Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 35 Part 2

Ah Jin took the signal device in his hand and fiddled with it, then came the sound of the radio.

Although it was a local radio, even though it was not understandable and even choppy, it still did not change the fact that Sanlang's admiration for Ah Jin climbed again.

"Brother Zhou, you even know how to do this!"

A starry eyed Sanlang.

Ah Jin gave him a blank look and picked up the instruction manual that he had thrown aside.

"It's in this manual, just learned it."

Sanlang felt his face hot.

The instructions for this thing he casually read a few times and then threw away.

Was not this thing for display?

He looked at Ah Jin again and couldn't help but sigh.

The difference between people was really big.

Ah Jin offered to look closer to find out what she could do at the end of the day, while Sanlang remained in the post to hold his position.

Ever since she had shot many people last time and absorbed their deathly aura, she felt her senses were sharper.

San Qi had never mentioned that there would be such a thing.

Either he was deliberately withholding it, or he simply knew that there would be such a case.

Maybe she was really an anomaly.

She always had questions in her mind.

Where did she come from?

Who was she?

Why did she yearn for death so desperately?

Maybe this was the key to solving her questions.

Ah Jin hid in the grass in the dark and waited for a long time.

Yet, she did not find the opportunity.

She quietly went back.

Sanlang was happy to see her back.

His heart was relieved.

Ah Jin said, "There was no chance, I am going to go again in the second half of the night. The second half of the night is the most sleepy time. I am sure there will be an opportunity. You go to sleep first, then I will wake you up."

When Sanlang heard that Ah Jin was finally going to take him with her, he was so happy that he dutifully went to sleep in his sleeping bag.

With the night thickening, the earth began to quiet down.

Far from the city's hustle and bustle, surrounded by only unknown insects making sounds and the rustling of leaves blown by the wind, looking up at the sky, the stars were dotted.

If it were not for the bad situation now, it would have been a good time to watch and enjoy the night.

Ah Jin noticed that the warehouse's patrols had slackened significantly in the latter part of the night, the personnel also began to reduce.

She then woke Sanlang.

"Sanlang, wake up."

Sanlang did not sleep very deeply, and when Ah Jin nudged him, he woke up.

"Brother Zhou, can we go now?"

Ah Jin grabbed his wrist, " Follow me, you can't see anything."

They did not use a flashlight.

They were doing stealthy things in the dark.

Did they want to be a target by using a flashlight?

The duo carefully touched the grass that was not illuminated by the lights around the warehouse.

Sanlang wisely took out the mosquito repellent and began to apply it.

While using it, he asked, "When I bought it, it said it was odorless. Will it be discovered?"

Ah Jin smelled the air.

There was a little faint smell of medicine, but it did not affect much.

"It's okay. It's windy today. It will be blown away."

The duo hid in the grass for another hour or so.

By then, only one person was left on the sentry post.

The other should have gone to sleep.

The person shook his head, walked down from the sentry post, unbuckled his belt as he went, and whistled.

He made his way to the grass and stopped in front of a big tree a hundred meters away from Ah Jin, then started to solve his business.

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