Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 360 - Childhood Sweethearts(10)

While Liu Li was looking at Su Rui with a passionate gaze, Su Guoliang furrowed his brows. Government official? He was just a normal worker so he didn’t dare say he knew any relatives from the government.

“I’ve never heard A-Fang tell me that she had relatives from the capital. Child, have you gotten the wrong person?”

“No way.”

Su Rui smiled and took out a picture from his pocket. On it was a picture of two women. One of them was Gao Yu’s mother, Dong Yuanyuan and the other was Su Wan’s mother, Qin Fang.

“This is…”

Su Guoliang froze seeing this. He obviously recognized his wife.

“Ah, Guoliang. He came specially from the capital so did he need to lie to us?”

Liu Li was positive about Su Rui’s identity. She smiled and greeted, “Everyone here is a guest. I’ll cook some more dishes tonight and you guys can all stay to eat. Teacher Xie, don’t leave either!”


Su Qingmei started throwing a tantrum in Liu Li’s arms again. “Mommy, I’m scared. I’m scared. Let him go quickly. Let him go!”

“Qingmei, what’s the matter with you?”

Liu Li felt awkward hearing her daughter’s crying. Then she smacked Su Qingmei’s back and said, “Don’t throw a tantrum.”

Saying this, Liu Li carried Su Qingmei inside.

Bang. The door was closed by Liu Li.

She placed Su Qingmei on the bed and looked at her seriously. “Don’t you dare cry! What do you know? He’s an important person. You have to call him Gao Yu, mn, cousin Gao Yu.”

Saying this, Liu Li wiped the tears on Su Qingmei’s face. “Stay in the room right now. I’ll let you out whenever you stop throwing a tantrum.”

Liu Li then quickly walked out of the room without looking at Su Qingmei’s reaction.

Su Qingmei’s gaze immediately turned conflicted after Liu Li left.

Right. She was only a five years old child. No one would believe whatever she said.


Why did Gao Yu appear here?

This was different from what she experienced in her past life! Plus, the other woman in the picture was indeed Dong Yuanyuan. Su Qingmei had seen Gao Yu’s mother in her past life.

Could it be...

Gao Yu’s mother was really Su Wan’s mother’s distant cousin?

Then was this world the same world she experienced in her past life?

Su Qingmei was a little confused for a moment...

Su Guoliang had confirmed Su Rui’s identity right now so he started talking to him happily.

Seeing the pair chatting happily, Ye Kanhuan couldn’t help but look at Su Wan. “Su Wan, do you need this teacher to tutor you in your homework?”

“Thank you teacher.”

Su Rui was the one that responded to Ye Kanhuan though. He stood up and looked at Xie Zixun with a calm expression. “Teacher, you still need to look over so many students so let’s not trouble you with Xiao Wan.”

Su Rui then smiled and turned to look at Su Guoliang. “Although I have ordinary grades, it’s no issue helping to tutor Su Wan. It just so happens that I don’t have much homework after class every day either. I can help tutor Xiao Wan in her homework from today on. What do you think?”

Su Wan had bad grades. Su Guoliang knew. Unfortunately, he and Liu Li didn’t know much to help either. True, no one could tutor Su Wan and their family couldn’t afford a tutor either. Hearing Su Rui’s words now, Su Guoliang was delighted. “Xiao Yu, it’s great that you can tutor Xiao Wan! Xiao Wan, thank your cousin already!”

“Thank you cousin!”

While saying this, Su Wan winked at Su Rui.

“You don’t have to be so polite. You guys can chat while I go teach Xiao Wan how to do her homework.”

Su Rui walked to Su Wan and then followed her inside the bedroom.

Su Wan couldn’t help but look at Su Rui now. “What’s up with the picture?”


Su Rui then took out another picture from his pocket. That was the single picture of Qin Fang that the original owner has always treasured.

“I took this from your photo album yesterday. Then I picked a picture of my mother this morning and asked a store to photoshop this.”

As expected, technology can change lives.

“You really have foresight!”

Su Wan couldn’t help but smile before tossing her backpack on her bed.

“That Xie you feel it? He’s from the rebirth department…”

“Ye Kanhuan.”

Su Rui said his name. “Xu Ce had given me some information on him. I recorded it.”


Su Wan nodded. “That’s right. It’s him. He purposely revealed his status in front of us. But I think he actually just wants to see your strength.”

“Then he’s going to be disappointed because this always unpredictable.”

Su Rui exclaimed arrogantly for once.

“Mn. You’re unpredictable. Then let me ask, now that you’ve used this fake picture to gain Su Guoliang and Liu Li’s approval, then how are you planning to deal with Gao Yu’s parents?”

Su Rui and Su Wan would probably be in this world for another decade or so. Then during this time, Su Guoliang and Liu Li would meet Gao Jian and his wife one day, right?

At that time, Su Rui’s lies would be discredited.

Su Guoliang wasn’t too familiar with Qin Fang’s family’s relatives but there was no way Dong Yuanyuan wouldn’t know.


Su Rui stayed frozen hearing Su Wan’s words. Damn. When General Su thought of this solution, he didn’t consider Dong Yuanyuan and the others in the least bit!

Therefore, no matter how smart a person was, they’d always make mistakes.


Su Rui waved his hands and said, “I’ll find a way to deal with Dong Yuanyuan when the time comes.”

Saying this, Su Rui walked forward and carried Su Wan in his arms. “You’re too skinny right now. No. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to bring you tonics so that you can grow up quickly!”

Su Wan’s gaze flickered. “What’s good about growing up? Don’t you know that the children now all like lolis? If I grow too quickly and grow taller than those cute guys, no one will dare to pursue me anymore.”

“What? Someone is pursuing you?”

General Su’s face turned dark.

He was a wealthy second generation himself and he was handsome as well. It didn’t make sense that he hadn’t received a single love letter after transferring to Shisan Highschool but now Su Wan was telling him that someone was pursuing her, a nine years old loli. Wasn’t this world too strange?

Su Wan couldn’t help but pinch his face. “I’m just teasing you. The classmates in my school are all really pure. What do they know?”

True, this was quite a conservative period.

But Su Wan’s words made Su Rui think of Xie Changan.

Wasn’t he a “cute boy” who held ulterior motives towards his wife?

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