End of World Businessman

Chapter 36.3: Combined skill [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 36.3: Combined skill [3]

The other three hunter teams, who got similarly tax-free shops, were not as good as Wu Ye. Not only that, the amount of rare goods was not that many as well since they couldn’t easily get those things. Only a small part of what they sold in their shops were collected in their previous missions. The larger part of their stocks were bought from the black market to be resold. As such, the things in their shops were a mix of expensive stuff and cheap stuff.

Yang Qi and Yang Li Na came early in the morning after breakfast time was over, and went out hunting with Wu Ye and the others.

Since knowing that zombies would also evolve by devouring crystal nuclei, Wu Ye dismissed the idea of going to the Zombie Wall to farm points. Honestly, it was safer to kill the zombies on the edge of the security zone. After all, all six of them, except for Ji Yun, were ability users. However, unless they were surrounded by zombies, everyone would only use their hot weapons directly instead of their abilities since it’s easier and would allow them to reserve their power.

"Ji Yun, is that robot of yours working properly or not?" Wu Ye asked while he was shooting.

Some time ago, Ji Yun and Professor Li's invention, the zombie detector was almost at its final stage. And Professor Li only needed to conduct a final data debugging for that. As such, this fact freed Ji Yun’s hands. So, he concentrated on studying the ‘Craniotomy Robots’.

After more than half a month of fiddling with it, the initial shape of the robot had finally taken shape. And, today was the first time they took it out to test the water.

The ‘Craniotomy Robot’ didn’t have a humanoid shape. Its structure was a bit similar to a car, but its shape was much weirder than it. The ‘Craniotomy Robot’ was about half a meter high and one meter long. Its ‘eyes’ on its box head was embedded with a light that was slightly smaller than a basketball, but in fact, it was a crystal nucleus sensor and a data collector in one.

There was also a flexible telescopic robotic arm on each side of the ‘car’. One of the ‘palm’ being equipped with a mechanical telescopic plier to make it easy to pinch the zombies’ neck. The other ‘palm’ was equipped with an extremely sharp chainsaw which could easily saw off the zombies’ skulls.

Aside from those two, there was also a mechanical arm on the roof which was designed to be a fully human shape complete with fingers. This arm could rotate 360 degrees, pick the crystal nucleus and put them to the car’s big mouth.

Ji Yun’s effort to develop the ‘Craniotomy Robot’ did not go to waste. And with Li Min Sheng’s cooperation, he especially put an AI chip into its control center.

The machine also used Professor Li's favorite small solar generator as the power center. According to their design concept, the ‘Craniotomy Robot’ could automatically identify the dead zombies by sensing the energy of the crystal nucleus. Then it would complete a series of actions to harvest the crystal nucleus independently so as to reduce risks and increase efficiency, to partially replace manpower.

Today marked the first appearance of ‘Craniotomy Robot’. Don’t look down at it because it was created from old things. The inner sensor, control panel, power panel, and two imitation tank tracks were all made from a special metal. And each item was worth quite a lot of money. It was no joke, Wu Ye paid a full 1W transparent crystal nuclei for them.

Wu Ye was full of curiosity to see the little robot’s performance, however, after the robot was booted on, it foolishly stumbled into a group of zombies. Then, instead of pulling the zombies’ nuclei inside their brain, it sawed off the zombies’ legs making the zombies go crazy.

However, don’t look at the ‘Craniotomy Robot’ fierce and threatening gestures along with rampant appearance. Because when the zombies went after it, it would only know to hide and cut off its power, silently pretending to be dead.

Ji Yun watched as his small robot ran farther and farther away before he took out his AI to control and operated the robot manually. “Right, of course it’s like that. This is its first actual operation after all. That abnormal situation is very normal. Don’t worry, I’ll slowly debug the data. It’s performance should improve in due time.”

Wu Ye thought of more than half a year's time Ji Yun used to debug his zombies’ detector and stayed silent. However, one could see his face turning bright red as a result of trying to hold his laughter.

Qin Wuhua silently glanced at Wu Ye, and couldn’t help but to slightly raise the corner of his mouth.

This little guy really doesn’t hide his emotions in front of the people he knew well. Whether he was happy or unhappy, all of it was plainly shown on his face, saving everyone the effort of speculating his mood like they were used to with their former superiors.

Just look at how long it took! Yang Qi and Yang Li Na, who originally came because of me, now called him as the boss without hesitation or reluctance. Even Qian Xin, who I brought in, had said more than once that the boss is interesting. Well, it’s no wonder he said that. After all, since Wu Ye sold counterfeit cigarettes, Qian Xin has not lost a day when he’s not happily puffing smokes.

Even if there were other people who could get supplies the way Wu Ye did, how many people would do something as generous as him? Therefore, it was no wonder that people wanted to serve under him.

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