Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 366 - Childhood Sweethearts(16)

Could Gao Yu like mature women?

Yang Ning was shocked by her thought. Song Yang went to buy two lollipops at the snack counter out of habit and then two bottles of water for Su Rui and Yang Ning. While eating one of the lollipops, he asked Su Rui, “Gao Yu, are we picking Xiao Wan up from school first?”

Su Rui said nothing. Meanwhile, Yang Ning sighed hearing Song Yang’s words. So they were here to pick up someone from school!

Not long later, Su Wan’s figure appeared in front of the three as everyone left the school. Because she was well-taken care of, she grew up quite a bit and now she was almost four feet. Her smooth face also carried some baby fat, making her look cuter.

Su Wan smiled and waved at the two. Her gaze flickered when she saw Yang Ning.

Her instincts told her that Yang Ning must be her love rival but she wasn’t a threat at all. One look and she could tell that she was a cannon fodder.

No, she should say that love rivals were cannon fodders to her.

“You guys are here!”

Su Wan smiled at Su Rui and Song Yang and then tossed her backpack at Su Rui. “I’m so jealous of you guys. You guys are free after the college entrance exam.”

“Haha. Don’t worry, you’ll grow up!”

Song Yang couldn’t help but laugh and then he looked anxiously at Su Rui. “Let’s go. Take us to see your girlfriend now?”

To speak the truth, Song Yang cared more about this than Su Rui.

As a qualified lackey, how could he possibly not know that his leader got a girlfriend? This was huge!

He was such a failure, such a failure!

Yesterday, he had reflected upon himself through the night. Song Yang decided to leave a heroic impression in front of his future sister-in-law today. Even more, he needed to cling onto her thighs. Yup. That was his plan.

Su Rui smiled warmly and caressed Su Wan’s hair softly. “I’ve brought you guys over to see her, no? Wife, come and greet them.”


Su Wan smiled splendidly at Song Yang and Yang Ning. “I’m Su Wan, Gao Yu’s...fiancee!”

Song Yang: I must’ve eaten the lollipop wrong.

Yang Nang: I must still be drunk. It must be an illusion, an illusion!

What happened to noble and aloof love rivals? What happened to having a showdown?

Damn. What was with this chubby loli?

Seeing Song Yang and Yang Ning’s startled expression. Su Wan shrugged at Su Rui. Su Rui held onto her hands out of habit. “Wife, let’s go home. Let them calm down.”

Su Wan: Are you sure they just need to calm down?

Right now, Yang Ning felt traumatized. Definitely traumatized for life.

The wealthy adonis doesn’t like the school belle but rather a small loli.

Yang Ning felt like she couldn’t trust men anymore.

“This is…”

Watching as Su Rui’s figure disappeared into the distance with Su Wan, Yang Ning couldn’t help but tremble as she said, “Song Yang, Gao Yu, he...he is joking with us right?”


For a moment, Song Yang also thought so. But seeing how he and Su Wan were naturally intimate with each other, Song Yang recalled the little details and felt enlightened.

So that’s how it is! This is actually what happened!

At this moment, the new world opened the door to Song Yang.

“He’s not lying.”

Song Yang then chased after Su Rui. “Gao Yu, wait for me. Wait for me!”

Su Rui didn’t care much about Yang Ning. After what happened, Song Yang finally understood Su Rui and Su Wan’s relationship. He also obtained a new skill from General Su.

How to acquire a wife?

Mn. Su Wan was his sister-in-law so he shouldn’t be thinking about her.

Ah~ Sister-in-law’s sister is cute and innocent. I wonder if she’ll be my wife?

That’s right. Song Yang actually placed his gaze on Su Qingmei. If Su Rui knew his thoughts, he would definitely light a row of candles for him.

Su Qingmei was definitely not suitable for Song Yang, this clown.

Su Qingmei is six and a half years old now. She would be going to elementary school in the autumn. Ever since the Su Family moved places, Su Qingmei had been really upset. Because she was too young, Liu Li refused to let her go downstairs to play alone. She hadn’t seen Xie Changan in a really long time and she wondered how he was now.

The only thing that made Su Qingmei happy was that Gao Yu was finally going to university. He won’t be appearing in front of her that often anymore.

It was September in the blink of an eye. The new term had started. Su Rui and Song Yang both went to City University. Changan was also a sixth grader now while Su Wan was a fourth grader. Su Qingmei also became a first grader.

Seeing that Xie Changan was about to graduate, Su Qingmei naturally took every single chance she could to make herself known in front of him.

As for Su Wan, she had become quiet now that Su Rui had left. Besides listening in class, she would be sleeping. Her grades were average overall. Ye Kanhuan was happy seeing Su Wan slacking off and chilling.

He had been preparing to buy a house nearby Su Family’s place.

After all, childhood sweethearts need to grow up together in order to get the upper hand.

A year later, Xie Changan went to Shisan High School while the Xie Family also moved near Su Wan’s family. Ye Kanhuan found an excuse for Xie Changan to come over and tutor Su Qingmei. Liu Li and Su Guoliang naturally didn’t mind. The tutoring also lasted for the next three years!

Right now, Xie Changan has grown into a handsome man. He was able to choose a better highschool with his grade but he chose Shisan High School without hesitation. He knew that with Su Wan’s grades and family background, she would definitely choose Shisan High School. Even if they could only be classmates for a year, Xie Changan was satisfied.

Unfortunately, what surprised Xie Changan and everyone was that during the entrance exam for high school two years later, Su Wan had gotten into one of the best high schools of C City with the top score of the city.

The entire neighborhood cheered for Su Wan when her grades came out. Su Guoliang specially hosted a banquet for Su Wan. His colleagues from the factory as well as Shisan Middle School’s teachers and principal had come too. Liu Li couldn’t contain her smile the entire day. Now, she thought she had a lot of face in front of people. The top score within the city. What great glory that was! That was equivalent to the top scorer in the palace examination in the olden times!

Liu Li liked Su Wan more and more now. As for Su Qingmei, she had Xie Changan’s help all these years and her grade didn’t improve in the least bit!

This made Liu Li really angry.

“Qingmei, learn more from your sister. Score the top score within the city in the future as well.”

Whenever Su Qingmei heard her mother’s words, she smiled faintly. She was curious as to how Su Wan had become so good with her grades.

Su Qingmei had been reborn but even so, she couldn’t promise that she could get all the questions right during her high school entrance exam.

In her past life, Su Qingmei’s grades were average. Plus, she spent most of her school time dating. She wasn’t focused on studying at all. Even though she was reborn, she never thought about studying and using her knowledge to change her fate.

She only cared about her relationship...

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