Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 35 - Registration [OW]

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Su Ling recognized the picture at first glance. The pattern of the vase and the background of the wall are exactly the same as the restaurant where they had dinner yesterday. The rose he gave to male god was taken from this vase. A weird expression appeared on Su Ling’s face. Could it be this post is actually talking about him? He clicked into the thread, skipped the praise about the Omega's appearance and atmosphere, and went straight to the main point.

"After the Omega took the flower, he went to sit on the sofa while carefully placing it behind him. His eyes were shining brightly at that time."

"When the Alpha came in, he was staring in mesmerization."

"After they left the restaurant, the rose was left behind. Obviously, the Omega was rejected."

"I'm still feeling sorry for the Omega. After work, I chatted with my colleague, who cleaned the private room. My colleague told me that a strange Alpha, who looked very rich, returned to the private room, and carefully store an ordinary rose in his space storage."

In the last paragraph, there is a picture of jasmine by the windowsill.

"A poignant and touching love story emerged in my mind."

"Why couldn’t I meet this kind of Omega?


"Is this Alpha a tsundere?"

When Su Ling saw this comment, he couldn't help but chuckle. Then his smile narrowed slightly as he started thinking about something. His male god is not an arrogant person and did everything sincerely. Had it not been for the photo of a jasmine vase with the same position by the window sill, he would even think it was just a coincidence. This kind of behavior is completely unlike his male god.

His male god reaction to his pheromone caused Su Ling to overthrow the idea that he(GLH) has feelings for him, but looking at this post, he felt that there should be some good impression for him. But then male god’s actions puzzled him. If he(GLH) really likes him, why reject him? If not, then why did he(GLH) return to fetch the rose? Could it be he has misunderstood male god’s character? Su Ling recalled the times where they were getting along and felt that something is wrong somewhere. He rubbed his chin with his fingers and sighed slightly; feelings are something complicated indeed. His gaze fell on the post, and the corners of his mouth tilted up slightly; it felt wonderful on the other hand. He had to say that he felt happy to accidentally discovered these little movements from male god. After a moment of thought, Su Ling saved a screenshot of the post, then proceed to send a private message to the thread starter to delete the post. Although the possibility of male god coming to the relationship forum and see this post is very small, but in case he does, he(GLH) will definitely be embarrassed.

A holographic screen popped up saying [Sending failed, the contact does not exist].

Su Ling was taken aback. He clicked into the private message function from the person’s profile page itself. What do you mean it doesn’t exist? He tapped the back button and exited from the private chat window back to the post, and saw a big notice saying [This post has been deleted]. That was weird, but fortunately, he has saved the screenshot earlier! He went to the main page of the forum and saw several new posts asking why today’s Hot post is gone? An explanation post came out soon. It was from a small account of the poster’s friend.

“Exposing the guest’s information has violated the regulations. The post has been deleted. Please don’t spread it indiscriminately.”

Su Ling’s eyebrows raised up, thinking that the person in charge of the restaurant is too powerful. To be able to discover even posts posted by the employees in the relationship forum.

Currently, the person in charge of the restaurant is reporting the situation nervously, "President Gu, the post has been deleted. I'm really sorry; I will make him resign tomorrow."

Gu Liheng: "No need, just forget about this matter."

"Yes, sure sure."

Gu Liheng ended the call, and the holographic screen in front of him showed that the post has been deleted. Su Ling shouldn't have seen it, right? Embarrassment rose up again when he thought about what the post wrote about him, but he couldn't help but feel happy as he imagined how the young man acted with the rose when he hasn’t arrived at the restaurant. Gu Liheng raised his gaze slightly, and a gorgeous rose appeared in his vision. The scene where the young man gave him the rose appeared in his mind. Gu Liheng has an uncontrollable urge to see and embrace the young man. Realizing that this kind of idea could not be realized, the feeling of uncomfortable and loneliness, even some grievance, rushed inside his body. He closed his eyes, breathing slowly and long, calming his emotions. However, the emotions during susceptible period were uncontrollable. Gu Liheng opened his eyes and unconsciously tapped on the boy's contact number.

With only a few short sentences, he gave the contact information of the auction house manager to the young man. The young man thanked him, and he replied with you're welcome. When the boy asked him to take a good rest, he replied with one word, Okay. Gu Liheng stared at their conversation record for a while, and finally decided to take a rest. He switched back to the forum page and bookmarked the posts about Omega's feelings that he had read halfway earlier before going to sleep.


Su Family Study

Father Su frowned and sat on the sofa. The chestnut-haired man, Father Su's younger brother Su Hao, said to him angrily, "After investigating, Tian Ling Fragrance Bar is indeed his, the spiritual plant is also his. That Nalu has always been the manager, just the acting store manager."

"Brother, you didn’t see how arrogant he was. He didn’t even leave a bit of face for me in front of the Xiao Family young master, really anger me to death!" Then Su Hao couldn't help but ask, "You really didn’t know that ex-sister-in-law has Redthorn Ball?"

Father Su's face looked ugly, "I didn’t know," he snorted heavily, "No wonder Su Ling dared to sever ties with the Su Family. It turned out that he has Redthorn Ball."

Su Hao: "What should I do now? He refused me without hesitation and seemed to be hostile to the Su Family. He would definitely not sell Redthorn Ball to us."

Father Su: "Abandon Redthorn Ball, and continue to investigate the whereabouts of Pearl Lopseed and Golden Baby's breath through the black market, and be sure to buy one of them."

Su Hao nodded and said, "Alright, I don't want to suffer any anger from that kid anymore."

"Thanks for your hard work."


When Su Ling got off the car, he looked up and saw 3 large words ‘Gu's Auction House’ hanging on the building in front. The auction house has a spherical shape, and the surface of the sphere is covered by glass. It shone brightly under the sun, very modern. When he walked to the door, an employee came to greet him and was a little surprised to see him. Although the manager had said that the guest is a young Omega, he did not expect him to be so young and beautiful.

"Is it Mr. Su?"

Su Ling nodded, and the employee smiled, "The manager asked me to pick you up, please follow me."

After they entered the building, they took the elevator to the second floor. The manager is a tall, blond Alpha young man, and he smiled brightly when he saw Su Ling, "Hello, I am Noel, please sit down."

After they sat down, Noel forwarded the contract to Su Ling and said, "See if you have anything you want to add."

Su Ling read the contract carefully; it was very meticulous. His eyes stopped for a brief moment on the handling fee, the handling fee is only 5%, which is lesser than the 10% market price he checked before. Then he read the protection agreement of the auction item again before signing his name and returned the contract to Noel.

Next, he took out Redthorn Ball from his space storage. The filaments that were normally floating on the surface of the Redthorn Ball sphere are hanging down limply at the moment, looking very depressed. Obviously, staying in the storage with Xian Mo Yu made it suffer deeply. Su Ling reached out and poked the red balls, and pinched its leaves. The leaves immediately stick to his hand, and the filaments gradually rose and swayed slowly. A sweet smell emanated from Redthorn Ball, and it gave people a comfortable feeling. Noel and the office staff couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Noel praised, "Nice aroma."

After Su Ling calmed the Redthorn Ball, he informed them, "Don't touch it, it is very vigilant and will attack whoever approaches."

Noel smiled and said, "A common trait of high-level spiritual plants," he pointed to Redthorn Ball, "Then, I will let my staff do the necessary preparation, and I will auction it tonight."

Su Ling was very satisfied with their speed, "Alright."

Noel pointed to an employee, "Move Redthorn Ball to the studio."

When an employee approached Redthorn Ball and bent over to touch the pot, the filaments of Redthorn Ball suddenly erected, and its branches bent outwards, making it impossible for people to touch the flower pot without touching the plant itself. The employee immediately took a step back, and Noel exclaimed in surprise, "That fierce?"

He looked at Su Ling and said, "It looks like we need your help."

Su Ling waited until Redthorn Ball finish taking its photos. Before leaving, he poured the nutrient solution for Redthorn Ball and put it in the transparent safe. Noel gave him the ticket for the evening auction and reminded him, "The auction starts at 8 pm, don't miss it."

Su Ling nodded, "Okay."

After he left, Noel instructed solemnly, "The security must be enforced tightly tonight, and every segment must be carefully monitored. President Gu will be there in person, so make no mistakes."


Su Ling left the auction house and went directly to the spiritual plant registration association.

There are 3 main buildings in the association, arranged in an n-shape. In the open space in the middle of the buildings, there is a large tree with a diameter of more than 1 meter. It grows tall and straight, and the top was a large canopy of leaves. The tree top was lush, which looks like a mushroom from a distance.

After contacting the director introduced by Doctor Ni An, Su Ling registered at the main gate and walked into the area. When he passed by the tree, he discovered that the lush top he thought belonged to the big tree was actually from another plant. The leaves covering the crown of the tree was from a kind of vine that he had never seen before. Diamond-shaped leaf grows from the vine every short distance. It hung down from the tree and swinging with the wind, looking very beautiful. Other than trees, there are also other plants growing everywhere in the association, and the environment is excellent.

Su Ling walked into the first building, which is the appraisal building. The first step of registration is to appraise the identity and grade of the spiritual plant. He looked at the sign in the lobby and turned right to Room 101. At the door, he ran into 2 hurried staff wearing the uniform of the association, and both of them were Omega. The two were faster than him and passed by Su Ling into Room 101.

"What kind of spiritual plant is coming? Why is Director Li so anxious?"

"I don't know, it seems to be someone introduced by Doctor Ni An, who said he is a bigshot."

Su Ling was following them, so hearing the footsteps, one of the staff turned to look behind. She asked, "Are you here to identify your spiritual plant? Building 1 only identifies spiritual plants that may be high-level spiritual plants."

Su Ling smiled and answered, "Well, Director Li asked me to come to Room 101."

The two looked at each other with surprise in their eyes, and one couldn't help asking, "Where are your parents?"

Su Ling: "No elders, this is my own spiritual plant."

"What are you all doing standing at the door?"

Su Ling turned his head and saw a middle-aged Omega woman standing behind them. She was wearing a long black dress with delicate makeup and smiling at him.

"Director Li." The two staff greeted her.

Director Li looked at Su Ling, and her eyes lit up, "You are Su Ling, right?"

Su Ling nodded and greeted, "Director Li."

Director Li grabbed his shoulders and walked in quickly, "Quickly, let me see what kind of spiritual plant you have. Doctor Ni An likes to beat about the bush, saying something like he is not certain and asked me to appraise it. Like I believe that he really doesn't know."

The 2 employees closed the door and followed Director Li.

Su Ling moved his shoulders uncomfortably and took a step aside, "So we start now?"

Director Li said, "Wait a minute." She and the 2 employees stepped aside, and after they turned on their screen recording, she added, "Okay."

Su Ling touched his ear stud to open the space storage and took out Xian Mo Yu. In a moment, a charming fragrance filled the room, and Xian Mo Yu's petals were spread out. Then a root wrapped around Su Ling's wrist, one stood erected in front of Su Ling, and the rest swayed in the air.


"My God! Director Li, what is this?"

Director Li's eyes lit up, and she turned on the appraisal instrument connected to the spiritual plant database, giving Xian Mo Yu a scan from top to bottom. Various data flashed quickly on the holographic screen of the appraisal instrument, and it finally stopped at the result: 30% similarities - Xian Mo Yu, lacking matching characteristics - foul odor, corrosive liquid.

Seeing that, Su Ling asked Director Li, "What can be used for corrosion experiments?"

Director Li said with excitement, "It seems that you already knew it is Xian Mo Yu?" As she said that, she pointed to the stone in the corner.

Su Ling acknowledged with an En and asked Xian Mo Yu to release offensive odors and corrosive liquids to dissolve the stone. A root rushed to the side of the stone, and the top of the root opened up, spraying some black liquid on the stone. In an instant, an offensive smell came out, and the stone turned into a pool of liquid.

Outside the building, the limp vine on the big tree that has always looked like it’s dead, lifted its tip from the top of the tree, and stretched towards the direction where Xian Mo Yu is at, and then retracted again all of a sudden.

The data flickered on the holographic screen and finally remained still: "Xian Mo Yu, Grade S."

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