Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 353 - Childhood Sweethearts(3)

Liu Li had just finished cleaning up the house when Su Wan returned home alone. Seeing her alone, Liu Li glared at her. “Why are you the only one? Where’s your sister?”

“Sister’s in the courtyard playing with the big brother from the neighbor’s house.”

Su Wan answered and then walked towards her room.

“You little brat, what are you doing?”

Su Wan didn’t pause her steps after hearing Liu Li’s voice. She answered coldly, “I’m going to do my homework. I haven't finished that yet.”

“Yeah, just go ahead and write. It’s not like you can do anything else but that. With that stupid brain of yours, it’s not like I can expect you to get into a college.”

Liu Li muttered before returning to the kitchen to work. Liu Li was a typical housewife. Su Guoliang was in charge of earning money and he worked within C City’s car factory. In this era, this was a really nice job. His salary could afford everyone in the household. Therefore, Liu Li took care of the trivial matters at home as well as taking care of the two sisters. Of course, mainly Su Qingmei and then conveniently, Su Wan.

Su Wan returned to her room. Rather than calling it a room, it was just barely a five square meter space. There was a small wooden bed which she found her own carpenter to build for her as well as a worn-down desk for her to study. Beside it, there was an out-of-date wardrobe. This actually belonged to the dowry when Su Wan’s birth mother married Su Guoliang. After her mother passed away, the wardrobe had been kept in her room.


Su Wan sighed as she looked at her room. She walked to her desk, glancing at the math homework she didn’t finish last night. It was just subtraction within the 100s, and she failed six out of the ten questions. Su Wan was quite flabbergasted...

City center of C City, Government’s Courtyard.


Gao Jian returned from work to see his wife, Dong Yuanyuan sitting on the sofa, unhappy.

“Yuanyuan, what’s the matter?”

He placed his briefcase down and asked in concern while taking off his suit.

“What do you think?”

Dong Yuanyaun hadn’t reached her forties and she had been taking care of her skin. She applied faint makeup. Right now, she was wearing a fleece sweater and a skirt. Hearing her husband’s words, she lifted her eyebrows and exclaimed angrily, “Our little ancestor beat the dean up today. After he came back, he was insistent on transferring to Shisan Highschool!”


Gao Jian’s expression darkened. “Gao Yu, you brat! Get out!”


Then, from the room most inside, came a loud banging noise. The boy wore his blue uniform and walked over with a cold expression. Seeing Gao Jian in the living room, he withdrew his sharp gaze and said in an unconcerned tone, “Father, you’re back!”

“You know that I’m your father, huh? You really can’t go a few days without causing trouble, hm? You actually dared to beat people up in your highschool. Even more, you beat the dean up! Do you not want to go to school?”

“Yes.” The boy still wore an indifferent expression. “Either I’ll drop out or let me transfer to Shisan Highschool!”

“You, you brat!”

Gao Jian immediately threw the ashtray on the table at Gao Yu’s head.

“Gao Jian, what are you doing? Can’t you act like an intellectual person? Who teaches their children this? The moment you have a disagreement with him, you resort to hitting him. What if you hurt my son huh?”

Seeing that Gao Jian actually used violence, Dong Yuanyuan immediately stood up to protect her son.

Gao Jian was speechless.

Kind mothers lead to spoiled children!

“Mother, you don’t need to protect me.”

Gao Yu slowly pushed Dong Yuanyuan to the side and said, “Father, transfer me to Shisan Highschool and I’ll make sure to score first within the city on the college entrance exam two years from now! How about that?”


Not just Gao Jian but even Dong Yuanyuan was frozen.

“Xiao Yu, you’re telling the truth?”

Dong Yuanyuan’s gaze flickered. She looked excitedly at her son. First place within the city? Then he’d definitely be able to get into B University! It’d look great on them if their son really made it in.

“I keep my words.”

Gao Yu stared determined at Gao Jian. “Yes or no? Father, give me a final say.”

Seeing his son’s confident expression, Gao Jian hesitated for a moment. “Okay. Boy, you better remember what you just said. If something happens during your college entrance examination, I won’t let you go! Also, don’t...don’t think I don’t know what you’ve done in your highschool. You better restrain yourself when you’re at Shisan Highschool. If I find out you’re dating, then you’re dead!”

Gao Yu was speechless.

Dating? Who? A little girl?

A certain boy felt sad. After all, he was about to be an adult soon. Meanwhile, Su Wan was only nine years old.

Because of her weak body and poor family background, Su Wan was already nine years old, yet she was only in second grade!

A sophomore in second year and a second grader….there was really a huge difference....

That’s right. Gao Yu was naturally Su Rui.

People say that people become restless at what they couldn’t have. In the past life, Gao Yu had dumped Su Qingmei and in this life, Su Qingmei started her journey as a female lead to bully all the jerks. She kept on bullying Gao Yu but the more he did so, the more he was attracted to her.

The female lead can bully me as many times as she wants but I’ll still treat her as my first love.

The legendary bitersome male supporting lead was exactly like this.

Gao Yu should be studying at the best highschool within C City right now and he’d successfully get into anormal college in the neighboring province two years later, and then graduate to become Shisan Highschool’s teacher. He’d get to know Su Qingmei there and then Gao Jian used his connections to move Gao Yu into the education bureau.

It could be said that after Su Qingmei had been reborn, Gao Yu’s life didn’t change that much. The only huge difference was his relationship.

He used to be a playboy but after being attracted by the female lead’s halo, he transformed into an infatuated male supporting lead. He started to pursue the female lead nonstop, following her to the end of the world.

Of course, now that Su Rui had become Gao Yu, he only wanted to say one thing.

Female lead? Who’s that? Can I eat it?

Evening in Su Rui’s room.

“Xiao Yu, Shisan Highschool is really far from home and I heard it’s really chaotic there. People keep on fighting and causing trouble. You better not learn from them.”

While helping her son pack up his things, Dong Yuanyuan couldn’t help but nag. She was the only daughter and she and Gao Jian had only Gao Yu, the only son. This son was her precious darling. Thinking about how her son has to go to school at a really far place, Dong Yuanyuan was really worried about her son being at an unfamiliar place.

“Xiao Yu, if something happens in school, then go find Principal Liu. Your father has talked to him before. He will take care of you. Remember that, okay?”

“I know. I will remember this.”

Su Rui sat on his bed and answered mindlessly. He was thinking about how to visit the Su Family with a proper excuse.

Su Qingmei definitely didn’t welcome him but he could start with Su Guoliang and Liu Li. Su Guoliang was an honest worker. Meanwhile, though Liu Li, the housewife, appeared to be fiery and unruly on the surface, she didn’t know what to do in serious situations.

Speaking of, Su Wan had a really bad grade. Should he go become her tutor?

Uh. Thinking of how Su Wan was only in second grade while he had graduated from college, Su Rui wanted to cry. Such huge sadness.

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