Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 365 - Childhood Sweetheart(15)

It was the weekend in the blink of an eye.

In order to not attract too many people’s attention, Su Wan rose from the bottom of her class towards the middle in terms of her rank during the final exam. This was her best grade. At the parent teacher conference during the end of the term, Ye Kanhuan even smiled and complimented Su Wan and Liu Li who had come for the conference.

“Su Wan had improved a lot. Of course, this has to do with her studying and her family’s support!”

Hearing Ye Kanhuan speak frankly on the stage and staring at Liu Li’s smiling expression, Su Wan just wanted to say that she did work hard. She worked hard to sleep everyday.

It was the first time Liu Li didn’t assign Su Wan chores during the break. Instead, she smiled and asked her if she wanted to sign up for some extracurricular classes.

Su Wan naturally rejected. She was already speechless with the classes in school. Why would she go ahead and torture herself by signing up for more classes outside of school?

Refuse, she refused firmly!

Classes in highschool were tense and hard. Because Su Rui was too busy with his classes, he would only come over every few days while Su Wan was on break. Su Rui was on his break at the end of the year. But Dong Yuanyuan wanted to take him back to Dong Family in the capital at this time.

Because he knew that he needed to stay in this world for another decade, he naturally needed to make sure he got along with his family well. Su Rui didn’t want Gao Yu’s parents to notice anything strange about their son so he packed his things and booked a plane ticket back.

Before leaving C City, Su Rui went to visit Su Wan again. This time, he bought a lot of gifts and gave his allowance to Su Wan too.

He was really scared that Liu Li would mistreat Su Wan. She looked at him, not wanting him to leave after accepting his money. She held his hands and exclaimed, “A month will pass by quickly. We need to get used to life in this world. You’re going to be a junior next year. When you go to college, we might even have to go to school in separate places. But...four years will go by quickly. Really.”

Four years…

Su Rui never thought that he would be separated from Su Wan in a mission world.

The second year, because he was rising to a junior, Su Rui came to Su Family fewer and fewer times. However, he would buy things for Su Guoliang and Liu Li frequently. He even used his family’s connection to find Su Guoliang’s workplace and wanted the leader to consider the Su Family first in terms of allocating housing.

Su Guoliang’s family had moved to a new place while Su Rui had to prepare for his college entrance exam.

They moved away from the courtyard house and moved into specific housing for employees’ families. Liu Li felt more in vain at this time. She changed her attitude towards Su Wan completely.

She knew where the house came from. She also kept in mind how Su Rui treated Su Wan. With such a capable and wealthy relative, she naturally had to hold on to him tight. Don’t mention Su Wan calling her mother, but as long as she could maintain a wealthy lifestyle, she wouldn’t even mind calling Su Wan mother.

Watching as the family left the Xie Family, Su Rui was finally able to focus on his college entrance exam as well. Dong Yuanyuan and Gao Jian wanted Su Rui to apply for City University. With his grade, he should be able to.

During the graduation gathering, Song Yang kept his grip on Su Rui, his tears and snot all over him.

Thankfully, there was no such living thing as fujoshis in this era so the classmates all smiled understandingly regarding Song Yang’s depressed personality.

Only Su Rui knew what Song Yang was thinking.

How could Master Song continue to act cool now that Master Gao had left?

“Look at how old you are. Why are you crying? It’s just City University! If you can’t make it in, I’ll personally pay for you to go there. The capital is my territory. We can continue to act cool together!”

Su Rui patted Song Yang’s shoulders arrogantly, a rare sight.

Song Yang: That’s right! How come I haven’t thought of this? Mn, let’s call this a deal happily!

Su Rui’s words had changed this stranger, Song Yang’s fate in this world…

When the gathering was over, many people were reluctant to leave one another. Countless girls even shoved their love letters in Su Rui’s arms.

Su Rui was speechless.

General Su who had thought that no one liked him, received many love letters which didn’t put him in a good mood.

A certain drunk girl even confessed to Su Wan that night. Everyone else cheered along and waited for the top student’s reaction.

Gao Yu was a legendary name in Shisan High School!

He had good grades, came from a good background, and was handsome! He was the typical Mr. Perfect but top student style!

The entire Shisan High School’s boys couldn’t compare to Ga Yu because he was too aloof and perfect. Not a single girl dared to confess to him. No one dared to make a move towards this aloof adonis.

Thankfully, they graduated right now and so they could exclaim their thoughts out loud!

Su Rui smiled, facing everyone’s eager gazes and the girl’s sparkling eyes. “I already have someone I like.”


This was the sound of countless hearts being shattered.


The girl who finally summoned her courage to confess started crying. She thought that she was the most beautiful girl in Shisan High School so why didn’t Gao Yu like her?

Who was better than her?

“I don’t believe you.”

As she was drunk, she couldn’t help but walk over and look at Su Rui, saying, “You can reject me but please don’t lie to me like this!”

How could Gao Yu have a girlfriend? She had never seen him close to any girl in Shisan High school. The only person he was frequently with was Song Yang and he was just a clown with a big mouth. If Gao Yu really had a girlfriend, he’d definitely make sure the entire world knew!

Seeing the girl’s unconvinced gaze, Su Rui pursed his lips. “Mn, Yang, you’re Yang Ning, right? If you don’t believe me, I’ll take you to see her tomorrow.”


Yang Ning immediately agreed. She wanted to see which school’s belle had snatched the man she loved.

“I’m coming along, I’m coming along too!”

Song Yang couldn’t help but pat Su Rui’s shoulders. “Gao Yu, look at you! I can’t believe you kept your girlfriend a secret this entire time. What? Scared of me stealing her from you?”

The second day, Su Rui really called Yang Ning. She regretted her impulsive decision so much now that she was sober. She felt extremely awkward receiving Su Rui’s call but thinking that she could see Gao Yu’s girlfriend, she clenched her teeth and agreed in the end.

Yang Ning saw Su Rui and Song Yang when she arrived at the meeting place.


She awkwardly waved at the two. Seeing Yang Ning’s fashionable outfit, Song Yang’s gaze brightened. “I didn’t think that our school’s belle would be so beautiful after dressing herself up. Even if she couldn’t get Gao Yu to like herself, she refused to lose face in front of her love rival.

Su Rui looked at Song Yang who said nothing. “Let’s go.”

Saying this, Su Rui started walking ahead on his own. Not long later, the three arrived in front of Shisan Elementary School’s door. School just so happens to be over during this time.

Yang Ning was a bit confused. Could Gao Yu’s girlfriend be an elementary school teacher?

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