Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 36: Frontline Journalist (9) Part 2

So the men on patrol started searching around.

They thought he just went to the toilet, but it turned out that all the people who came back from searching around found nothing.

Only then did the people realize the seriousness of the problem.

Someone immediately pulled the alarm.

The warehouse instantly stirred up.

The whole staff was armed and ready to meet the fight.

However, there was no enemy.

The chief asked furiously, "What's going on? Who pulled the alarm?"

The man at the post trotted up and said, "Chief, when I went to switch shifts, I found that Sterry was missing, and I searched all around."

The chief listened with a grim face.

An escape would be impossible.

All the people here were brought from Country B by him.

There was no possibility of escape, but no corpse was there, so he was captured.

Then who could capture a big living person without a sound?

"Go out and look! They must not have gone far. They should be around here."

The people scattered and separated again to go and look for people.

The chief came to a room and knocked on the door.

A man opened the door. He walked in and saluted the man sitting on the couch.

"Sir, there's been a small incident. One of the men from the sentry post is missing. I've asked my men to look for him."

The man on the couch was dressed in a suit.

His hair was still neatly combed and shaped even in the middle of the night.

His deep eyes, defined features, and body had the aura of someone who belonged to a higher power.

He rubbed his hands.

"Viper's side also lost a man. The pursuit resulted in a total loss. This time you lost another man. Maybe it was done by the same people?"

As he talked, the phone rang, and he stopped the conversation to pick up the phone again.



"Well, I got it. You guys keep looking."

After hanging up the phone, the corners of his mouth pulled into a smile.

"The two journalists from Country H disappeared after they went to the embassy. What happened after that was one thing after another, it had to be linked together ah."

The chief heard this and displayed a fierce expression.

"Do you want to kill them! Sir, it is better to kill the wrong person than to let someone go!"

The man waved his hand.

"No need, for now. Go and find the people first. I want to see what else will happen later."

The chief then closed the door and went out.

He continued to intensify the search for the man.

Two hours later, the sun rose over the horizon, and the day began to brighten.

A small group of men found Sterry in a remote area of the city.

The man was found dead, although with only a single gunshot wound in his thigh.

There was no witness or evidence of death.

They did not take the man back to the warehouse.

They simply buried him on the spot.

Most of them might end up worse than this.

It was possible to die in the wilderness.

Ah Jin returned to the hotel with Sanlang.

"Sanlang, pack your things, and let's go back to the embassy."

Sanlang did not ask why and began to pack.

There was not much stuff.

Ah Jin still asked Mani to send them back.

On the way, Ah Jin talked to Mani again, "Brother Mani, we have gathered our information. I think this is the last time for us to meet. Thank you very much."

Mani also smiled, "Sir, you can't say that. If you can really help our country, then you are our great benefactor. You are our hero of country A!"

Ah Jin saw his hopeful look.

She should not discourage him, but she still felt that she should tell the truth.

"Brother Mani, I am only responsible for reporting. It is not up to me whether I can get international aid or not. Many countries do not get aid even after reporting."

Mani was not angry after hearing that.

"It's still good to be able to report it. My country has been destroyed. I just hope more people can survive."

Ah Jin did not know what to say.

She was not good at comforting people.

Without empathy, how to empathize?

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