Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 359 - Childhood Sweethearts (9)

Liu Li naturally restrained herself today after experiencing Su Guoliang’s fit of anger. After she finished her chores and picked up Su Qingmei from kindergarten, she started preparing dinner for four.

Liu Li wasn’t a sinister woman either. She was just really selfish and in vain. She thought that since she had put so much effort into the family, then Su Guoliang’s money naturally belonged to her and Su Qingmei. Yet, now that she had to give a portion of it to Su Wan to spend, she felt uncomfortable inside. Naturally, she didn’t treat Su Wan nicely.

Even more, whenever she ordered Su Wan to work, Liu Li thought that she deserved it.

Liu Li was really frightened this time when Su Guoliang said that he was going to divorce her. She had been thinking about this through the night. Su Wan wasn’t made for school. After all, she was that stupid. She wanted to let her go out and work when she graduated from middle school. In the future, she could just find someone okay to marry and she’d even get some dowries out of this. She wouldn’t be losing anything. Therefore, Liu Li was in a better mood now.

“Mother, I’m home.”

Liu Li had been bustling around when she heard Su Wan’s childish voice. This damned girl only dared to come back home so late because she had her father’s support!

Liu Li came out of the kitchen with a gloomy expression. She froze immediately when she saw Su Rui and Ye Kanhuan. “You guys are…”

“You’re Su Wan’s mother? I’m her class monitor teacher, Xie Zixun.”

Ye Kanhuan smiled at Liu Li. Needless to say, he looked gentle on the surface. Xie Family’s men all looked really polite and elegant.

“Teacher Xie?”

Liu Li froze. This was because she had gone to the parent-teacher conference in Shisan Elementary School before. Su Wan’s class monitor was a female teacher back then.

“I’m new and just started working. I took the liberty to come here without advance for a family visit under the intention of wanting to get to know my students better.”

Ye Kanhuan could see through Liu Li’s confusion so he immediately smiled and added.

“Oh, I see! Teacher Xie, please take a seat. Please! I’ll go pour you some tea!”

Saying that, Liu Li turned and went to bustle around again. In her eyes, teacher was a lofty and advanced profession.

They were usually intellectuals! She mustn’t be careless.

Ye Kanhuan smiled and sat on the sofa watching Liu Li move around.

“Go, go to my room.”

Seeing Ye Kanhuan smiling arrogantly, Su Wan pursed her lips and pulled Su Rui to her room. At this time, Su Qingmei who had been in her room just heard Xie Zixun’s words and quickly ran out.

Xie Zixun was Xie Changan’s uncle. Su Qingmei naturally knew this. Plus, she also knew that Xie Changan’s uncle was powerful. Xie Changan, and even his parents listened to this uncle.

Therefore, she must please Xie Zixun as well.

Su Qingmei fixed her clothes and hair inside the room before smiling in the mirror at her familiar and childish face. Then she rushed out quickly.

“Sister, you’re…”

Su Qingmei had just run out to see Su Wan pulling Su Rui back into the room. Seeing the unforgettable and familiar face, Su Qingmei froze.


What was going on? Gao Yu, why was Gao Yu here? And with her sister too?


Su Wan had to stop when she heard Su Qingmei’s words. She turned to look at the female lead. “Qingmei, do you need something?”

Su Qingmei stayed frozen, her gaze fixated on Su Rui’s face.

Hatred, rancor, anger...

There was a combination of too many emotions. Her chubby face appeared to be strangely pale.

“Qingmei, what are you standing here for?”

Liu Li had come out with a teacup at this time. Seeing her precious daughter standing in the middle of the room, she couldn’t help but ask.


Su Qingmei suddenly started crying loudly.

The crying was world-shaking and even more tragic than yesterday.

“Hey, I didn’t scold you or anything. Why are you crying?”

Liu Li didn’t expect her daughter to bawl either. She awkwardly placed the teacup in front of Ye Kanhuan and said, “Teacher Xie, please don’t mind this. My child’s still young and doesn’t understand some things.”

“No worries. Quickly check on her.”

Ye Kanhuan smiled gently, a mischievous glint flickering through his eyes.

“Mommy, mommy. I’m scared.”

Su Qingmei hugged Liu Li and buried herself in her arms. “Mommy, mommy, that big brother is really scary!”

Big brother?

Liu Li just remembered Su Rui who entered the room. She was so busy greeting Teacher Xie that she nearly forgot about this boy.

“Classmate, who...who are you? You look unfamiliar and you don’t seem like you’re from our area.”

Liu Li carried her daughter and softly coaxed, staring at Su Rui in alarm.

“Auntie, I’m Gao Yu. My mother’s Dong Yuanyuan. She is Qin Fang’s distant cousin. My mother wanted me to come here and visit my aunt’s husband and cousins.”

Su Rui responded calmly.

Qin Fang was Su Wan’s birth mother.

Qin Feng’s relative?

Liu Li was even more suspicious. She had never heard of Su Guoliang mentioning Qin Fang’s maiden family as well as the relatives on her side.

Could they really be distant relatives?

Auntie’s husband and cousins?

Ye Kanhuan continued to smile as Su Rui lied. Meanwhile, Su Qingmei’s gaze coldened as she laid in Liu Li’s arms.

What distant relative? What auntie’s husband?

These were lies! Gao Yu’s mother, Dong Yuanyuan, was the young daughter of the Dong Family not far from the city here. She only had one brother and he was the capital’s big shot businessman. There was no way she was Qin Fang’s relative!

While Liu Li was uncertain, there was the ringing of the bicycle outside the door. Su Guoliang had returned home from work.

“Guoliang, you’re back. Why are you home so early today?”

Liu Li immediately carried the child to the door hearing the noises outside the door. Seeing the travel-worn Su Guoliang, she exclaimed, “It just so happens that we got guests at home. Come in and take a look. There’s a child saying that she’s the son of Qin Fang’s distant cousin. He’s inside right now.”

Qin Fang’s relative?

Su Guoliang’s expression changed a bit and he hurried inside.

Besides Su Wan, there were two strangers. Su Guoliang, after hearing Liu Li’s words, naturally placed his gaze on Su Rui first. “You’re A-Fang’s cousin’s son?”

“You must be auntie’s husband right? I’m Gao Yu!”

Su Rui smiled faintly at Su Guoliang. “I’m not sure if my aunt had mentioned my mother to you in the past. It’s normal if she hadn’t. We only came to C City recently because of my father’s job requirement. We had been living in the capital in the past.”


A place that people looked forward to but was too far from them.

Seeing his gaze, Su Guoliang also hesitated. Indeed, he didn’t recognize many of Qin Fang’s maiden house’s relatives. Ever since she died, he gradually cut off contact with the other side.

Someone from the capital?

This was the first time Liu Li carefully observed Su Rui. Although he was wearing uniform frin Shisan High School, his handsome appearance and outstanding temperament had attracted people’s attention.

One could tell that he was from a wealthy family. These people wouldn’t be after their family with an ulterior motive. Who knows? Maybe they’ll benefit from know each other.

Liu Li started looking at Su Rui passionately. “You guys moved over from the capital? I haven’t even been to the capital before. Oh right, where do you guys live right now? Far from our house?”

Su Rui smiled faintly at Liu Li’s question. “Auntie, I’m living in the government building right now. Mn. My father works at the city department.”

Government department?

Liu Li froze hearing the response. Just how important was his position?

Ye Kanhuan didn’t know what to say.

Damn. They’ve already started relying on their father’s prestige to get ahead? That was his miscalculation!

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