The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 36 – Destroy~!! (デストローイっ!!)

I rubbed Allis-chan's back while casting magic to cure her abnormal conditions.

Buuut she wasn't injured or sick, so my healing magic didn't work at all.

By the way, I'll say this to protect Allis-chan's honor; she barely overcame her nausea through sheer willpower and successfully held it in.

She didn’t lose her pride as a noble lady. As expected of her.


But I can't make you drink any more than you already have.

I don't know if there was a recommended dosage for potions, but drinking too much of anything is a bad idea.

I wanted to repeat the process of full HP depletion and recovery, but it's time to prioritise Allis-chan's health.


"Allis-chan, I'll give you some items to reduce HP consumption and enhance HP recovery, so put them on and stop using those potions. I'll also cast body enhancement magic on you."


"Uuu~. I understand. In exchange, I'll have to work even harder to level up."


Seeing the determined look on Allis-chan's face, I made up my mind to do my best in supporting her.

I'll put my skills to full use.

Next time, I absolutely won't let anything happen to Allis-chan!!


With the potions taken out of the menu, Allis-chan will need to maximise her energy consumption. And, I'll have to escort her with my full support, but still so she could level up and get a good amount of exp.

......This is gonna be a lot tougher than raising my own level. I'll still do it, though.


"Well then, now that we've recovered our spirit, let's resume our slime hunt with caution. Let’s do our best─! One-two!! Destroy~!!”




"Just something to get you fired up. Destroy~!!"






With Isabella no longer underestimating slimes, the resumed slime hunt turned into a slime Eradication and Cleanup operation.

Isabella used "Superbia" on one of her eyes to get a bird's-eye view and search the plains below for slimes and horned rabbits.

At the same time, she made full use of her "Presence Detection" , "Enemy Detection", and "Magic Detection" in a wide range, being on alert for slimes and other monsters coming out of the forest.

Once she found a slime, she would use "Body Enhancement" and "Presence Obfuscation" to get closer to them, lure them out, and use "Ira" to intimidate them just barely of killing them.

The petrified slime will then be dealt the finishing blow via Amaryllis's giant fork. In this method, the slimes on the meadow were swiftly exterminated one after another.


Honestly, there's no need for this much skill usage against mere slimes. It's overkill.




"Allis-chan!! This is the last one!! I'm kicking it your way!! There─!!"




"Yaah!! Destroyy!!"




As she worked to defeat the immobile slimes sent her way one after the other, Allis-chan's initial hesitation seemed like a distant past as she was now like a well-oiled machine, breaking the slime's core with a fork in one hit.


The way the clear, wobbly slimes were stabbed with a fork makes it look like a delicious warabi mochi. I want some soybean powder.


"Fuu..... It looks like we hunted all the slimes around here."


"Yes!! But, I don't see any horned rabbits at all..."


That's right. No matter how hard I searched from above, I couldn't find any one-horned rabbits.

Even Paul-san tilted his head at this.


"It really is strange. Horned rabbits are commonly found in this area. It's mysterious how not a single one could be found even with Miss Isabella searching from a wide aerial view."


"Fueh..... But to level up, I need to be able to hunt a horned rabbit by myself, too~..."


Allis-chan was surprisingly pretty eager about it.

She's properly working with the intent of being able to hunt a horned rabbit alone by noon.


But no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find a horned rabbit.

I did look for other creatures that might be the cause of this. For example, "those that might be natural enemies of horned rabbits", but there were none.


Just where did they go?


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