End of World Businessman

Chapter 36.1: Combined skill [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 36.1: Combined skill [1]

The house rented next to the small building hasn’t been renovated yet. So, Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua were still living in the previous three-bedroom and one living room house. And since there were enough rooms now, Qin Wuhua decided to sleep in the next room.

After all, considering Qin Wuhua had realized his newfound feelings and desire for Wu Ye, it wasn’t a good idea to continue sleeping with him.

Right now, Wu Ye was sitting cross-legged on the bed as he clicked on the receive button placed under《The Supreme Art of Water Control》. Within a moment, mysterious and obscure texts appeared directly in his mind. Then, he closed his eyes, reciting the mysterious text over and over again.

While reciting, his body unknowingly moved to assume the five-heart facing the sunrise pose. Subsequently, the mutated water ability in his body quietly revolved under the conscious’ influence.

A moment later, the crystal nuclei placed on the bedside in the hiking gradually gleamed. And, whether it was transparent crystal nuclei or red crystal nuclei, all turned into powder one by one as the pure and clean energy it contained poured into Wu Ye’s body.

If Wu Ye was aware at this moment, he would surely find out that the progress bar of the gene chain on the control panel was slowly moving forward.

After an unknown amount of time, a sudden change occurred in Wu Ye’s body. A weak and tiny qi current that originally laid dormant in Wu Ye’s body, had suddenly started to operate on its own. In the opposite direction to his gene ability’s path. The two forces operated in the opposite direction of each other and were constantly clashing with each other in his body; as if it was an arena for them to decide their victory or defeat.

Wu ye felt severe pain in his meridians, so he subconsciously used the healing power his ability gave. As the gentle energy nourished his whole body, the pain he felt gradually weakened.

Wu Ye didn’t understand the reason behind the change in 《The Basic Breathing Method》 when he’s cultivating《The Supreme Art of Water Control》. But, he couldn’t stop the revolution nor control the direction of the flow. As such, he could only cultivate both at the same time in desperation. Nevertheless, his meridians soon felt like it was once again unable to withstand the severe pain, affecting his blood flow. His blood seemed to be boiling up and began to deviate from its natural trajectory...

If there was an expert who practices ancient martial arts here, he would definitely wake Wu Ye up and scold him for being a fool.

How could the gene ability work simultaneously with the internal strength?! Wasn’t that just the same as asking a woman’s period to go against its natural path? That’s practically asking the god of longevity to hasten your life!

In fact, there’s no need for an expert to be there. Wu Ye himself knew that his cultivation was going out of control. However, he couldn’t get out of the cultivation state at all. At this point, he couldn’t care about anything else as he tried desperately to circulate his healing energy through his body to suppress his meridian injuries. This was as if he was drinking poison to try to quench his thirst.

But, this was the only thing he could do at the moment. So, whenever his genetic water ability and internal qi clashed, he would circulate his healing power to cure it. In this manner, the three energies continued to fight and entangle until finally a sign of merging.

From the start, the mercenary system had only ever provided the exercises and arts. It didn’t include any after-sales services. So, up until now, the system had only been silently paying attention to the host’s body data that it received from the chip. However, when it saw the host’s gene ability and inner qi clashing, the damn virus in the chip came out and messed around, causing its data to be disordered. When it finally finished sorting its data out and was searching for a way to help its stupid host, it discovered a whole new force in Wu Ye’s body.

【The second level gene chain is unlocked by itself! 】 The system was very surprised. Of course, this wasn’t a special case, yet what surprised it was the fact this happened to its stupid host. After all, in the system’s own opinion, it's already incredible that his stupid host had directly unlocked the first-level gene chain during his first practice.

To put things into perspective frankly, the system's gene strengthening was based on both technology and a secret method. As in, it directly poured the purified energy into the host’s body to forcibly improve the host’s strength level. This forced promotion would minimize the damage incurred as long as the host could withstand the pain and backlash caused by unlocking the gene chain. Then, the host could advance.

Of course, the higher the level of unlocked gene chain are, the greater the chance of failure. And while failure would cause some damage to the body, once it was successful, it wouldn’t leave any sequelae.

If genetic enhancement was a form of external strengthening, then cultivation would be a form of internal strengthening. They are the two paths to the same destination as they could both increase the host's strength level.

And, in the higher universe, many hosts used both internal and external powers.

However, the system was angry at its stupid host because he didn’t want to stay in this world. So, it accidentally ‘forgot’ to tell its stupid host about the fact that cultivating through absorbing crystal nucleus energy was also able to unlock the gene chain.

As for whether it was done intentionally or not… Well, considering its stupid host’s personality, the system could guarantee that his strength enhancement wasn’t intentionally done, uh, it’s most likely not an intentional act.

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