My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 36.1: Half-Yao

Jue Yuan's face was as dark as the sky before a thunderstorm, and he solemnly said, “May I ask the elders to remain here and continue the chanting. The rest of the disciples, follow me to the Yao Tower!”

After that, he flung the prayer beads in his hands and disappeared from the spot with the disciples.

The rest of the guests looked at each other and someone said loudly, “The Yao race is the enemy of the human race. Now that the Yao Tower is breached, we should help Three Realm Temple.”

“Lin-zhenjun is right.” Someone agreed.

Everyone shared the same thought, so they headed towards the tower.

At one glance, the tower was in shambles, bricks rolled down from the sides of the walls, the gate on the first floor was wide open, and the Yao ran rampant. If not for the additional layer of formation surrounding the Yao tower, these monsters would have escaped from the Three Realm Temple and wreaked havoc on the human realm.

Jue Yuan led a group of monks in a battle with the Yao. Countless corpses were already piled up on the blood-splattered stone slab, Yao and humans alike.

The Yao had been sealed in the tower for nearly ten thousand years. Now that they were free, even though their strength was diminished, they were still very violent. In a short time, many monks were killed, their corpses ripped apart.

At the sight of the miserable state, the people from Three Realm Temple became angrier, and they fought even harder without fear of death. Even the Yao King was besieged and killed by them!

The volatile spiritual energy in the air overflowed, making it unbearable for Jing Yue who had not established his foundation.

He found a huge boulder that fell from the tower during the fight to hide, while the others who just arrived rushed in with their weapons.

Amid the chaos, one person fought hard to reach Jue Yuan, and it was Lin-zhenjun.

“Abbot, we’re here to help you!”

As soon as his voice fell, his long sword was brandished.

A cold glint appeared in Jing Yue’s eyes, who had just hidden himself. He drew out his Mini Canglan Sword and threw it at Jue Yuan while shouting, “Get out of the way!”

—Lin-zhenjun’s sword was clearly aimed at Jue Yuan!

Perhaps he heard Jing Yue’s warning, or perhaps he was about to dodge the Mini Canglan Sword, but Jue Yuan paused, his body moved slightly to the right by an inch, just to avoid Lin-zhenjun's flying sword, but it still left a scratch on his left arm.

“Lin! Wei! Xue!”

Jue Yuan frowned in anger and gritted his teeth.

With a wave of his prayer beads, the beads suddenly became larger and encircled Lin Weixue, quickly closing in around him. Seeing that the sneak attack failed and the latter was about to be confined by Jue Yuan in a counterattack, he bit the tip of his tongue, cast a spell to escape, and at the same time, directed his flying sword to turn around and launch another attack on Jue Yuan’s back!

Seeing that Jue Yuan was out of danger, Jing Yue was quite confident that the opponent’s strength was more than a match for Lin Weixue, so he called his Mini Canglan Sword back and squatted behind the boulder in peace.

His head was so dizzy…

He had consumed too much of his divine consciousness from the attack just now. Otherwise, if just relying on his Qi Refining cultivation alone, he estimated that the Mini Canglan Sword wouldn’t fly too far before it fell to the ground.

Anyway, Jing Yue’s eyes were in a daze and his face had turned pale. He felt that he needed some resuscitation, but blue phoenix refused to let him go.

“That Lin Weixue actually attacked the abbot! I told you there’s something wrong with him!” Ji-ji jerked its chin up, waiting for Jing Yue to praise it, but the other party ignored it.

Ji-ji was disappointed but continued, “My goodness, Jing-jing, you actually hid behind a rock! Do you know what a great opportunity this is? The protagonist should stand out in a critical moment like this and save all beings from the danger, and must not cower in fear!”

Jing Yue gasped weakly, “You’re welcome to do it.”

“I… I’m a divine beast. I don’t participate in the battle between humans and Yao.” Blue phoenix’s eyes rolled around and it said resolutely, “And I can’t take away your chance of showing off!”


“Oh! The monk is using a magic weapon!” Seeing that Jing Yue was still mocking it, Ji-ji quickly changed the subject.

When Jing Yue looked up, he saw that Jue Yuan held up one hand, and a pale silver Bodhi leaf was sandwiched between his index finger, middle finger, and thumb. He blew on it lightly and the Bodhi leaf split into thousands of pieces, shooting at Lin Weixue like a meteor shower!

Scattered Star Bodhi!

One of the magic weapons forged by Great Master Zhen Rang back then had now been passed down to Jue Yuan!

Jing Yue clearly remembered how Zhen Rang used this top-notched treasure to kill ten thousand Yao—ten thousand sparks in exchange for ten thousand drops of Yao blood, like a blooming pink peach blossom.

It was beautiful—the beauty at the brink of death.

Of course Lin Weixue knew the implications. Even though the person who wielded the Scattered Star Bodhi was Jue Yuan who was only an Amethyst Abode cultivator, he still couldn’t avoid it!

Suddenly, he looked up to the sky and screamed. Lin Weixue’s clothes puffed up as his figure grew larger.  Very soon, the loose robe burst open and the exposed skin was quickly covered with scales, and his lower body became a snake body!

Half-human and half-snake. This was…

“Half Yao!”

“Shameless scum!”

Even Jing Yue was stunned. Humans and Yao couldn’t produce any offspring, so there was only one possibility to turn into a half Yao—Lin Weixue had had dual cultivation with the Yao race!

Many people on the scene almost threw up. In the eyes of the human race, fornicating with the Yao race was simply against morality and disregarding human principles!

The members of the White Phoenix Sword Sect were so embarrassed that they could die on the spot. When they saw Lin Weixue trying to assassinate Jue Yuan just now, they were already so startled and wanted to stop him, but they couldn’t get away at that time. When this thing happened amid the chaos, it was a total loss of face to the White Phoenix Sword Sect!

The sect leader yelled furiously, “Lin Weixue, you traitor!”

The half Yao Lin Weixue sneered coldly. His strength skyrocketed, bypassing the Amethyst Abode stage into the Heavenly Grotto stage. His pupils gradually turned into aquamarine green and vertical slits formed.

There was a time when the human race captured many Yao and turned them into Yao cauldrons in pursuit of greater power, transforming themselves into half-Yao bodies through dual cultivation. But soon, the human race discovered that the half-Yao body had a great hidden danger. Not only would it damage the heart of Dao, but over time, these people would also lose their sanity, stuck between a human and Yao, completely reduced to a monster.

Therefore, the human race had not seen a half-Yao for a long time. They never imagined that an Amethyst Abode cultivator would degenerate himself like this.

The cultivators who admired Lin Weixue, who thought that his achievement today was because of his trials in Schism Ocean, were slapped into oblivion at this revelation right now.

Everything happened in an instant, and the sparks from the Scattered Star Bodhi were fast approaching Lin Weixue!

With a series of loud clanging sounds, the sparks from the Bodhi leaf fired on Lin Weixue’s body, but was blocked by the hard scales and eventually only caused some superficial injuries without much damage.

Lin Weixue had escaped the deadlock. With a swipe of his massive tail, the ground instantly cracked and extended towards Jue Yuan. Taking advantage when Jue Yuan was stepping back, Lin Weixue jumped into the air and swiped his tail at the opponent again!

An explosion sounded like the cracking of a whip in the air. Although the snake tail missed the target, the spiritual energy was scrambled from time to time, fluctuating from slight to volatile, which affected Jue Yuan’s spellcasting.

Although it was only a slight change, it was enough to reverse the outcome of the battle.

In the next few moves, everyone could clearly see that Jue Yuan would soon fall into a disadvantage. Fortunately, many people were resolved to get rid of the monster in front of them and quickly joined in the action against Lin Weixue.

The latter fought against everyone on his own and the offensive gradually weakened. After enduring several bouts of attacks, even a piece of his tail had been severed.

Just before Lin Weixue was about to be taken down, he suddenly spat out a translucent cyan bead. As soon as that bead came into contact with the outside air, it immediately melted into black smoke, hiding Lin Weixue.

All of a sudden, Yao energy intensified!

The sky darkened.

Suddenly, there was a crisp crackling sound, and a figure vaguely appeared in the smoke. The silhouette grew bigger and bigger, and the smoke became thinner.

Jing Yue’s eyes condensed—Yao Concealing Orb!

The Yao Concealing Orb was a magic weapon that could completely conceal the aura of a Yao. When the half-Yao race was popular back then, some cultivators went into the Yao realm to capture Yao, and they used the orb to hide from the high-ranking Yao and brought the captives back to the human realm.

But ordinary Yao Concealing Orb could only contain low-ranking Yao, while the silhouette in the mist revealed the aura of a Yao Emperor!

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