Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 367 - Childhood Sweetheart(17)

Su Rui had returned after graduating from City University. According to Gao Yu’s original route, he would start as a highschool teacher and then slowly make his way through the bureaucracy. Gao Jian had designed his son’s life. After graduating, he didn’t follow Gao Jian’s wishes. He registered a company and started doing Internet service businesses. In this era, the Internet had just slowly made its way into people’s lives and it was an era for him to accomplish a lot.

Song Yang who had graduated with Su Rui had become known as a “student of great ability” wasn’t as lucky. He was taken by his grandfather to become an English teacher within Shisan Middle School. The class that he was supposed to teach, class four, was the class Su Qingmei was in.

Su Qingmei’s grades weren’t that bad or good. Because she wore a sweet appearance, she became a known figure in school early on. Though she was only in sixth grade, many people were already pursuing Su Qingmei.

During lunch break, a handsome guy stopped Su Qingmei and then gave a deep confession. Song Yang who passed by couldn’t help but lament.

Damn. The era was really different now. How come people weren’t so open when I was in middle school?

Seeing that Su Qingmei appeared unwilling, Song Yang walked over and called her, “Qingmei, why haven’t you gone to eat yet?”

“Teacher Song!”

Su Qingmei’s expression brightened when she saw Song Yang. When Su Rui was in highschool, he would take Song Yang frequently to the Su Family. Su Qingmei knew Song Yang well and understood his personality. He was a good person.

“Teacher Song, I have a few English practice problems that I don’t understand. Can you teach me?”

Su Qingmei winked at Song Yang and the latter smiled. “Sure, I just happened to finish eating. Come to my office.”

Some people chose to become low-profile after being reborn.

Meanwhile, others had reborn and wanted to be the center of attention.

Clearly, Su Qingmei belonged to the latter. She had a beautiful appearance in her last life but she got nothing in the end because of Gao Yu.

Now that she had been reborn, she thought that she should be the center of the spotlight. Especially after Su Wan had received the top score in the city and got into one of the best highschools. All the teachers in the school were looking at her. They knew that she was Su Wan’s sister so it was inevitable that they’d compare her to Su Wan. Su Qingmei felt uncomfortable inside. She didn’t study in her past life and after she got into university, she was just getting by day by day. Now that she finally wanted to work hard, she was unable to focus and study because of her restless nature.

Xie Changan was also getting ready for the college entrance exam and had no time to help Su Qingmei study. Song Yang just happened to be in Shisan Middle School and this caused Su Qingmei to think of an idea. No matter what, Song Yang was considered a student of great ability. Plus, he was an English teacher. He was great at writing and speaking in English.

Therefore, under the excuse of needing help with questions, Su Qingmei would go to his office frequently. In the end, she was able to successfully persuade Song Yang to come over and help her with her homework.

This should be a great thing but for some reason, the school started spreading rumors that Su Qingmei liked Teacher Song and did everything she could to seduce him. The news spread like wildfire and everyone looked at Su Qingmei strangely.

These rumors slowly spread into Su Qingmei’s ears and she immediately thought back to her past life.

The student-teacher relationship in her past life was sorrow that she’d never be able to forget.

Because of these rumors, Su Qingmei requested a week off due to sickness. When Liu Li found out, she ran to the school and caused a ruckus, causing the rumors in the school to get worse.

In the end, Su Wan seeked out Su Rui and had him use his connections to help Su Qingmei drop out of school.

Su Qingmei transferred into C City’s best private school. Because of Su Rui’s relationship, the school didn’t collect additional fees for transferring.

Su Qingmei quickly adjusted to the new environment. Whether in this life or past life, she had never been to such a good private school coming from an ordinary family.

In this new environment, Su Qingmei met friends that she had never met before. This school was the concentration camp for wealthy second generations. They all wore branded clothes and were considered Mr. Perfect or Miss Perfect.

If she was in her past life, Su Qingmei would have low self-esteem entering a school like this but in this life, after all, she had been reborn. With an adult mindset, she was able to get some friends with her own ways.

While Su Qingmei was busy getting to know friends in her noble school, Xie Changan welcomed the most important today in his life.

College entrance exam!

Before the exam, all the elementary and middle schools were given a day off because they needed the space for the exam.

Xie Changan had called Su Wan in advance and asked her to come to a nearby milk tea store.

When Su Wan arrived, Xie Changan had been sitting by the window waiting for a while. Seeing her, he stood up and smiled faintly, waving at her.

“You’re here?”


“I got you pearl milk tea. Do you like it?”

In Xie Changan’s impression, Su Wan really enjoyed this flavored milk tea. Su Wan looked faintly at him and exclaimed, “It’s alright. I’m not picky. Xie Changan, do you need me for something?”

People say that graduation season is confession season.

Xie Changan had received many love letters. He had been thinking that it was about time. Su Wan was in highschool now. Before his college entrance exam, he thought he’d let her know about his feelings.

“Su Wan, I…”

Xie Changan looked gently at Su Wan who was sitting across. “Su Wan, I like you!”


Su Wan responded faintly.

Xie Changan was speechless.

“Su Wan, like me?”

Xie Changan asked confusedly, seeing that she didn’t really respond.

Since a few years ago, he had realized that everyone’s lives have changed a bit from their past lives. Therefore, he had accepted Su Wan’s change in attitude from his past life.

But Xie Changan still had a tint of hope.

Since Su Wan fell in love with him in his past life, then he should be able to get her to fall in love with him again. He definitely had a chance.


Su Wan looked faintly at Xie Changan and responded indifferently.


Xie Changan should’ve known this. He smiled bitterly. “Then do you like...Gao Yu?”


Su Wan responded without hesitation.


Xie Changan laughed at himself. “That’s fine, that’s fine. At least I can apply for a college abroad without worry now.”

Leave this place and go somewhere he had never been. Start his brand new chapter.

Since heaven gave him a new chance, he didn’t have to follow his past life’s path, no?

The world was big. He should go and check it out.

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