Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 355 - Childhood Sweetheart(5)

Su Wan stared at Su Rui. He also looked past the crowd and at Su Wan. Despite the masses of deep-blue uniforms in front of him and how similar it looked on each person, Su Rui could tell where Su Wan is.


General Su continued to cry inside his heart.

Such a small loli! This didn’t make sense!”

Although she was nine years old, Su Wan looked even skinnier than Little Su!

“Gao Yu!”

Song Yang had skipped class with Su Rui and had just come back from the snack counter. He had two lollipops in his hands. “You said that you’re here to visit a person? Your relative’s child? What grade are they in?”

“Second grade.”

Su Rui answered moodily.

Uh. Eldest master, are you putting on a tantrum because of how long you’ve been waiting for?

Listening to his tone, Song Yang laughed to himself. He was Principal Liu’s grandson. Yesterday, his grandfather specially called his parents, saying that an influential figure was going to send their child to go to school at their place. He already ordered the class leader to arrange the child at his side. Song Yang’s task was not only to study but also to form a good relationship with the boy.

Before seeing Su Rui, Song Yang could care less about his grandfather and parents’ orders. As the pillar of the motherland, one must be wealthy but not greedy. One must be formidable but not admit defeat. How could he possibly lower his head to these noblemen, and act as their subordinates?

But after seeing this aloof young master in the classroom, Song Yang was immediately intimidated by the boy’s domineering imposing manner.

Damn. Was he the king of dominance?

Young hero, please accept me as your subordinate.

This was the truth as to how Bureau Chief Song had become Master Gao’s subordinate. Of course, many years later, Song Yang would never admit to this...

“You’re here!”

Su Wan had walked over to Su Rui. Seeing how her height was only as tall to where his backpack was, Su Rui knitted his brows. He walked over to her and grabbed her backpack silently, shaking it in his hand.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too heavy. It wouldn’t keep his wife from growing.

“Gao Yu, she’s your niece?”

Seeing Su Rui’s action, Song Yang naturally knew that the person he was waiting for was this skinny loli. Mn. She looked like she was only about four feet. She was already in second grade? He thought she was a first grader.

“What’s your name?”

With the principle of kissing up to his leader’s relatives, Song Yang smiled and waved the lollipop in his hands. “Do you want this? If you tell me what your name is, I’ll give you this lollipop. Look, it’s peach flavored!”

Song Wan was speechless.

“Do you want to die?”

Su Rui turned around and flicked Song Yang on the head. “Are you blind? She’s my sister, my little sister!”

Su Wan was speechless.

Little sister is such an ambiguous phrase.


Song Yang just realized that by calling himself “uncle,” he was taking advantage of Su Rui. Therefore, he smiled and exclaimed, “You’re Gao Yu’s sister which means that you’re my sister. Here, you can have this lollipop. In the future, brother Song Yang will protect you. It won’t be a dream to dominate Shisan Elementary School with me protecting you!”

Su Wan didn’t know what to say.

General Su, where did you find this funny boy?

“Su Wan!”

While Su Wan was looking at Song Yang dumbfounded, there was an immature voice behind them.

Xie Changan quickly ran over. He bent over and panted a bit after catching up before looking at Su Rui, unfriendly.

“Su Wan, time to go home. Teachers say that it’s dangerous outside. We can’t talk to strangers. Here, I’ll walk home with you.”

Saying this, Xie Changan reached over to grab Su Wan’s hand. Su Rui’s gaze coldened and he carried Su Wan, bringing her to his side.


Su Wan was speechless. Meanwhile, Song Yang was stunned, watching Su Rui protect her like a mother tiger. He was also confused.

Master Gao, she’s your sister, not your daughter. Even if she was your daughter, you don’t need to be so protective do you?

Look at your cold expression. What can the little boy do to your sister?

Even if he has the heart to, he probably wouldn’t have the courage too! Even if he has the appearance, he wasn’t prepared!

While Su Rui was looking at Xie Changan, he was also looking at him back quietly.

The two looked at each other coldly. Unusual silence filled them.

Xie Changan was speechless.

Su Rui narrowed his eyes, a thought flickering through.

“Xie Changan.”

Su Wan silently walked out from behind and said, “These two big brothers aren’t bad people.”

“Su Wan, don’t understand. Come home with me.”

Xie Changan looked at Su Wan, hesitating to speak. How should he tell her that Gao Yu wasn’t a good person?

Xie Changan knew that he couldn’t nor would she believe him.

No one would.

Even now, Xie Changan thought he was dreaming. He was clearly drinking in front of Su Wan’s grave but how come he had woken up to be thirty years in the past after getting drunk?

She was still a nine years old loli. She wasn’t his wife nor the woman that sacrificed herself for him.

After seeing Su Wan yesterday, Xie Changan was unable to sleep for the night. He rolled around in bed, his mind recalling Su Wan’s voice and smile.

She was weak as a child and really slow as well. Many people even called her stupid.

But this too was her strength, no?

Xie Changan didn’t understand when he was young but up until he experienced a few failed relationships he slowly understood what type of women was the best.

In his past life, his mother wanted him to get married to Su Wan. That was the luckiest thing that had happened to him.

Unfortunately, later on...

It seemed like he had thought of some painful events. Xie Changan snapped out of his trance and smiled faintly at Su Wan. “Okay, I didn’t say that they were bad people either. Let’s go home quickly. Uncle Su will get anxious if you get home late.”

“Mn, okay.”

Su Wan nodded and grabbed her backpack from Su Rui. She gave him a secret glance. “Big brother, I’m leaving now. See you next time!”

“Bye bye! Uh no, here’s your lollipop!”

Song Yang enthusiastically gave the lollipop to Su Wan. She shook her head however. “Big brother, keep this lollipop for yourself. I don’t like eating candy!”

Su Wan and Xie Changan walked over shoulder to shoulder. Seeing the two figures under the sunset, Song Yang felt speechless. He ripped open the wrap for the lollipop and licked it in satisfaction.

Why didn’t you tell me that you didn’t want it? Don’t you know how much willpower I needed to endure this until now?

“Gao Yu, do you want one?”

Song Yang hadn’t forgotten about his leader. After all, he should share anything good with him. Since he has lollipops, he’d make sure each of them gets one!

“I don’t like sweets.”

Saying this, Su Rui rode off with his cool mountain bike.

What’s wrong with sweets? Men who eat sweets are cute!

“Gao Yu, Gao Yu, wait for me!”

Seeing that Su Rui was about to walk off, Song Yang immediately chased after him with his bike. When can I get an upgrade?

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