Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 358 - Childhood Sweethearts (8)

Because Su Wan’s room was too small, Su Rui didn’t stay in her room for too long. He sneakily left her room during the silent night.

The next day, like usual, Su Wan went to class. When she arrived at school, she seeked out Jiang Mei and then asked her for her homework to copy.

Jiang Mei didn’t find this strange. Mn. As an outstanding class leader, she needed to unify the classmates. Letting classmates copy her homework and whatnot are good things that a class leader should do. She kept her name anonymous.

Elementary school classes were really boring. After suffering through the morning, Su Wan was on the verge of falling asleep the moment it hit the afternoon. She really did end up falling asleep during the second class.


There was a clear thud next to her ears. Su Wan was sleeping soundly and was shocked awake by the ears. She vaguely opened her eyes to see a young handsome man’s face in front of her. “Su Wan, it doesn’t look good on you to fall asleep during the first time in my class. Come to my office after school.”

Hearing the man’s calm tone and the smile in his eyes, Su Wan felt immediately awakened.

This person, he is...

“Oh, you might not know me.”

Meeting Su Wan’s gaze, the man continued to talk in a calm expression, “I’m the new math teacher, Xie Zixun.”

Xie Zixun, Xie Changan’s uncle.

As expected...

Task-enforcers would choose to hide their identities in the most beneficial way. The man revealed himself without a care for his identity. Was he her enemy?

Only he would be so confident, right?

“Teacher Xie, I understand.”

Su Wan nodded softly, not feeling sleepy anymore.


Xie Zixun nodded in satisfaction. “Let’s continue class!”

Math class continued and Xie Zixun seemed to have forgotten the previous interaction. After teaching today’s lesson, he let the students do some practice problems and help them with any questions. After class, Xie Zixun left second grade class three’s classroom with his lesson plan.

After class, everyone left the classroom happily while Su Wan slowly went to the second floor’s math group.

Xie Zixun was the only one in the office. He lazily leaned against his chair. When Su Wan walked inside, he was rolling up his sleeves and looking over yesterday’s math homework.

“Teacher Xie.”

Su Wan greeted crisply before walking in quickly.

Seeing Su Wan carrying a huge backpack and wearing the baggy uniform walking over, Xie Zixun tried his best to hold in his laugh but then failed.

“Haha. Hahaha!”

He started chuckling out loud without a care for his image. Su Wan immediately glared at him and exclaimed, “What are you laughing at? Have you never seen lolis?”

“Mn, I’ve seen many lolis before but this is the first time seeing such an old loli.”

While saying this, Xie Zixun winked quickly at Su Wan.

“Ye Kanhuan, you want to die right?”

Su Wan glared coldly and exclaimed in a cold voice.

Though she was trying to threaten him, it held no power coming out from this short and cute loli’s mouth.


Ye Kanhuan held in his laugh. “Ah, I’m so scared!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Ye Kanhuan, just you wait. My name isn’t Su Wan if I don’t torture you to death during sparring.

Ye Kanhuan, the second most important figure within the rebirth department.

Because Su Wan had encountered him once during a mission, she naturally guessed his identity, especially since he didn’t bother hiding his identity during their meeting today either.

This Master Ye was known for being conceited and troublesome in this rebirth department. Though Su Wan felt surprised to see him in this world, it also made sense.

According to the order of the mission, she and Su Rui had accepted the mission first and then Xie Changan’s mission came out later on. At this time, the rebirth department should already know that Su Wan and Su Rui were doing their missions here. Then Qin Yu had sent Ye Kanhuan to come here and complete the task in this world. Naturally, they were targeting her and Su Rui.

Su Wan calmed down after understanding this, Ye Kanhuan revealed his identity without a care most likely because he had a plan. He purposely did so in order to observe her and Su Rui’s true strength, right?

“Su Wan.”

Ye Kanhuan’s voice interrupted Su Wan’s thoughts. “It so happens to be after school time right now. I can take you home while I’m at it, okay? And visit your family too.”

Family visit?

You’re planning to make your move now? What a great plan !

“Teacher, as you wish.”

Su Wan carried her backpack and turned to leave. Meanwhile, Ye Kanhuan smiled and fixed his clothes before slowly following Su Wan.

Ye Kanhuan knew Su Wan. After all, the two had fought head on before.

But this time, it was unclear whether because Su Wan had transformed into a loli but Ye Kanhuan felt like she was different from the Su Wan he knew in the past.

There were barely anyone on the fields by the time the two left the math building.

Su Wan looked over to see the anxious Su Rui waiting outside the door.

This time, Su Rui wasn’t riding his cool mountain bike. He leaned against the school door, his handsome and aloof temperament becoming everyone’s focus. It was hard to not even attract people’s attention.

Ye Kanhuan naturally saw the boy clad in blue outside the door.

Su Rui.

From the plane of the most powerful person in the recovery department, Su Rui and Su Wan were lovers.

The reason why Qin Yu was sent Ye Kanhuan into this world was not because of the mission but more so to test Su Rui’s strength!

No one knew his actual power and strength. Because his points hadn’t increased, everyone had been wondering if he had been ordered by Xu Ce to purposely hide his strength, and minimize his existence.

Cough. General Su was just helping his wife do her mission okay!

Of course, others didn’t know about this.

Su Riu also accurately caught Ye Kanhuan’s aura while he was looking at him. Then his information was sent over through his brain. Rebirth department, Ye Kanhuan.

Rebirth department, enemy?

The cold glint in Su Rui’s gaze disappeared.

“Xiao Wan!”

Su Rui called her and grabbed her backpack, asking, “Why don’t I take you home?”


Ye Kanhuan smiled and stopped Su Rui. “I’m Su Wan’s math teacher and also the new class monitor of her class. What’s your relationship with Su Wan?”

“She’s my sister.”

Su Rui glanced at Ye Kanhuan. “Teacher, do you have something against this?”


Ye Kanhuan coughed and replied, “I don’t. I’m just planning to visit her family. Since you’re her relative, then let’s go.”

Saying this, Ye Kanhuan smiled and gestured Su Rui to come along. He purposely emphasized the word “relative.”

The three actually knew that with Su Rui’s identity as “Gao Yu,” it was a little inconvenient for her to go to Su Wan’s family. Plus, Su Qingmei would definitely treat him unfriendly.

So what though?

Su Rui smiled in disdain. He smiled and held Su Wan’s hands. “Here, let’s go home.”


Su Wan nodded and followed Su Rui.

Ye Kanhuan touched his chin watching the two figures walking along each other.

How come he thought this scene was full of love?

Mn. As it turned out, Master Ye has a feminine heart...

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