My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 36.2: The Snake Emperor

The Yao Emperor was equivalent to a Return to Void cultivator. The Yao Concealing Orb couldn't contain the aura of a Yao Emperor at all, so Jing Yue guessed that it was a projection of the Yao Emperor that appeared.

Nevertheless, it was enough to disrupt the situation.

“The Snake Emperor!”

When the smoke dissipated, the high-ranking Yao finally revealed its true face, and it really was a Yao Emperor!

Jing Yue was taken aback for a moment. He actually knew this Yao—the little snake Yao who was beaten and ran away on the Human Realm Mountain back then.

Although the cultivation progress for the Yao race was slow, the longevity was far better than that of the human race. Unexpectedly, ten thousand years later, the other party had become the fearful Yao Emperor, and the aura was so powerful that it rendered many Amethyst Abode cultivators unable to move!

However, Jing Yue had witnessed the most embarrassing moment of this snake Yao, so he simply could not develop any fear for it.

The Snake Emperor's projection gradually solidified, turning into the appearance of a handsome young man. His turquoise vertical pupil looked in the direction of Jing Yue with a hint of doubt in his eyes, but quickly shifted away.

He said, “Lin-zhenjun, thank you.”

At this time, Lin Weixue was gasping weakly. The blood in his body seemed to have completely drained away, a huge pool of blood accumulated on the ground. He smiled faintly. “It’s Weixue’s honor to serve you.”

The corner of Snake Emperor's lips twitched. “Rest and watch as I avenge you.”

Lin Weixue seemed happy all of a sudden, his bloodied teeth revealed a smile, and he looked very sinister.

His reaction seemed to please the Snake Emperor, who poured his power into his hands and punched the outer circle of the formation!


The ground cracked, the entire Three Realm Temple shook violently, the forest around the Yao tower was covered in dust, and rows of trees fell. The atmosphere in the distance was also slightly distorted—it was a crack in the dimension after suffering an impact from the shockwaves.


Jue Yuan rushed towards the Snake Emperor anxiously to try to stop him, but he was just at the Amethyst Abode stage, so it was tantamount to hitting the stone with an egg. The Snake Emperor glanced at him disdainfully, clenched his hands into fists, and blasted an attack towards Jue Yuan!


“Watch out!”

Many people wanted to come to his rescue but it was unfortunately too late. If the attack really landed on Jue Yuan, even if he was not dead, he would be seriously injured!

At the critical moment, a person suddenly appeared in front of Jue Yuan and stretched out his palm to block the Snake Emperor's punch.

There was another explosion and the fierce collision produced by the spiritual energy and Yao energy spread to the surroundings.

Many people fell back from the momentum while Jue Yuan crashed heavily to the ground!

“It’s Great Master Pu Xuan!”

“Great Master Pu Xuan came out from seclusion!”

Some people recognized him and could not help but feel relieved.

Pu Xuan was one of the remaining Return to Void cultivators in the Three Realm Temple, who had the highest cultivation level after Kong Miao.

However, Pu Xuan looked slightly bitter and his face was sallow. It was said that he had been seriously injured thousands of years ago and it seemed that his injuries had not fully recovered.

Fortunately, the Snake Emperor was just a projection, otherwise, Pu Xuan might not be able to stop him.

Jing Yue breathed a sigh of relief when suddenly, a wave of maliciousness enveloped him, and his body became stiff, like a mouse facing a snake.

Jing Yue bit his tongue forcefully and rolled backward instinctively, only to hear a loud noise, and the boulder in front of him shattered apart!

The gravel hit him heavily, the weight of it pressing hard against his chest, and he couldn’t help but spat a mouthful of blood. From the corner of his eye, he saw an unfamiliar Daoist grinning and grabbing at him!

“Ah! Jing-jing! Run away quickly!!”


Blue phoenix flapped its wings and flew away unscrupulously, leaving only its screams echoing in Jing Yue’s divine consciousness. How Jing Yue wished he could feed it to the dragons at that moment!

Jing Yue was just about to forcibly attack the enemy's spiritual consciousness when Wei Tianli rushed to his rescue, shouting angrily, “Yuan Guang, you scoundrel! How dare you insult my Laozu!”

Instantly, the two of them engaged in a fight, and the rest of Frostcloud Sect quickly gathered around Jing Yue to protect him.

Jing Yue, who had escaped from danger, couldn't help but rejoice. If he used his divine consciousness again, his physical body would be severely injured for sure.

He was still too weak…

However, why did Yuan Guang attack him? Jing Yue was puzzled.

Yesterday, while they were in front of the Flying Immortal List, Wei Tianli had introduced him to this person—a rogue cultivator, ranked 18th among the Amethyst Abode cultivators. His character was both righteous and unorthodox, which caused much headache among other cultivators.

But no matter what, how dare that person attack Frostcloud Sect’s Laozu in full view? If Yuan Guang really succeeded in his attack, Frostcloud Sect would never let him off the hook, and what awaited him would be more terrifying than death!

On the other side, Pu Xuan and the Snake Emperor exchanged blows with one another, and on this side, Yuan Guang and Wei Tianli also fought on par.

The strengths of both sides were evenly matched, and everyone used every trick they had up their sleeves.

Most people's eyes were focused on Pu Xuan but Jing Yue naturally paid more attention to Wei Tianli.

But the more he looked at it, the stranger he felt. Although Yuan Guang used a fighting technique that he created, his every movement seemed extremely awkward. Faced with a careful opponent like Wei Tianli, it seemed to be full of mistakes. Therefore, under the constant pressure from Wei Tianli, he quickly showed signs of a disadvantage!

Under normal circumstances, there shouldn’t be such a big gap between the two.

There must be a reason behind such peculiarities. Jing Yue said to the surrounding elders, “Join the fight and force Yuan Guang’s hand.”

Elder Wang, “But Laozu…”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” He took out the Mirror of Evasion that was gifted by Liu Yun. This mirror could resist an attack from a Return to Void cultivator. It was enough.

At Jing Yue’s order, Yuan Guang soon fell into a heavy siege, and he was shocked and angry. “Frostcloud Sect prides itself on being a righteous example but you’re actually so shameless, bullying others with sheer numbers!”

“Do you still have time to talk?” Jing Yue's eyelids twitched. “Everyone, pick up the pace.”


The members of Frostcloud Sect were full of energy. They did not launch a killing move, but simply took turns harassing Yuan Guang. The latter would be seriously injured if he did not retaliate, but his physical strength would be wasted if he did. In short, he was forced to the brink of annoyance, but he could not do anything about it. After a while, his movements became disoriented and his body full of minor wounds.

At exactly this moment, a ray of sunlight penetrated the thick clouds and daylight returned to the area.

The sun rose to the highest point just as the Heavenly Fire descended.

Jing Yue looked up at the scorching sun and abruptly laughed.

But Yuan Guang, who was still fighting miserably before, suddenly sneered, “The hour has arrived. You guys have fun!”

As soon as the voice fell, his body quickly rotted and a cloud of black smoke came out from between his brows. With the aura of a Return to Void cultivator, it rushed towards the square where Kong Miao’s remains were placed, so fast that no one could catch up to it.

Everyone was taken aback. “That black smoke is from the Cadaver Gate?”

“It’s the Blood Corpse-laomo!”

“He wants to control Master Kong Miao’s remains!”

“After him!”

While the crowd was agitated, Jing Yue smiled oddly. “No need to give chase.”

“Why not? There are not many people left in the square, and their cultivation base is not a match for Blood Corpse-laomo.”

Wei Tianli was puzzled and the others looked at the new patriarch of Frostcloud Sect in surprise.

Jing Yue, “Master Kong Miao has already prepared a generous gift. Let’s help to guard the Yao Tower instead.”

Some people wanted to argue with Jing Yue when they heard a sudden scream. Then, they saw a cloud of black smoke twisting into the sky, fleeing in panic.

At the same time, Pu Xuan also looked in the direction of the black smoke, smiled and said, “So that’s how it is.”

Having said that, he actually stopped attacking and slowly disappeared.

The Snake Emperor, who had transformed into his original form, knew something was wrong, but the opportunity was right in front of him, so how could he be willing to fall short at the last moment? Now that Pu Xuan was no longer standing in his way, given enough time, he would accomplish something that no other Yao Emperor had ever done before, and his prestige within the Yao tribe would bound to be far better than today!

Rumble, rumble…

With a swipe from his massive tail, another two cracks appeared in the outer formation. The Snake Emperor roared and rushed over quickly, trying to break through the protective barrier in one fell swoop!

All the high and low ranking Yao roared in unison. They were already celebrating the freedom that they had been waiting for eight thousand years, and it was right before their eyes!

But suddenly, the aura of a Buddha swept over them, and a figure slowly appeared in front of the gap in the outer array.

With a white beard, eyebrows, and hair, his features distinguished and radiant, his body clad in purple and gold robes, it seemed as if Buddha had appeared in the mortal world. Who else could it be but Kong Miao?

The Snake Emperor was shocked. “You’re not dead?”

The response he got was a strike from the staff.


The Snake Emperor screamed. Just being reflected by the Buddha’s light almost destroyed his projection!

Was he going to be defeated today? If his projection was destroyed, his physical body would also be severely injured. At that time, the other Yao Emperors who had been keeping a close watch on him would never let him off!

The conceivable future made him desperate and the Snake Emperor regretted it. In his heart, he prayed to the Yao ancestor to save this descendant who was facing difficulties!

However, the Yao ancestor didn't protect him—it was a human who did.

Lin Weixue, who had been forgotten by everyone since the appearance of the Snake Emperor, flew forward at the critical moment, blocking Kong Miao's attack that was aimed at the Snake Emperor!

“It’s you…” the Snake Emperor was stunned.

Yes, it was him…

Lin Weixue moved his lips, but unfortunately, before he could make a sound, he was turned into ashes in the next second.

Fresh blood sprayed down from the air and fell on many cultivators—it was cold.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Cooperating with the Yao tribe in order to pursue strength was a logic that could be accepted to a certain extent. But to sacrifice oneself for the Yao tribe? When did such a ‘saint’ appear among the human race?

The ashes floating in the air carried Lin Weixue’s last wishes and formed a thought in the Snake Emperor’s consciousness, “May I be reborn as a little Yao under your rule and serve you again in my next life.”

It was a pity that his soul was obliterated and there would be no afterlife for him.

And his astounding actions, after all, didn’t manage to block the attack from the staff.

The Snake Emperor watched helplessly as the Buddha’s light—more dazzling and brighter than the stars and the sun—pierced his projection. In his daze, he suddenly saw the beautiful young man who was on the brink of death on Yao Detention Mountain again.

The other party lied in a pool of blood, his eyes full of desire to survive.

He asked, “Do you wish to live?”

The young man gurgled in his throat but he couldn’t say a word.

“Then you have to listen to me and serve me from now on. Are you willing?”

The young man made the smallest nod.

In a blink of an eye, this scene turned into the young man with his clothes half-undone, lying flushed in the middle of the mountain forest, the desire to survive in his eyes long replaced by lust. It was the ultimate taboo and the ultimate temptation.

Then, the Snake Emperor watched as his projection decomposed into black smoke again and burst suddenly, like a firework that exploded in the day.

He felt excruciating pain as though his body was being crushed. What was the point of saying such nice words when he was about to die anyway!

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