Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 36 - 2: Third Brother, I’m Taking Advantage of You

He Qi had finished his shift, so it was Tian Fei who received Chen Yu. Since Chen Yu rescued Lou Ming, the group of assistants became even more respectful towards her.

“Did Miss Chen Yu come to see Third Young Master?” Tian Fei asked politely.

“En, is Third Brother asleep?” Chen Yu asked.

“Not yet, Third Young Master is reading in the study right now.” Tian Fei replied.

“Reading a book as soon as he wakes up, are books that good?” Chen Yu ran upstairs with thumping sounds.

Before Chen Yu reached the study room’s entrance, Lou Ming had already put down the book he was reading halfway. Even if he couldn’t see her, he could guess Chen Yu was here by listening to the footsteps going upstairs.

“Third Brother.” The study door wasn’t closed, so Chen Yu quietly poked her head in.

“Did you change your hair?” Lou Ming noticed Chen Yu’s change in appearance at one glance.

Chen Yu walked in with a sheepish smile, her fingers still pulling her hair uncomfortably.

Tian Fei came in with refreshments. He heard Lou Ming talking about Chen Yu’s hair and boasted, “Ms. Chen Yu changed her hairstyle and looks even more beautiful. I almost didn’t recognize her.”

“Do… do I?” Sure enough, girls still like to be beautiful, although Chen Yu tried to pretend she didn’t care, but after changing her hairstyle, apart from feeling a little uncomfortable, she was actually secretly very happy.

“You’re even more beautiful than before.” Lou Ming nodded with a smile.

Tian Fei put down the tea and walked out quietly with his imagination going wild. He didn’t know if it was a psychological effect, but after seeing the scene where Miss Chen Yu forcibly kissed Third Young Master this afternoon, his brain became hard to control.

“Why are you here so late?” Lou Ming asked.

“I had something to do in the afternoon so I left before Third Brother woke up, I was a little worried.” Chen Yu explained.

“I’m fine.” Lou Ming thanked her with a warm smile, “I heard it was you who saved me this time, thank you.”

“That’s what should be done, ah, I promised I’ll help you to keep the evil spirit under control.” Chen Yu said with a have-you-forgotten look, “So, you don’t have to thank me, furthermore, our relationship is good, if you say thank you then it’d make us look like strangers.”

“I still have to say what should be said.” Lou Ming insisted.

“Then, then I also want to apologize to you.” Chen Yu said with a guilty conscience. Still have to say what should be said, indeed, I still have to apologize, ah.

“Apologize?” Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu in confusion.

“En.” Guilt was written all over Chen Yu’s face, “I… I did a bad thing today. Of course, I was forced to do it.”

“What’s the matter?” Lou Ming asked curiously.

“I… I…” Chen Yu gritted her teeth and said, “I took advantage of Third Brother, although I didn’t mean to, I still have to apologize when I should apologize.”

Took advantage??? Lou Ming’s smart brain was stunned, he couldn’t understand what Chen Yu said at all.

“I… I forcefully kissed Third Brother.” Chen Yu blushed like a boiled prawn, “I… I’m sorry, but I really didn’t mean it!”

I forcefully kissed Third Brother!

I forcefully kissed Third Brother!!

I forcefully kissed Third Brother!!!

The superior IQ brain that was inside Lou Ming’s head stopped working for the first time.

“The evil spirit in Third Brother’s body was too scary, and the jade clasp was broken while the bronze sword kept on attacking me. I didn’t know what to do, but if the evil spirit isn’t sealed back in time, I’m afraid that you would be completely controlled by it, so I called my Grandpa.”

“My Grandpa said as long as I pressed my lips to yours…”

Pressing lips??? Lou Ming sat still as if he was struck by lightning when he heard these words, it was even more graphic than just ‘kiss’.

“…and pull your energy through, then I can help you recover and seal the out of control evil spirit. That’s why, ah, I really didn’t mean to force a kiss on you, I was compelled to do that. But my Mom said no matter what, the person being forcefully kissed wouldn’t be happy with it, so, Third Brother, could you not be angry with me because I have apologized?” Chen Yu asked pitifully.

With his heart holding back rivers and overturning seas, Lou Ming’s expression alternated a few times, and as he faced a certain person’s imploring gaze, he couldn’t even say a word out of embarrassment.

“Brother, are you really angry?” Chen Yu asked cautiously.

“What would you do if I really was angry?” Lou Ming finally composed himself and asked awkwardly.

“I’ll do whatever you say, as long as Third Brother isn’t angry, I will take responsibility.” Chen Yu was always a good, responsible child.

Take responsibility? Lou Ming looked strangely at Chen Yu, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“Just… take responsibility, ah.” Chen Yu blinked in a daze; didn’t I clearly say it?

Sure enough, she doesn’t know what she said, Lou Ming closed his eyes in helplessness and said, “You didn’t take advantage of me, you don’t need to take responsibility.”

“But… my Mom said forcefully kissing…”

“You did it to save me, it’s not… taking advantage.” Lou Ming interrupted Chen Yu’s words, he really didn’t want to hear the two words ‘forcefully kiss’ anymore, “And the girl is the one who suffers with this kind of thing.”

“Oh, so it’s saving you, then I can be relieved.” Chen Yu exhaled and said happily, “Then I won’t disturb Third Brother any longer, I’m going so Third Brother should also get some rest.”

After Chen Yu left, Lou Ming sat in the study alone, without any thoughts of reading, his mind was fully occupied with the awkward conversation he had just had. Embarrassed, ah, he was so embarrassed he suddenly laughed out loud.

“What a silly girl, everyone already said it’s the girl who suffers.”


Me and Chai have agreed that we all should not kiss someone by force (as in sexual harassment), although this is a special case, it’s more like resuscitation.

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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