Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 352 - Childhood Sweethearts(2)

A worn-down blue truck carrying a family’s furniture stopped in front of the yard next to them.

A young woman came out first. Then, a boy around eight or nine years old also followed suit, jumping down. The boy had decent features and his eyes were bright.

The moment she saw the boy, Su Qingmei’s breathing quickened.

He was Xie Changan.

Xie Changan was ten years old and he was slightly smaller than boys his age. But one could see how handsome he would be in the future.

Feeling how sweaty Su Qingmei’s palm was, Su Wan’s gaze flickered. She exclaimed, “Sister, look there. Is someone moving here? We’re going to have new neighbors now!”


Su Qingmei winked and quickly struggled free from Su Wan’s hands. “Sister, I want to go take a look!”

Su Qingmei ran towards Xie Changan’s house. Seeing the small figure fade into the distance, Su Wan’s gaze also deepened.

In her past life, Su Qingmei had abandoned Xie Changan because of her vanity. After he graduated from college, he had to marry Su Wan under his mother’s arrangement. The couple treated each other respectfully and were in love with each other.

Maybe Xie Changan still remembered Su Qingmei from back then. The girl that bravely said, “I like you.” Unfortunately, that was in the past.

No one would constantly forgive another person. While you’re walking ahead, other people are doing the same too. You’re unable to see them because the path that he goes on might be different from yours.

Actually, when Su Qingmei was abandoned by Gao Yu, Su Wan and Xie Changan also had their own children.

Xie Changan pitied Su Qingmei for what happened to her. Likewise, he didn’t want the family to know about this, especially his wife, Su Wan. She had a weak personality and body, and she was also pregnant. It wouldn’t be good if she got shocked by this.

As a man, he decided to carry the burden alone. He bustled about for Su Qingmei but who knew that this made her think that he was still deeply in love with her...

After she was reborn, Su Qingmei intentionally or otherwise tried to get close to Xie Changan, acting as the innocent loli in front of him.

Because of Su Qingmei’s existence, Su Wan also felt invisible.

Therefore, the original owner, Su Wan, was made a cannon fodder in this life.

She and Xie Changan were originally the perfect match. But in this life, because of Su Qingmei who had been reborn, Su Wan could only silently continue to like Xie Changan. Watching Xie Changan pamper Su Qingmei, watching them get married...

Ignorant people are always the happiest.

The original owner who was made a cannon fodder didn’t know what happened in her past life. She actually held a gratified attitude towards Su Qingmei. Because of guilt, Su Qingmei frequently said good things about Su Wan in front of Liu Li. Therefore, the two sisters had a great relationship this life.

After Su Qingmei and Xie Changan got together, she had helped Su Wan find a pretty good man. Su Qingmei only felt truly comforted after seeing Su Wan getting married.

Su Wan would be happy with whoever because she had a kind personality.

Plus, Xie Changan didn’t love her in her past life either, right?

Su Qingmei was sure that Xie Changan loved her. He had always loved her. Therefore, even if she hadn’t intervened between him and Su Wan, tragedy awaits them if they get together. Therefore, since she had been reborn, she had to stop the tragedy.

Su Qingmei believed that heaven had let her be reborn this time to stop the tragedy from happening...

Su Wan gathered her thoughts. When she looked up again, she saw Su Qingmei already running to Xie Changan, panting.

She winked her splendid and sparkling eyes. She smiled and exclaimed in a pleasant voice, “Big brother, big brother, are you my new neighbor? I’m Su Qingmei. What’s your name?”

Seeing such a cute loli call her big brother sweetly, Xie Changan smiled faintly. He caressed her hair and said, “I’m Xie Changan. You can call me brother Changan.”

Saying this, Xie Changan suddenly looked at Su Wan who was standing far staring at them quietly.

It had begun to get a little cold but Su Wan still wore thin clothes.

She stood through the wind and glanced at them coldly, her body skinny and wearing an emotionless expression.

It seemed like no one could tell what she was thinking.

“Qingmei, is that your sister?”

Xie Changan pointed at Su Wan.

“Oh, right.”

Su Qingmei froze and then quickly replied, “Sister is scared of strangers.”


Xie Changan smiled warmly. He waved at Su Wan and exclaimed, “Hey! Hi, we’re neighbors in the future. I’m Xie Changan, what about you?”

“Su Wan.”

Su Wan stood there unmoving.

Su Wan.

Xie Changan smiled and looked at Su Qingmei. “It’s true. Your sister doesn’t like to talk.”


Su Qingmei looked around and exclaimed, “Brother Changan, let me help you move, okay? I’m strong!”

Then she ran to the truck, stepping on her tippy toe, wanting to grab the things off. Xie Changan’s mother, Liao Yuqin, chuckled at Su Qingmei’s action. “Little girl, be good. You won’t be able to grab that. This auntie will give you candy. You and brother Changan can play there.”

Seeing Liao Yuqin giving her a piece of candy, Su Qingmei smiled sweetly and thanked her. “Thank you beautiful auntie.”

Beautiful auntie?

Liao Yuqin’s smile grew.

Su Qingmei was also really happy. In her past life, Liao Yuqin liked Su Wan a lot and didn’t like her. When they were secretly dating, she knew that Liao Yuqin didn’t like her.

This life, Su Qingmei decided to use her age to her advantage and gain the favor of Liao Yuqin, her future mother-in-law.

“Brother Changan, let’s go there to play!”

Saying this, Su Qingmei grabbed Xie Changan’s hand with her soft hands.

Xie Changan was lost in his thought for a moment before allowing Su Qingmei to bring him to Su Wan.

“Sister, sister, this is brother Changan!”

“I know.”

Su Wan responded coldly. She wasn’t deaf either. Xie Changan had already told her his name.

Seeing Su Wan’s cold expression, Xie Changan still wore a splendid smile. “The wind is big here. I’ll bring you guys to play in the yard okay?”

“Okay, okay!”

Su Qingmei naturally agreed to Xie Changan’s suggestion. Meanwhile, Su Wan shrugged her shoulders. “You guys can play. I still need to go home to do homework.”

Today was Sunday and school was off on the weekend. There was only a day worth of break but Su Wan had spent last night helping Liu Li doing chores. She hadn’t finished her homework yet.

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