Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 354 - Childhood Sweetheart(4)

Su Wan was in Shisan Elementary School, next to Shisan Highschool.

“Xiao Wan, time for breakfast!” Su Wan was woken up by Liu Li in a daze at six in the morning.

It was time for Su Guoliang to go to work now. The father and daughter pair went to eat breakfast together. Though Shisan Elementary School wasn’t far from the Su Family, Su Guoliang would ride Su Wan to work on a bicycle on the way to his workplace as well.

Whenever Su guoliang was at home, Liu Li would call Su Wan “Xiao Wan.” Her tone wasn’t indifferent either but she wasn’t enthusiastic. Whenever he was at work, she would resort to calling her “brat.”

The original owner had a weak body and slow personality as well. She kept on tolerating all of this and never told Su Guoliang about Liu Li. Therefore, Su Guoliang, as an honest person, always thought that his wife treated his oldest daughter nicely.

“Good morning father, mother.” Su Wan slowly walked out of her room wearing her deep-blue uniform.

“Xiao Wan, quickly come to eat. Food’s going to get cold.”

Su Guoliang specially put a piece of meat in Su Wan’s bowl. Liu Li saw this but said nothing.

Su Qingmei was still in kindergarten at five years old. Liu Li didn’t wake her precious daughter up yet. Even more, she left the best piece of meat in the pot for her.

Su Wan returned to the small bathroom and rinsed herself, and then pulled her long hair up into a ponytail before coming out quickly.

Breakfast was finished quickly. After that, she grabbed her backpack and left with Su Guliang. The air was really fresh in the morning. Su Guoliang pushed the bicycle out of the door. Su Wan sat on the back seat of the bicycle skillfully. Glancing at the man’s broad figure, Su Wan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Father, can you stay at home more often to be with me?”

Su Guoliang froze hearing his daughter’s words. “Xiao Wan, what’s the matter? Even though father isn’t home, your mother still is. Are you bored, is that why?”

“No, that’s not it. It’s…”

Su Wan hesitated. Seeing that if they round another corner, they’d be at the school dor, Su Wan exclaimed, “Whenever you’re not at home, mother would whip me with a rattan. It hurts so much. The only time she won’t hit me is when you’re at home. She wouldn’t curse me out as a brat either then.”

“What did you say?”

Su Guoliang immediately stopped and got off the bicycle. He stared seriously at his daughter in the back seat. “Are you telling the truth?”

Feeling Su Guoliang’s serious tone, Su Wan’s skinny face immediately revealed an afraid and wronged expression. “Father, father, don’t hit me! Don’t hit me, I won’t do it again! I won’t anymore!”

“Xiao Wan?”

Seeing Su Wan bawling her eyes out, Su Guoliang got frightened. “What’s the matter? What happened? I never said I was going to hit you!”

“You won’t hit me? But mother said that if I tell you the truth, you’ll hit me. I’m scared…”

Liu Li!

Su Guoliang clenched his teeth. The only reason why he married Liu Li back then was because she could take good care of the household. Of course, she said that she loved children. When they were still in a relationship, he saw that she treated Su Wan really well so that’s why he married her without apprehension.

Who knew that she dared to abuse his daughter when he wasn’t home!

“Xiao Wan, good little girl. Don’t cry. I’ll take you to school and after school ends, just go home. Don’t say anything. I’ll buy you bread when I’m off work, okay?”


Su Wan widened her eyes and looked happily at him. “Thank you father. You’re the best father in the world!”

“Silly girl.”

Su Guoliang slightly felt a bit sour inside. He turned around and wiped his tears. “Let’s go. I’ll take you to school now.”

Su Guoliang left after bringing Su Wan to the door and watching her go inside. However, he didn’t go to his workplace but rather back home.

Walking into school, she watched the small children walking around her. Su Wan shook her backpack and felt a headache coming after realizing she had to go to second grade class three on the third floor.

Question: What living thing has the most bizarre mind?

Answer: Children, brats.

Now that she had become a student and needed to go eat and play with these brats, she felt like this was going to be a sad story.

“Su Wan!”

As she turned the corner and was about to walk upstairs, she heard a familiar voice.

Su Wan hesitated and saw Xie Changan smiling and standing behind her wearing his backpack. Likewise, he wore a deep-blue uniform. It looked pretty nice on him. At the very least, it looked comfortable.

“It’s you.”

Su Wan looked at Xie Changan up and down. “You also go to school here?”


Xie Changan smiled and walked to Su Wan’s side. “I’m in fourth grade class one. What about you?”

To the original owner, she hated talking to people about her grade and whatnot. However, Su Wan didn’t mind. “Second grade, class three.”

Saying this, she started walking upstairs. Xie Changan followed her silently. Second grade classes were on the third floor while fourth grade classes were on the fourth floor.

Xie Changan glanced at the class door watching as Su Wan walk in silently into her classroom before turning and going to his class.

“Su Wan, you’re here!”

Su Wan sat down and Jiang Mei, who sat behind her immediately, patted her shoulders excitedly. “Su Wan, my mother brought me to the new amusement park to play yesterday! It was so fun! Do you know what a ferris wheel is? It’s big and you’ll be up in the sky…”

Su Wan was speechless.

Jiang Mei was really excited and kept on rambling nonstop. After seeing Su Wan said nothing, Jiang Mei pursed her lips and looked at Su Wan unhappily. “You didn’t understand?”

Jiang Mei suddenly thought back to English class. Su Wan never understood class. Yesterday, she sat there in class daydreaming and not understanding anything. She had to explain things to her.

Jiang Mei felt proud of herself and at the same time, she thought she had a huge responsibility.

Showing concern to classmates and be kind and loving to one another are the things that the class leader should do.

Therefore, Jiang Mei explained to Su Wan what a ferris wheel and roller coaster was again.

Su Wan: God? Who can come and save me?

To the genius Su Wan who was in second grade, the classes were like lullabies to her. She fell asleep during the class but strangely, no one woke her up.

So she had been abandoned by her teachers and classmates already?

During recess, most of the students went out to play. Only Su Wan continued to sleep in class. She finally made it to the end of school. Su Wan didn’t even bother to look at the homework. She packed her things up and then rushed out of the classroom.

Glancing at the school door, all she could only see were deep-blue uniforms.

Su Wan wanted to have a laugh at how ugly the uniforms were. But she looked up to see the glaring bright red within the ocean of seep blue. A red giant Manufacturing mountain bike. In this era, this sort of high-end ostentatious mountain bike was cooler than a race car.

Right now, this red mountain bike was sitting quietly in front of the door, attracting many people’s attention. The owner of the bike was a boy in his late teens. He was wearing a brand new Shisan Highschool uniform. Though it was also deep-blue, it made him look really handsome amongst the others.

As expected, there would always be someone better.

General Su, you’re trying to act cool again.

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