“I don't have anything, I’ve never had anything since I was young. A person like me, should be spending their days in solitude. How did you appear?”

“You are a big boss, a billionaire. If you stamp your feet it would cause an entire city to tremble for a few days. A person like you, could pursue anyone they wanted. Why me?”

Gu Bokai turned his head around and replied, “Who said I liked you.  I simply like your skin. Cheng Jinyu, you are too f*cking good looking.”

Cheng Jinyu chuckled, “So actually you were just looking at my appearance. You should have said it earlier.”

Gu Bokai suddenly turned around, “What do you mean?”

Cheng Jinyu, “Since we were married together, you’ve taken good care of me. Without you, perhaps early on I would have collapsed. Aren’t you just looking at my skin? I’ll give it to you.”

“Cheng Jinyu, is what you’re saying true?”

Cheng Jinyu did not pay attention to him, “I am not a female,  it’s not unreasonable.”

“You said it.”

Cheng Jinyu had not even said yes when Gu Bokai dragged Cheng Jinyu out of the car.

Cheng Jinyu was flustered., “What do you want to do?”

“Renting a room.” Cheng Jinyu in an instant became more flustered. “You… you... can’t we just go home?”

“Out of the question. Afraid that you’ll black out by the time we get home.”

Gu Bokai pulled Cheng Jinyu out of the car, then found a random hotel and entered. Pulled by Gu Bokai into a room, Cheng Jinyu’s calm and collectedness instantly vanished.

The alcohol had already diminished to very little and the urge from just now also vanished. Across from him, Gu Bokai had eyes like a hungry wolf. Cheng Jinyu merely felt that his whole body was a bit scared.

“Do you want to shower first?” Cheng Jinyu gulped.

“Finish then shower.” Gu Bokai directly said.

“But…” Cheng Jinyu had no chance to say the words afterward. Gu Bokai directly blocked up his mouth and all of his words inside of him.

Cheng Jinyu’s entire body began to tremble. This strange dread made him a bit frightened. Gu Bokai was like a wild animal, like he couldn't wait to swallow him whole.

Cheng Jinyu with great force pushed against him, but Gu Bokai’s body was like it was made of steel, unwaveringly pressed Cheng Jinyu’s down.

Gu Bokai’s movements were big, in a flash he tore Cheng Jinyu’s clothes off. Cheng Jinyu was originally thin and weak, simply could not shove away the bold and powerful Gu Bokai.

His mind was a complete mess. The words he spoke, he could not back out of it. Cheng Jinyu was not a person whose words meant nothing. Perhaps he really was drunk. He really wanted to sink into it, sink into the embrace of this man named Gu Bokai.

Although Gu Bokai’s actions were very fierce, but after entering Cheng Jinyu’s body, he was extremely gentle and soft.

Cheng Jinyu held onto this man above him, similar to holding onto a huge ball of fire. This feeling of two becoming one, this feeling of merging together, this feeling of close intimacy, this feeling of not being alone anymore.

Cheng Jinyu’s tears little by little began to fall. Gu Boaki kissed his eyes, took his tears and swallowed it into his own belly.

Drunk on the indulgence, Cheng Jinyu the next day at noon finally woke up. When he woke up, he realized he was already in Gu Bokai’s room.

His body was very comfortable and was already cleaned. Previously, he definitely did not think they would have sexual intercoarse. Cheng Jinyu had foolishly thought this when they first met.

Cheng Jinyu thought for a while, but could not think of a single clue. The days at Chen House he was a walking corpse. He simply did not remember if someone was near him or if someone left.

Gu Bokai was sitting on the sofa looking at his notebook  very earnestly. When he turned his head around to look, Cheng Jinyu just happened to have woken up.

Gu Bokai's mouth immediately smiled, “Awake? Eat something first. Sister Hong, send some food over.”

Cheng Jinyu’s face was burning a bit. The events that happened yesterday were all in his mind. Cheng Jinyu looked again at the person in front of him and felt even more embarrassed.

Gu Bokai’s entire face was full of a cheery atmosphere, like he had eaten and drunk to his heart’s content. From head to toe he was almost about to spit bubbles.

Cheng Jinyu looked at the clock on the headboard. It was already past 11.

“This late? You didn’t wake me up? I’m late for work.”

“Still going to work, didn’t you want to resign?”

Cheng Jinyu wanted to. He already prepared to resign. Perhaps because of yesterday’s attack,  or perhaps this person's words were too shocking, however he didn't know why, Cheng Jinyu last night decided to make that kind of decision.

Cheng Jinyu forced a smile. He was a man and also had selfish wishes. thinking more about it was not beneficial, it was better to think about how to make the new company work.

Sister Hong sent over food and Cheng Jinyu ate a few bites. Gu Bokai continued to sit across from Cheng Jinyu, gaze continued to nail into him.

“Is there something on my face?”


“Then why do you keep looking at me?”

Gu Bokai’s expression sank, “What do you think i'm looking at?”

Cheng Jinyu,” I dont know.”

Gu bokai annoyed, “You're just a pig head.”

Cheng Jinyu did not respond to him. Gu Bokai was originally a hopeless romantic. The two people went through that night together, definitely would stick together like glue. However facts showed that it was not true. The wolf cub in front of his eyes did not really change from before. He merely sat on the stool seemingly uncomfortable, didn't stop turning his hips.

Gu Bokai couldn't help but find it funny. Recalling this person’s embarrassed appearance from last night, he couldn't help but lick his tongue. He really wished to continue something!

Gu Bokai turned around and brought out some data from a briefcase. “This is the location I picked for the company. It's the grand building across from your current workplace. I already rented out three floors, should be enough for you to use.”

“Why did you pick there?” Cheng Jinyu asked.

Gu Bokai smiled and said, “You fell from there then you’ll crawl back up from there. Doesn't Jiang Zihan look down on you? You need him to see your capability. Cheng Jinyu, I’ll say these ugly words in front of you. I can give you money, but I won’t supervise you with everything in the company.”

“You want to begin an entrepreneurship, you want them to attach importance to you, you need to personally do it yourself.”

Cheng Jiny received the materials. “This is precisely what I wanted.”

Cheng Jinyu drank his congee while also looking at the data. A serious Cheng Jinyu emitted out a mature man’s charm with a bit of self restraint. Looking made Gu Bokai’s heart itch unbearably.

Cheng Jinyu finished eating and said, “I need to make a trip to the company. Simply to resign and also need to hand over the work.”

“I’ll help you do it.”

“No need,” Cheng Jinyu said.

Gu Bokai, “It's best if you hurry and resign. The company is already rented for you. Delaying a day is a waste of a couple thousands.”

“Who told you to move that fast? By the way, didn’t you say you weren’t going to care about my business?”

“I’m cheap ok?”

Cheng Jinyu couldn't help but smile, “Then be cheap again. Send me to the public transportation station ok?” Cheng Jinyu’s body was genuinely really tired. He blamed it on the man in front of him, naturally wanted to cause a bit of trouble for him.

Gu Bokai, “Beg me.”

“Then there's no need.”

“Fine I’ll beg you! Unreasonable.”

Cheng Jinyu snorted, simply didn’t respond to him.

He only needed Gu Bokai to send him to the transportation station, but this person directly sent him to the company.

“Want to see your new office?”

Right now was past 12, the company generally would start work at 1 PM.

New company, new beginning. Unable to bear it, Cheng Jinyu said, “Ok.”

The building across from them was extremely tall. No less than couple tens of floors. Gu Bokai rented out floor 18-19. Each floor was very big, no less than 7-8 offices.

Cheng Jinyu was a bit worried. “It's too big! How many people am I going to recruit? How many departments do I need to divide? I don’t even know what I'm doing at the moment?”

Gu Bokai smiled, “People are forced to come out. If no one presses on you, you’ll never know what your potential is.”

“When I was young my mother's body was unwell. When I didn’t even graduate college yet, my dad took mom everywhere to see a doctor. He handed me the company business. At that time I also didn’t know anything, but look at me now, Haven't I also done well?”

Cheng Jinyu couldn't help but think that pressure was huge, but the fighting spirit of the man next to him surged over. That kind of fearless spirit, that hotblooded drive itching to stab a hole in the sky, appeared to have been reborn in his blood.

“I want to make clothes. This is the only thing I understand.”

“Ok!” Gu Bokai said, “Precisely need to start from what you know best. Don’t be afraid of anything, don't need to fear anything.”

Cheng Jinyu towards Gu Bokai infront of him smiled, “En.”

Gu Bokai ‘s entire heart felt elated. No wonder during those years King You of Zhou fired those beacons(1). When beautiful people smile, it was capable of causing the downfall of a city.

Cheng Jinyu walked inside the office, his brain was quickly turning. He thought of the structure of Zhuoyue company, as well as staff configuration.

Cheng Jinyu’s brain was like a painting. He had already begun to design the company’s layout and distribution.

Gu Bokai had probably guessed it. He distantly stood by the window, looking at the serious person reflecting. This was the Cheng Jinyu from those days. This is supposed to be the appearance of Cheng Jinyu.

When Cheng Jinyu arrived at the company, it was already 2PM.

Yang Zijian directly threw himself at Cheng Jinyu. “Where did you go yesterday? How come you didn’t come back to the company. You also didn’t come this morning.”

Cheng Jinyu draged Yang Zijian to  side, “There's something I need to tell you.”


“Aiya, Isn’t this our Biao Ge.” Zhang Hongyu smiled and walked over, behind him was Chen Yuze and Jiang Zihan.

“You still came to work! Didn’t you marry a rich old man? Look at the name brand clothing on you, do you still need to come to work?”

At this time everyone in the sales department was still here. They had just finished eating lunch and most of them did not go out. Zhang Hongyu was very loud, practically everyone heard him clearly.


  1. King You of Zhou: There’s a story of this King trying to make his queen, who was ice-cold, smile. So he fired the beacons multiple times to summon all his vassals. When they arrived, he basically said “Oh nevermind” and the confused faces of all his vassals made the queen smile.

Jade: And it happened! Wish there were more details of what happened but thats all that was written ): Also I realize it says he bought 3 floors but they only own floor 18-19 but thats what was written.

In other news, I've finished all the initial translations for the rest of the novel! Which means that I'm going to work a bit more on PPC andddd picking up a dropped novel. I'll make an announcement at some point when I have a few chapters built up.

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