hospital bed in her past life.


Why did you help me?

She asked Xie Changan this as well.

How did he respond back then?

“You’re Xiao Wan’s sister so you’re my sister too. Of course I need to help you.”

Xie Changan made it clear. He was doing this for her sister.

Meanwhile, she thought that he still loved her.

Heh. How hilarious was this?

Su Qingmei finally recognized the truth.

Whether in her past life or now, she was a loser.

Heaven gave her a chance to start over. She was already considered a fortunate person but she followed the same path to failure again.

Did she really just have bad luck meeting people or was she just blind?

Su Qingmei still had a long life. What was her future going to be like?

Su Wan and Su Rui didn’t know nor did they care. They finished their mission and got ready to leave the world.

Everyone had their own lives. No one could help you. Even if it’s you from the past life.

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