Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 364 - Childhood Sweetheart(14)

The cold wind blew gently on the autumn lake.

Su Rui rode the boat to the center first and then stopped it on the surface of the water. He extended his legs and patted his knee. “Here, wife, lie here.”

Su Rui smiled and leaned against Su Rui’s leads. Because of her age, Su Wan hadn’t gotten a chance to come out ever since coming to this world. This was her first time coming out to play. Though they were with a group of people, at the very least, she and Su Rui were alone here.

“Su Rui, do you know? I used to be so jealous of children who got to play with their family. I was so jealous, mn, no, I’m actually really envious.”

Su Wan squinted her eyes and glanced at the blue sky. The sky was really blue during this era and even the air was unusually fresh.

When she was little….

Su Rui lifted his hand and caressed her black hair with his slender fingers. “Su Wan, tell me about your childhood okay?”

Su Rui knew nothing about Su Wan’s past except that she came from a crumbling plane of existence.


Su Wan blinked her eyes and exclaimed, “My childhood was focused on studying, studying all sorts of etiquettes, musical instruments, dance, and all sorts of finance knowledge. I am a genius, I guess.”

Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh at herself.

Her parents’ indifference and family strifles caused her childhood to be dull and cold.

“I’m a child disdained upon.”

There was a layer of sorrow dyed Su Wan’s gaze. She never told anyone about her past.

Besides Xu Ce, no one knew about her past either.

“How should I word this?”

Su Wan sighed. “My mother was seen as the sinister female supporting lead. She was the eldest miss in the Qin Family and got engaged to my father at a young age. However, my father didn’t like her. In the end, for the sake of family interest, the two got together and had me. When I was born, my father’s mistress also gave birth. Her child was born a month earlier than me and her name is Su You.”

Su You, the actual female lead in that world.

They were sisters and they looked almost exactly alike. However, their lives were completely different…

“After my mother found out about Su You’s existence, she spent money for people to take her away. When my father’s true love lost her daughter, she fell sick. Not long later, she died. For this, my mother and father have been giving each other the cold shoulders for many years. My father also disliked me as a result. Likewise, because I wasn’t a boy, my mother didn’t like me either. She did everything she could to get pregnant. Who knew she gave birth to a useless daughter. Do you think she’ll treat me well?”


Su Rui looked down and pressed his forehead next to Su Wan’s. “Stop talking. Don’t think about it. It’s all over, all over.”

He stopped thinking and he didn’t dare to think about it anymore either.

How much did his precious wife suffer in the past? How much did she cry?

Su Rui’s heart ached thinking about this. He knew that these things were insignificant to Su Wan. She had experienced even more painful things that she buried deep down in her heart.

“It’s all in the past.”

Su Wan took in a deep breath and glanced quietly at Su Rui’s face. “Right, it’s all in the past!”

Whether it was Su You or Qin Qing, or rather either Xing Yi or Li Fei, they’re not alive anymore…

The only person who witnessed and participated in her past was Xu Ce.

Xu Ce.

Su Wan hadn’t thought about this man for a really long time.

While the two were silent, Song Yang had rushed over quickly, rowing his boat.

Su Rui was speechless.

Can’t you pay more attention?! Bringing you out today was my worst decision.

“Gao Yu, Gao Yu!”

Song Yang saw Su Rui’s figure from a far distance and so he immediately started rowing over quickly. Who knew that his boat started changing directions by itself and started spinning in circles.

Song Yang: …

Damn! Did I encounter a ghost? Pah, no! What is going on right now?

Song Yang’s face turned pale. He placed his paddle down and waved his arms, shouting, “Gao Yu! Gao Yu! Come here quickly!”


Su Rui and Su Wan noticed what was going on a while ago but they didn’t move. Instead, they turned around and acted like they hadn’t heard Song Yang shouting.

Water controller, Ye Kanhuan.

This was Ye Kanhuan’s golden finger. Su Rui read Ye Kanhuan’s information so he knew what his ability was.

“Song Yang, are you okay?”

Meanwhile, Ye Kanhuan asked loudly on another boat.

Song Yang wanted to cry when he heard his voice. “Teacher Xie, I...I don’t know what happened either. The boat won’t move!”

“Don’t worry. Let me come and take a look.”

Not long later, Ye Kanhuan rowed the boat next to Song Yang. Then he leaped and jumped on Song Yang’s boat.

The boat shook violently and Song Yang’s heart also thumped rapidly. Thankfully, Ye Kanhuan stabilized the boat quickly.

“Okay, you’re fine now.”

Ye Kanhuan smiled at Song Yang and then looked at Xie Changan and Su Qingmei. “Changan, look after Qingmei. I’m going to help Song Yang fix his boat.”


Xie Changan nodded. He was able to row the boat himself. Even more, he was good with water so he wasn’t worried about any accidents.

“In order to create opportunities for the male and female lead, Ye Kanhuan works pretty good.”

Su Rui glanced at the situation there.

“This is just a start. Ye Kanhuan has no bottom lines. You’ll find out how much he’ll calculate you in the future.” Su Wan listened to Su Rui’s words and ridiculed.

Qin Yu must’ve done this on purpose. Su Wan would rather Qin Yu send Lin Ruo, that merciless woman, over tomorrow than Ye Kanhuan who has no bottom line.

Su Qingmei was only five years old now. The most Ye Kanhuan could do was to create opportunities for them to be together. Then what about when she was fifteen?

Without a doubt, Ye Kanhuan would throw her on Xie Changan’s bed.

Su Wan sighed. She hadn’t gotten a notification about her mission at all. That meant the future was unpredictable. Ye Kanhuan might possibly succeed like this.

After all, though Xie Changan didn’t love Su Qingmei in his past life anymore, he didn’t hate her either.

If Su Qingmei was able to take advantage of the opportunity in this life, and with Ye Kanhuan helping her, it was very possible the two would get together!

Of course, if Su Wan interfered right now, it would be easy as pie to steal Xie Changan who had his past life’s memory back from Su Qingmei.

But Su Wan didn’t want to hurt people by using people insincerely.

In the past, she was blinded by hatred so she had used innocent people’s feelings to complete her missions. How was she any different from Xu Ce like this?

Likewise, she was also doing this for her mission now. She didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings and trample on their emotions.

She didn’t want to do these kinds of missions anymore.

Xie Changan had done nothing wrong. He was a really good person. He deserved a good woman now that he was reborn.

As for...Su Qingmei.

Su Wan glanced at Su Qingmei who was smiling splendidly next to Xie Changan. It was hard to change one’s nature. Su Wan didn’t believe that Su Qingmei’s nature would be changed completely in this life.

Therefore, Su Qingmei was the breakthrough point for this mission.

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