Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 36: Frontline Journalist (9) Part 1

Ah Jin used the deadly energy to conceal her form and blended into the darkness, swiftly approaching him.

The man fastened his belt and suddenly heard a gust of wind behind coming towards him.


He subconsciously raised his gun and turned back, but no one was behind except the whistling wind.

He raised his gun again, looked around, and found that he had made a fuss, so he lowered his weapon.

He continued back to the sentry post.

Before he could take two steps, he felt another gust of wind coming from behind.

He turned to look, and the gust of wind hit him.

Before he could react, the air poured into his mouth and nose.

Ah Jin controlled the death energy to enter his body via his mouth and nose.

She wanted to try what would happen if the death energy entered the body of a living person.

After he breathed in the dead energy, Ah Jin felt his life draining away rapidly.

She hurriedly withdrew the dead energy, but the man's lifespan was only about half left.

She asked Sanlang to drag the man cautiously into the bushes.

The two returned with him.

Fortunately, the patrols were fewer at night.

Otherwise, they would have been discovered for sure.

Ah Jin rushed back to the city with the man on that night, of course, but not in the city.

They just located an abandoned house in the city's outskirts.

This time they should do it quickly.

The other side will soon realize that the man was missing.

The man who had already lost half of his life was incomparably weakened.

Ah Jin woke him up and put a gun against his thigh.

"The secret of your organization."

The man didn't say anything.

Ah Jin didn't give him a chance and shot him.

The bullet penetrated his thigh, which caused the man to scream in excruciating pain.

Ah Jin gagged him with a cloth and put the gun again at his heart.

"One last hurrah, speak."

The man breathed heavily from the severe pain.

The flesh on his face trembled, and he hurriedly nodded his head.

Ah Jin took the cloth off, and the man began to speak.

"My organization code name is Tiger. I am a weapons seller, and I take the goods from Country B.

Ah Jin asked again, "Who is in the warehouse?"

The man breathed deeply and continued, "The Tiger leader, a former high-ranking member of Country A. He came to us when the war broke out. I heard that there is another organization also owned by him, called Viper."

Ah Jin asked, "What is his name?"

The man shook his head, "I don't know, never heard of him."

Ah Jin put away her gun and called Sanlang, "Let's go."

When they got into the car, Sanlang asked, "Are you not going to kill him?"

Ah Jin smiled, her eyes fixed on the darkness in the distance.

"He'll live five minutes at most."

With his weak body and the gunshot wound in his leg, he wouldn't necessarily survive five minutes.

It was time for the shift change in the warehouse, and the person taking over the shift was half asleep when he came up to the post.

"Sterry, time for a change of shift, get your ass to bed."

The only response to him was the silent sentry post.

It was an unoccupied station and only the sound of the whistling wind in the background.

The man searched around the perimeter, and he called out a few more times, " Sterry! Sterry! Where have you been? Sterry!"

People patrolling around looked at him.

He asked the patrol.

"Have you seen Sterry? He's gone. You guys go look for him."

The men on patrol teased, "Probably went to take a shit and couldn't get up because his legs got weak! Hahaha."

Another man also laughed, "Come on, go look for him and pull him out of the pit!"

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