Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 362 - Childhood Sweethearts(12)

By the time Su Rui left Su Wan’s family, it was already dark. But he didn’t mind because Gao Jian was usually busy with his work. It was normal for him to stay the night over at his workplace. Because he had been “obedient” lately, Dong Yuanyuan was also comforted with him. She would frequently look for opportunities to eat out and play mahjong with her friends. She wouldn’t come home until really late as well.

“Gao Yu!”

What Su Rui didn’t expect was for Xie Changan to stop him the moment he left the courtyard house.

Xie Changan, who was ten years old, didn't even reach the height of Su Rui’s chest. He lifted his head and looked at Su Rui seriously. “Gao Yu, I want to talk to you.”


Su Rui curled his lips up slightly and glanced at the small boy in front of him. “You know me?”

“Not only do I know you, I know lots of things about your family, including the Dong Family and your father.”

Xie Changan’s gaze was deep and conflicted. His immature face looked unusually mature for his age.


Su Rui heard Xie Changan’s words and he fixed his gaze on him, crossing his arms over his chest. He glanced at the male lead interestedly.

“You’re not...threatening me are you?”

While saying this, Su Rui walked to Xie Changan. “Little boy, you’re quite interesting. What do you want to do? Tell me and let me know.”

“I want you to leave the Su Family alone. Don’t ever provoke anyone there.”

Xie Changan’s tone was serious and solemn as he met Su Rui’s teasing gaze. “Maybe you think I’m just a child so my words hold no weight, but I’m advising you to believe me.”


Su Rui purposely dragged his words before bending down and saying in Xie Changan’s ears, “I’m sure you know a lot but...I also know a lot about you, Xie Changan!”

Xie Changan’s gaze changed when he heard Su Rui accurately saying his name as well.

Seeing that he started to panic, Su Rui smiled in satisfaction. “In this life, Su Wan is mine. I welcome you to fight with me if you want. If you’re a true man, then let’s battle fair and square.”

This life...

Could Gao Yu also be?

Xie Changan was really stunned this time. Right now, his mind was blank. By the time he snapped out of his trance, he saw Gao Yu’s figure already disappearing in the night.

Xie Changan stood still, remaining unmoved for a long time.

Xie Changan understood everything but he didn’t understand completely.

After all, in the past life, Gao Yu and Su Wan didn’t have any direct interactions. The only connection between them was what happened with Gao Yu and Su Qingmei. That caused Su Wan to have a miscarriage and hurt her body as well.

Why would Gao Yu...

Xie Changan didn’t understand. He sighed. Since he couldn’t figure out why, he stopped thinking about it.

Since there was a thing such as “rebirth” in this world, then what else couldn’t happen?

Gao Yu was right. This life should be a new beginning. If he still cared and loved Su Wan, then he should start over and move her heart step by step. So what if he had a powerful enemy? He might not lose himself.

Xie Changan’s gaze grew determined thinking of this...

The second day, Su Wan took Su Guoliang’s car to the school door like usual. The moment she left the car, she saw Xie Changan standing outside looking around, clearly waiting for her.

“Goodbye father!”

After waving goodbye to Su Guoliang, Su Wan pretended like she didn’t see Xie Changan and walked straight to the school building.

“Su Wan!”

Xie Changan chased over and asked, “How come I didn’t see you after school yesterday?”

“I fell asleep during class and Teacher Xie told me to go to his office.”

Su Wan responded calmly.

Uh, when Su Wan said Teacher Xie, she meant his own uncle, Xie Zixun right?

“I’ll wait for you tonight. Let’s walk together after school okay?”

Xie Changan chased after Su Wan and asked.


Su Wan stopped and looked at Xie Changan. “Why?”

“Uh, mother said there are lots of kidnappers lately.”


Okay, this was a pretty good excuse.

Su Wan revealed a confused expression. “But cousin already promised to take me home after school everyday.”

Cousin? Isn’t that Gao Yu then?

Xie Changan’s expression turned serious when Su Wan mentioned his love rival. “Your cousin is in high school right? Doesn’t he get out of class late? Is he going to skip class everyday to pick you up? Um...even if he does come, we’re neighbors so it’s easier for us to walk together. We can look after one another too.”

“Mn, okay.”

Su Wan nodded after a moment of hesitation. “Then let’s go together. Right. Thank you for giving my sister the chocolate box. She likes it a lot.”


Xie Changan froze. After Su Wan said that, she quickly walked ahead and exclaimed, “I’m going to be late. Let’s stop chatting. See you after school.”

Xie Changan had no words.

The chocolate was for you, you!

Xie Changan felt gloomy. He specially left that box of expensive chocolate for Su Wan. Since when was it for Su Qingmei?

Xie Changan was absent-minded the entire day because of this misunderstanding. He finally made it to the end of the school and immediately packed his backpack, leaving his classroom as quick as possible. The moment he left, he saw the calm and composed man standing there with his lesson plans.


Xie Changan looked at Ye Kanhuan and exclaimed weakly.

“Changan! Class is over right? Let’s go home together.”

Ye Kanhuan smiled and placed an arm over Xie Changan’s shoulders, pulling him to the corner of the stairs.

Male lead, be good. You belong to the female lead. Don’t create more trouble with Su Wan and the others.

“Uncle, I actually…”

Xie Changan pulled Ye Kanhuan downstairs. When walking out, Xie Changan saw Su Rui’s figure at first glance. He wanted to say something but then Ye Kanhuan stopped him.

“Changan! Your grades aren’t that stable lately. From today on, I’m going to help you make up your classes.”

Xie Changan was speechless.

He rose to first place from his third place within his grade and his grades weren’t “stable?” Then what was considered stable?

“Uncle, I actually…”

Xie Changan wanted to say something but then Ye Kanhuan cut him off again. “Changan, the city is going to host an Olympic Math Competition. I think you have a chance to earn a good rank. Therefore, don’t lose your focus or play around during this time. I will keep my eye on you!”  

Xie Changan was speechless.

Therefore, the tragic male lead was whisked away by Ye Kanhuan under Su Rui’s eyes.

Su Wan was surprised that she didn’t see Xie Changan when class was over.

“Where’s Xie Changan?”

Su Wan glanced at Su Rui and couldn’t help but ask.

“His uncle took him away.”

Su Rui smiled and shrugged his shoulders before patting the back seat of his bicycle. “Here, little loli, brother will take you on a ride.”

Su Rui specially got a bicycle that had a back seat in order to bring Su Wan along with him.

Su Wan glanced at the new bicycle and then at the smiling Su Rui. “You want to get rid of me with just a bicycle? But I like it. Let’s go!”

Saying this, Su Wan leaped onto the back seat of the bicycle easily and then held onto Su Rui’s waist tightly...

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