Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 36 - 1: Third Brother, I’m Taking Advantage of You

Chen Yu entered a shopping mall, found a newly opened salon, and walked in.

“Classmate, let’s cut your hair.” A little brother from the salon offered without thinking twice when he saw Chen Yu’s ‘unique’ look.

“Okay.” Chen Yu looked in the mirror, grabbed her half-short/half-long hair and nodded firmly.

“Is this hairstyle popular at school recently? It’s really unique.” The hairdresser stood behind Chen Yu with a pair of scissors and couldn’t help teasing at Chen Yu.

“Oh, I didn’t deliberately cut it like this, I wasn’t careful and… cut off some hair, that’s why it’s like this.” Chen Yu didn’t dare say it was cut off by a bronze sword, it would scare people more than saying she cut her hair this way.

“No wonder ah!” The originally teasing hairdresser saw Chen Yu actually explain it so seriously, and felt that it’s better not to say anymore. He looked at her hair up and down for a moment and said, “How do you want me to style it?”

“Just cut it in whatever style would be good for me.” Chen Yu has never worried about hairstyle.

“Don’t you want to do any styling?” The hairdresser seriously suggested, “If I casually cut your hair short with your small face and smooth hair, you’d look like a little boy, ah.”

“No need.” Chen Yu shook her head decisively; don’t think you can swindle my money.

“Our store recently opened so we offer a 30% discount, oh.” The hairdresser continued to tempt her, “After the discount, the price would be about the same as a regular haircut.”

“About the same?” Chen Yu said in surprise, “A haircut is that expensive?”

“Because I’m the boss, ah.” The hairdresser pointed to the price list next to the mirror, cutting hair with the boss cost 388 yuan.

After reading the price list, Chen Yu asked, “Can I have an ordinary hairstylist?”

When the boss heard that Chen Yu wanted to change to a different hairstylist, he happily answered, “No way, the store just opened so I haven’t had time to recruit people yet.”

Isn’t this cheating people? Chen Yu nodded with a heartbroken expression, “Then you can cut my hair.”

“What kind of style do you want?” The salon owner asked.

“You can figure it out.” Anyway, it should be better than the mess she had right now.

“Then leave it to me, classmate.” The boss smiled, raised his hand and clicked his scissors to cut the remaining half of Chen Yu’s long hair.

Before this, Chen Yu had never thought it would take so long just to cut a headful of hair. She sat in the store for three hours, when she woke up, she felt so hungry like her chest was about to stick to her back before her hair was barely done.

After the haircut was done, Chen Yu looked in the mirror and awkwardly stretched out her slightly curling hair. Her fingers hooked the small curl until it straightened up before she let it go and the hair bounced back like a spring. Chen Yu blinked and felt that she hadn’t adapted to her new look.

“How is it? Isn’t the little curly hair cute enough?” The salon owner took out a tablet out of nowhere, found a beautiful anime girl picture and gave it to Chen Yu, “Isn’t it now 100% restored?”

Chen Yu looked at herself in the mirror and saw a different person, she suddenly remembered what Han You often said in the dormitory, “A hairstyle is a woman’s second face.”

Did I just do plastic surgery?

Although Chen Yu felt a little awkward, when she went home with her newly remodeled face, she made mother Chen so very happy. She was pleased with her daughter and thought in her heart: Everyone says university is like a plastic surgery hospital, it’s not even one semester and my daughter has already changed. So beautiful like this, ah!

“Shishi, ah, this hairstyle is so beautiful, it makes you look cute and playful. It just so happens Mom bought you a few new skirts, so you can try them all.” After saying this, Mother Chen immediately denied her own words, “No, the style of those skirts doesn’t match your current hairstyle, I’ll buy some other ones.”

“Mom, no need. I already have so many clothes that I haven’t worn all of them yet.” Every time Chen Yu came back, Mother Chen always bought new clothes for her. She now had a bunch of new clothes in her cabinet that she hasn’t worn yet.

“No way, if a girl changes hairstyle then she should change her bag, shoes, and clothes.” Mother Chen ignored her daughter after she said that and drowned herself in excitement of online shopping.

Mayor Chen only watched cheerfully at the side and thought, well, as long as my wife is happy.

However, Chen Yang actually frowned and asked, “Shishi, are you in love?”

Clang! The teacup in Mayor Chen’s hand was slapped down on the coffee table, Mother Chen also stopped buying clothes, and the three family members all looked at Chen Yu in a daze.

This girl changed so much suddenly, ah, could she be secretly dating someone?

Chen Yu was taken aback for a moment before shaking her head frantically, “No, no way! I just went to a salon with my classmates, and the hairstylist suggested this style, so I just did it, ah.”

“Oh, so that’s it.” Mayor Chen picked up the cup again after calming himself down, “Shishi is already in college so it’s okay to fall in love.”

“If you found a boyfriend, remember to bring him to us.” Chen Yang wondered if he should ask Shao Hui and them to watch her for a while, so no one could abduct his sister.

“Holding hands and kissing is okay, but other…”  Mother Chen started to say.

“No kissing!” Mayor Chen looked at his wife with a dissatisfied look, “How are you teaching your children? How can you let them kiss, ah?”

“What’s wrong with kissing? Kissing won’t get her pregnant, are you an old antique?” Mother Chen said angrily.

“Shishi is a girl, she’s the one who will suffer.” Mayor Chen said angrily too, “I don’t understand how they make TV dramas nowadays, those men like to forcefully kiss the girls, it’s like they can make the other suddenly like them with just a kiss, isn’t this misleading teenager? Shishi, you absolutely must not let others take advantage of you, do you understand?”

“Forced kiss? Then… that… what about women who kiss men forcibly? Does it also count as taking advantage of others?” Chen Yu asked with some guilty conscience.

Chen Yang raised his eyebrows, he looked at his sister’s guilty expression and secretly decided to go find Shao Hui to find out more.

Cough… Mayor Chen choked in a moment’s carelessness.

Mother Chen asked in surprise, “Shishi, did you forcibly kiss someone?”

“No!” Chen Yu said full of guilt, “I’m just asking.”

“So, it’s like that, ah.” Mother Chen said with a sigh of relief, “Although the one who suffers the most in this matter is the girl, it’s always uncomfortable to be forcefully kissed by someone, you’d better… don’t do it.”

“Um!” Chen Yu nodded, seemingly lost in thought. She couldn’t help but think whether her action made Lou Ming uncomfortable.

Today’s matter was forced by circumstances, Third Brother won’t mind much, ah.

Chen Yu thought about it over and over and felt that she should still apologize, she heard the people in the city cared a lot about kissing.

Thus, while the Chen family slept at night, Chen Yu skillfully jumped out the window and ran all the way to the Lou family’s small courtyard.

Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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