Cheng Jinyu had a special existence in the company. He had a better appearance and many elites were starting to take notice of him. Manager Wang Ke also attached great importance to him.

Although Cheng Jinyu was considered the company’s upstart, many people looked at him with envious stares. Right now Zhang Hongyu said it like this, those people who saw him with importance, one after another had astonished expressions.

A woman living off a rich man would be talked about, let alone a man.

Yang Zijain angrily said, “What nonsense are you saying? Jinyu is not that kind of person.”

“No? You ask him, ask him if it's true or not? The lack of money made him insane.  even sold off his own body. He's a person with no morals.I want to see what happens when that rich old man is done playing with you. Then what are you going to do?”

Yang Zijian was extremely angry and wanted to retort but Cheng Jinyu stopped him.

Cheng Jinyu stepped forward to speak. “Young Master Zhang, I am married. I married a rich man. Did I break a law? Did I hinder you?”


In the future, whatever happens I’ll take responsibility myself. It seems to have nothing to do with you. We are not people who belong in the same world. If I want to do something it is my business, I don't need Young Master Zhang to wave his hands around and criticize.”

“Ok! Sure enough when you have someone to support you, you don’t act the same. You actually dare to talk to me this way. Biao Ge, it seems you’ve forgotten what a good-for-nothing you were originally. At the time you came over and licked Young master’s shoes, young master avoided your dirty tongue. Right now you’re prostituting yourself for money, trying to show off your might. Don’t know how much you are charging? Young Master will also buy your butt to play around with.”

“You b*st*rd!” Yang Zijian stepped forward and was firmly clenching his fist, immediately punched Zhang Hongyu in the nose. His nose started bleeding at once.

“Zijian!” Jiang Zihan yelled out and grasped firmly onto his arm, “What are you doing? What does this have to do with you?”

“I just can’t bear to watch him bully people.”

“Son of a b*tch, who the f*ck are you!” Zhang Hongyu panting with rage wanted to dash over.

Jiang Zihan immediately stopped him, “Hongyu, this is my younger cousin.”

There were many people currently in the office around them. They were startled to see this scene in front of them.

Jiang Zihan cleared his throat. “Ok that's enough. Don’t disturb them anymore. Let’s go to my office, you guys hurry and go back to work. What are you looking at?”

Chen Yuze was sitting on the chair in Jiang Zihan’s office. His mind had wandered off somewhere, from beginning to end he didn’t say a word. His expression was a bit reserved, it appeared that he kept looking at Cheng Jinyu like he had never seen him before.

Jiang Zihan looked at Zhang Hongyu. His nose was bleeding but it wasn’t serious.

“It’s not serious, you probably don’t need to go to the hospital. Zijian is still young, just don’t bother with him” Jiang Zihan said.

Zhang Hongyu angrily said, “Brother Zihan, how do you still have a younger cousin? In addition they are at your company.”

Jiang Zihan, “He is my aunt’s child. He hasn’t graduated from college yet. He’s at my company to develop himself. Really am sorry, he doesn’t understand the situation, just pardon him a bit.”

Yang Zijian angrily replied, “I didn’t do anything wrong. For what reason is he talking about Jinyu like that?”

“You don’t know anything and you’re just protecting him? Do you know what he’s doing right now? Selling his own ass and you’re still protecting?” Zhang Hongyu shouted angrily.

Cheng Jinyu stood up, “Young Master Zhang, I’m selling my ass. I married an old man, what does it have to do with you?”

Zhang Hongyu fuming, “Of course it has something to do with me. Using the money you made from selling yourself to show off in front of us, also treating us to drink alcohol. What are you? All of your money is filthy. We will not use it.”

“I didn’t treat you, I was treating Chen Yuze.”

“Chen Yuze will not use your things.” Zhang Hongyu shouted.

Cheng Jinyu turned around to look at Chen Yuze, this person who was in the back and not saying anything. Cheng Jinyu many times had looked at him before and couldn’t understand him.

Sometimes Chen Yuze was very good to him. For example helping him find a job or regarding Wei Hua’s situation.

But Chen Yuze had never looked at him like another human being. Even during the moments when his friends would ridicule him, he was always a person who watched with folded arms.

Cheng Jinyu stared at Chen Yuze. “I am married, I didn’t tell you. My husband has a lot of money. Don’t tell me this is a reason for you guys to get angry at me? I should be impoverished, I should kneel down and be so lowly in front of you guys that I can’t even lift my head?”

Cheng Jinyu firmly took a deep breath. “In the past it may have been like this, but it won’t be in the future.”

Cheng Jinyu finished talking and turned to Jiang Zihan. “Chief Jiang, thank you for your care. I’m resigning.”

Jiang Zihan’s face changed colors and became a bit angry. “What's going on? Your character is so great now? Incredible?”

Cheng Jinyu, “Yes.”

Jiang Zihan stared blankly. This kind of stubborn and resolute Cheng Jinyu, it was the first time he saw it. The Cheng Jinyu from before was a flat surface. No matter how much over excessive words they spoke, he would never refute.

Jiang Zihan chuckled and smiled, “Indeed, you found a rich person. Don’t even want to work anymore.”

Cheng Jinyu, “Thank you for your care these past few days.” He said this then turned around to face Chen Yuze, “and also thank you for helping me find this job at the time. I’ve already sent my resignation to HR, I hope that they’ll be able to process it quickly.”

Cheng Jinyu finished talking and turned around wanting to leave.

“Biao Ge, you’ve changed.” Chen Yuze finally spoke.

Cheng Jinyu unexpectedly thought it was very funny. So much that he couldn't help but look up and laugh heartily. That's right, he changed. He refused to be humiliated by them so they are angry, so they are furious.

Cheng Jinyu, “I never changed, I was like this from the beginning.”

Chen Yuze’s gaze held doubt.

Cheng Jinyu, “But in those ten years, I lost my original nature and became a fleshless zombie. “

“Yuze, I know you treat me very well, you also keep helping me. I really am grateful to you. Thank you for your care these past few years.I will remember it in my heart.”

Chen Yuze smiled, “Grateful to me? Remember it in your heart? Actually you hate me isn’t that right? Hate that I purposely went to tease Wei Hua? Hate that these years I didn't give you money isn't that right?”

“I kept treating you as my cousin, my brother, what about you? From start to end you treat me as a stranger. From start to end you keep harboring hard feelings against me.”

“Of course he harbors hard feelings against you, of course he cannot treat you as a blood related cousin.” Yang Zijian resentfully said, “You said you treat him as your blood related cousin, your brother, but it's just hot air on your lips. You’ve never saw him as an equal.”

“Your friends publicly humiliate him. I can even see it even as an outsider. Excuse me what exactly is your cousin doing? Refrain from talking about yourself like that. Cheng Jinyu has already given you enough face. You're merely just carrying a mask, pretending to be a goodwill friend, when in fact you really bully and loathe him for his foundation.”

“Stop pretending. Put away your cover up. Seeing it makes people feel nauseous.”

“Zijian, what nonsense are you saying!” Jiang Zihan angrily said.

Yang Zijian coldly snorted, “What did I say that was wrong? We are also cousins but we have never called each other brothers like he has. But the relationship between us, compared to their relationship are poles apart. “

“You’ve never seen Jinyu as a person, what do you mean you see him as a brother. Your hypocritical face, don’t show it in front of Jinyu again. Jinyu isn’t an idiot, he already noticed it early on. He just didn’t want to expose you. Leave you with a bit of dignity.”

“Yang Zijian, get out of here!”

“Want me to leave I’ll leave. Also, I also resign. I quit starting today.” Yang Zijian finished talking, and directly pulled Cheng Jinyu out.

Chen Yuze ruthlessly slapped the table. “Biao Ge, what exactly is your meaning? Could it be that you want to break off our ties as brothers?”

“There was never any friendly affection, better to just break it off.” Yang Zijian directly responded.

“Biao Ge, I want you to say something.” Chen Yuze angrily said.

Cheng Jinyu turned his head around and stared at Chen Yuze. “Yuze, we originally were never brothers. I also don’t have the qualifications to become your brother. In front of your eyes, I was a lowly being. Now I’m a degenerate. We originally were not people who belonged in the same world. Don’t keep bringing me into your world to be a clown.”

“I am an inferior person. Just let me live or die on my own.” Cheng Jinyu finished talking and left with big strides.

Yang Zijian continued to pull on Cheng Jinyu’s hand. His hand was very warm, practically like he wanted to burn Cheng Jinyu from head to toe. Those words that were stuck in his heart, those words that he wanted to speak but couldn't say it, unexpectedly were said by the person next to him.

To the point that in the end, Cheng Jinyu couldn't help but also say a few words.

These few years he was extremely thankful towards Chen Yuze. But if he could choose, he didn’t want Chen Yuze to treat him as a cousin. Didn’t talk to him, didn’t drag him into a crowd.

Perhaps Chen Yuze had a good heart and maybe had good intentions, but this kind of good heart and good intentions only made Cheng Jinyu feel the need to restrain his emotions.

Him and Chen Yuze were not people in the same world. His friends were definitely not in the same world as him. Everytime they gathered together, Cheng Jinyu was a sorrowful clown. He was just a slave that could be humiliated whenever they wanted.

Chen Yuze kept using the slogan of him being good to him or a brother but Cheng Jinyu knew in his heart, in this lifetime they could not become brothers.

Cheng Jinyu opened his mouth to drink a mouthful of alcohol, “My mother ‘s body is constantly unwell, I need a lot of money. Chen Yuze’s mother is my relative, she lent me a lot of money. I should be grateful towards them, I should repay them, but, but….”

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