Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 361 - Childhood Sweethearts(11)

Ye Kanhuan didn’t stay in the Su Family for dinner in the end. This was because this is the first day he started working at Shisan Elementary School His elder brother and sister-in-law, Xie Changan’s parents, had long prepared a table of dishes to help celebrate.

Su Rui happily finished dinner at Su Family’s place. Su Qingmei stopped throwing a tantrum as well. Instead, she kept on staring at Su Rui every now and then silently, attempting to figure out his secret.

Unfortunately, Su Rui said nothing on the dining table and he acted like an obedient child. Su Qingmei saw nothing.

After dinner, Su Rui went to Su Wan’s room under the name of it was too early so they could go make up the classes.

There was nothing General Su could do but look at his small wife. He thought it was pretty nice. If she was chubbier and had more baby fat on her face, it’d feel nice to pinch her for sure.

Su Wan had no words.

Seeing Su Wan and Su Rui staying in the room, Su Qingmei went to the yard by herself. She hadn’t walked out yet and she saw Xie Changan outside the door.

Her gaze brightened. “Brother Changan, are you here to play with me?”

Meeting Su Qingmei’s bright eyes, Xie Changan smiled faintly. He lifted his hands and waved the small box he was holding. “My uncle brought the chocolate from abroad. It tastes delicious. I wanted to bring some over for you and your sister. Qingmei, why is it just you here? Where’s your sister? Doing homework?”

“Uh, yeah.”

Su Qingmei felt down hearing Xie Changan ask about Su Wan. Could it be because she was too young so he had been neglecting her? He seemed to care more about her sister.

“I’m going to check on her. I can help her if she doesn’t understand anything.”

Xie Changan naturally knew about Su Wan’s grades. In the past life, she had dropped out of school because Su Wan had bad grades and she wasn’t Liu Li’s real daughter either. From then on, she had been working in a clothing factory in the city. She was talented in designing. But it had always been her regret that she had never gone to college. In this life, Xie Changan hoped that he could help Su Wan go to college and help her complete her wishes from her past life, becoming an amazing clothes designer.

“Brother Changan!”

Su Qingmei stopped him seeing that he wanted to look for Su Wan. “Cousin is helping out sister. I don’t think you have to go as well.”

Su Qingmei didn’t feel so good inside her heart.

In her past life, Su Qingmei wasn’t lacking any pursuers since middle school. Even in college, there were many boys after her.

She was used to being the center of attention. Now that she had suddenly become invisible and had to watch everyone surround Su Wan, Su Qingmei felt really bad inside.

It made sense for Xie Zixun to care about Su Wan’s grades because he was her teacher but Gao Yu, that hooligan who didn’t like to study at all, also offered to help her in her classes?

Xie Changan as well.

Why did he care so much about Su Wan?

He clearly didn’t like Su Wan in his past life. He had always liked her!


Xie Changan didn’t notice Su Qingmei’s conflicted expression. He froze a bit hearing her words because in Xie Changan’s memory, Su Wan didn’t have a cousin.

Seeing Xie Changan’s confused expression, Su Qingmei blurted, “It’s cousin Gao Yu. Although…I don’t like him, mother, father, and sister, they all like him!”

Gao Yu!

Xie Changan loosened his grip a bit hearing Gao Yu’s name. The chocolate box in his hands almost fell on the ground.

Why was Gao Yu in the Su Family?

How did he become Su Wan’s cousin?

It seems like it wasn’t a coincidence that he encountered Gao Yu in front of the school.

Xie Changan, who also had memories of his past life, naturally remembered what happened between Gao Yu and Su Qingmei. He was overwhelmed with emotions hearing this right now.

“Qingmei, Qingmei!”

Liu Li’s voice rang outside. There wasn’t much Su Qingmei could do right now. She snatched the chocolate box from Xie Changan’s hands and smiled splendidly at him. “Thank you for the chocolate. I’ll bring that to sister! My mother’s calling me now. I should head back!”

Saying this, Su Qingmei turned and ran back to the yard.

Xie Changan hesitated for a while before deciding to wait outside and wait for Gao Yu to come out of the Su Family...

“Qingmei, what are you holding?”

Liu Li originally wanted to tell Su Qingmei to get more clothes but seeing what her daughter was holding in her hands, she couldn’t help but ask. Liu Li enjoyed taking advantage of others but she was strict with her daughter. She didn’t want Su Qingmei taking other people’s things.

Daughters naturally needed to be pampered. That way, she’d be able to get her a wealthy son-in-law!

“Brother Changan gave me this!”

Su Qingmei hugged the box of chocolate in her arms like it was treasure. She ran outside Su Wan’s door.


She softly pushed the door open to see Su Wan sitting in front of the table doing her homework. Su Rui was standing behind her right now, his hands on the table. From a side view, he had wrapped Su Wan in his arms.

The light was a bit dim and it shone on the boy’s profile. Su Qingmei paused. She had to admit that Gao Yu was really handsome. She had encountered many men in her past life but none of them were more handsome than Gao Yu.

But Gao Yu was too much of a playboy. He would never settle on a single woman. He was a natural loafer.

But this scene touched Su Qingmei’s heart.

The boy’s gaze was overly gentle. He seemed to be looking at the person in front of him like she was the lover he had loved for so many years.

Thud. While Su Qingmei was stunned, she also dropped the chocolate box on the ground.

The noise startled the two people. Su Rui carelessly turned around and went to look at Su Qingmei. “Qingmei, what’s the matter?”

Su Qingmei avoided Su Rui’s gaze. She glanced at the candy box on the ground and carefully opened it. Thankfully, the chocolate pieces haven’t been broken.


Su Wan also turned around, glancing at the box of chocolate in Su Qingmei’s hands curiously.

This didn’t look like something Su Guoliang and Liu Li would buy.

“Sister, cousin, the Changan gifted this to me. Do you guys want?”

Su Qingmei blinked her sparkling eyes as she gave Su Wan a piece of chocolate.

Su Qingmei told herself not to be blinded by Gao Yu’s appearance. His gentleness and devotion were just a scam. There was no way he’d let go of an entire forest for a single woman. This wasn’t like him.

Xie Changan was one of the rare good men in this world. She must hold onto him and not miss him anymore. Even if she had to use some methods, she had to be with Xie Changan...

As expected, Xie Changan gave her the chocolate.

Su Wan smiled faintly. “Since Xie Changan gave this to you, you can eat them. I don’t want them. They’re too sweet.”

“Who is Xie Changan? They’re quite generous.”

Su Rui smiled and asked, seeing that Su Wan rejected Su Qingmei. That box of chocolate must be expensive. This brat is actually willing to spend that much on Su Wan.

“Brother Changan is our neighbor. He’s the best person in the world. I…I want to marry him when I grow up!”

Su Qingmei lifted her head and exclaimed childishly.

It seemed like children’s words carried no harm but in reality, Su Qingmei was saying this specially for Su Wan.

Su Wan was speechless.

Whoever is willing to be his wife, go ahead! I don’t care. Since meeting General Su, every other man is a scumbag.

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